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A Year and Some Minutes - JOHD

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Jun 18th, 2007

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19:20 - A Year and Some Minutes
Um... yeah, I noticed (finally) that I had a few humans in my list of human friends who had added me. Rest assured, I was not ignoring anyone, and apologize for anyone getting that impression. Of course, any actual friend would then otherwise know me, and wonder what I am doing writing entries and noticing these things in the first place :D

So, I have added humans. With the way things have lately gone on the job scene, I am allowed more time that I otherwise would not have. Oh, no worries, it will most likely be another 93 months before I actually start *reading* other entries, however, let it be known humans are added.

To the few who are still not added, I remember my cleaning post of some time ago (don't ask me to look for it, I have no clue when I wrote it), and remember you'all still off my list simply as non-responsive or non-writative. Feel free to otherwise request, as I have no issues against anyone on my mutual or friend of list!

A good day to you all, unless you prefer not to, in which case, may your day suck arse!!

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[User Picture]
Date:Jul 8th, 2007 16:39 (UTC)
And this is a reminder to you to add my new journal, if you're so inclined.
[User Picture]
Date:Jul 19th, 2007 23:36 (UTC)
done, done, and done!

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