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Civ Civ Revelation

-DVD movie: Dane Cook
-DVD extra: Boondock Saints
-DVD extra: Mean Streets (Rubber Biscuit)
-DVD extra: The Wall (Bring the Boys Back Home \ Comfortably Numb)
-return JAMAH: long thought home
-not ready for bed
-ready for day
-Wii Sports/wi
-1530,work: parital free parking
-TXT Jen: CivIII makes her procrastinate

Dane Cook was an excellent DVD. It was an HBO special. I was not sure how I was going to feel when he opened up his show with the fact he did something he had not in a long time: lie. Still, there was some very excellent things.

So for the outros, we played a few clips from here and there. Watching a clip from Boondock Saints made me want to watch it again. I really liked the deleted scene with their mom. I remember it from when I was over at Bevin's place some time ago.

The trip home... Well... I know for a fact some of the things buried in me are not being brought out by drinking. I only had one shot, and the last time I was anywhere close to affected by alcohol like that was the first time I got drunk over in Fulton. Those two wine coolers were tasty!

Anyway, I started thinking... The thought came to me, for some reason, when I was thinking about the argument Jen and I had this waking day, when I made a comment about her singing. Some time ago, documented to you as I know, I had watched Holy Grail over at Crib Zero. It was noted how I was quoting a rather good chunk of the movie. It is Grail, one of those few movies that I connect with in that way. My brain kept asking me, what the difference was. I started thinking more on the already processed thought of wondering, if Jen is so easily annoyed, how am I going to spend the rest of my life with her? When I am, and have been, who I am, how does a human like that live with someone so set off by things. I know her reactions to just about everything have increased, yet still, I know some of what is going on are things that have happened before becoming pregnant. It worried me, and made the drive home, long.

Maybe I am hormonal. Maybe I am picking up on things, similar to as I have before. A thought at one point is quickly changed the next. The thoughts of the night were not the same as in the morning. Of course, I had getting ready and also taking care of Ghaleon. By taking care of him I mean breaking his leg. hEhEhE!! Oh I am kidding, even though through play something went wrong, for I had pushed him, and just like Mother's Day when Jen pushed me in play, Ghaleon went down, yelping and crying like I had just stomped his paw as hard as possible. We were in the family room, so he backed up away from me, towards the side of the couch, and yelped. That continued for a while, until he finally came to me, and then he passed out. He had been wound up ever since I took him out of the kennel, and after this, straight to sleep.

Things can preoccupy my brain. Of course, maybe that is some times the issue. Problems that do not get properly resolved. They can continue to haunt a human for some time after the event.

It was a nice trip to work, seeing as how I left early to eat, since there is yet nothing to eat at home, due to some important ingredients missing (milk). Oddly enough, I went to Sonic because I wanted food, and the other thing I was out was Dew, so I got a chicken meal, and sure as shit, forgot it does not come with a drink so I did not get one for the way to work. Tee-hee, way to go, bub. Well, at least I had partial free parking when I got to work. That is generally a happy point in my day.

I was doing CRS, another thing that makes me happy for a work day. Jen sent me a TXT referencing CivIII as an excuse to procrastination. I almost want to give it to her, as I remember the days back when I played CivIII as if there was nothing else in existence to do, hEhEhE!! So yeah, feelings towards Jen were much different and better, as usually the case with my mind.

Well, I got to playing some FFIII. I know, I know, I could have spent that time working with you, I do know this. I did at least work a lot on the new phone log, so, I did get some productivity done. Yay for me getting something productive done. Master of Maddness, signing off......

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