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Skyper Active - JOHD

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Jun 28th, 2007

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16:05 - Skyper Active
For anyone who uses the service, I have a Skype account. For anyone not familiar with the service, it is similar to VOIP, and I imagine an IM service. It is free, even though you can pay for things such as computer to wireless/landline calling, and you can add other things if you really wanted to. Most people do not, and have cell phones. The nice thing about this service, and reason I am using it, is that I do not require a cell connection to use it. I can use wifi. Also, anyone with a computer can contact me, and as far as I know, I can use IM on it. This program is also free for mobile phones, meaning I can IM and keep in touch with others a lot better. For a full list of what is free and what is not (or to download software), CLICK HERE. No spyware/malware/spyware. It has gotten massive reviews on download.com.

Note, that at some point, this is what I plan to use for video calls, including video calls with Jarin. Install is easy, even though, I was extremely sad to find that "madd74" was somehow already taken (marking the second time this has happened, the first being yahoo). So, you can look for "madd74x" if you already have Skype (or download it) and add me to your list!
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