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Living with Technology - JOHD

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May 25th, 2007

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18:27 - Living with Technology
As many people close to me know, I am filled with technology. With that in mind, it is no wonder it is one of only two things I actually hate (the other being road construction). I have used technology for many reasons. I still use technology to this day, from my sophisticated watch, to my home network (that requires consistent attention from me).

One thing I have attempted to use technology for is in keeping up to date with things, especially keeping contact with friends, family, and loved ones. I have bought PDA's, PDA phones, laptops, you name it. As the majority of my friends can tell you, especially ones I do not talk to much these days, this has also failed. It is difficult to understand the reason I do this, as I have been fighting it tooth and nail. Well, I have taken yet another attempt (have been for some time now) to keep in touch better. When you reply to my LJ, notifications are sent to my mobile phone. As I last understood, I get 15 notifications per month. If I exceed this amount, I have a simple way to get my notifications, so no worries there.

While my laptop access, the bread and butter of me keeping up to date with things, is no longer a Reality here at work, I at least have some access from work, so I can better attempt to keep up with humans. Heck, some day I might start reading journals again (as of today, I think it has been around 5+ months since I have really read other people's entries). So slowly but surely, people will notice replies to replies. Hey, you are welcome!

By now, many might have noticed a different flavor to my on-line entries. Where there is some news about that also... and you can read about it in my upcoming entry, "Living without JOHD..." :D
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