Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

KCI Flight Plan

Well, as I sit here waiting for my pizza to cool a little, I thought I would share some info with the world.

I am at KCI waiting for a flight to Fort Worth, TX. My flight was cancelled due to severe weather. Oddly enough, my phone (mobile internet that makes this post possible) shows me cloudy skies, and humans have confirmed suny skies with planes taking off and landing at my destination. The AA rep I spoke with who changed my flight plans to another flight, leaving in about 2 hours from my original flight, could use some customer relationship tips.

The drive here was easy and nice. While no one except God would believe me, I made it to the airport 1.5 hour before my flight. Unfortunately due to construction, I missed economy parking and ended up in regular. The difference? About $11 a day. Forget that. So that was 30 burnt. Then, since I washungry but did not want to wait for the Bud Stadium Club for food, I went to a stand, CNBC. My jerky: eight fucking dollars and ninth-nine fucking cents, without tax. My drink, two bucks. I see how the airport makes money, oh my fucking word. This would get exponentially worse, explained later.

I failed airport security. I do not remember the last time I flew, and am glad I am not a chick with a lot of makeup and shit in my purse. I got to take my shoes off, fun. I set the security buzzer off. Oh yeah, my watch, how silly of me. Well, still set it off, so I got a personal frisking. I highly recommend it. Next time I shall opt for the full body cavity search for a mere $1 upgrade. I would like to point out, the only one to blame is myself and my belt buckle... this time.

So the thing that beefed my jerky was the flight cancellation. If I would have been better informed of the situation, this may have been avoided. So enter the Bud Stadium Club. Only 7.99 for my personal pizza with house salad. Unsure if I was going to get it in time as it took 17 min just for the waitress to stop flirting with the customers and come over to serve me. Aye, hostility in my fingers. I plan to round the tip (as in the tip with a few cents) and put on the ticket as a tip, "don't let a new customer sit 17 min so you can flirt with locales". Then again, who knows what they will do with the grand total. I was the only human in here with no drink or service when I first got here, and lookie here! This couple that just sat down just got served. Low tip for sure. I will simply add a quick note.

On the bright side, my 3rd or so tall beer is on its way, and I very look forward to the great affect of altitude on drinking :) There is a bright side to any horid situation. More later. (post delayed due to crappy wifi connection, preparing to board in four min)
Tags: customer service, flying, trip

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