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Daily South Park Report

Madd's Log, Maddate 070125.46:
-sing Bohemian Rhapsody: duet request
-sing Chop Suey: duet transformation
-Jen/O crabby
-return JAMAH
-DRV TV: Daily Show \ Colbert Report \ South Park
-not ready for bed
-slept: passed out
-FFXI/pc: auctions and skills
-Lumines/360: more downloadable content
-Wii Sports/wi
-Zelda/wi: desert temple defeated
-1530,work: 1 HR OT released
-FFV/gba: beat game (unofficially)
-lunch BK: caffeine
-CRS: excel programming

So, the older recently married couple, with no known designation to you, was with some... kid?  Well, a kid old enough to drink.  He wanted me to do a duet with him, BR, and I decided that I would.  It was a fun time, even though I might want to touch up on my harmony with that.  He was a decent singer, also.  Very enjoyable.  I... do not remember his name either.

Well... some tension started to brew with Jen.  With all the humans at the bar, and the democrats visiting, I think it hit home with Jen and what her life was, so you know what that means.  Extremely unstable emotional state plus all of that stuff I just mentioned is generally a recipe for disaster of some sort.  This would be no exception.  I still attempted to enjoy my night, that was enhanced, more so than usual, with rapid fire shots, courtesy of alcohol pusher Abby/BJ.  For the last song of my night, which was being cut early, I started singing Chop in which our previous friend came back.  He helped out, and that was fun.

Well... the drive home was not fun.  I was absolutely livid at the way Jen was acting.  I was also drunk, yes, however I was not driving, so it was all good there.  Oddly enough, the exact points of hostility would later be lost.  Everything else was not, including the fact that Jen started acting the opposite, being apologetic, and noting how laughter (i.e. Daily Show and Colbert Report) would help things out.  Well... the combination of them all did just that.  Jen basically slept on me as I watched TV.  My memory serves me all the up to South Park, of which then I do not remember going to bed.  Strange how I remember right up to the South Park, and then everything is blank.

In ten more years, my earlier performance at the bar would have most likely been a disaster.  About... five and so on years ago, last night would have not even been realized when I woke up.  It is nice that I can be drunk and not need shot in the head when I wake up all of the time.  To be honest, I want to enjoy this time now... for I know things are going to change when the child becomes into this world of breathable air.  I think, a bit, how Jen talks about how she made a change and had to sacrifice, because if she did not, our child could come out with four arms and his ass where his leg should be.  I do not have that problem.  I have not ever heard of any documented reports of children who end up with fetal alcohol syndrome because the father drinks.  Still, once the baby it out and about, I realize that things will be similar to when I first had Alex (ironically).  This really being the case as Alex is not a time dependant child.  One of the greatest advantages of not being human is that when there is a problem, you can go years and years with that same problem without any attention, and it does not generally mean further issues with the whole... unless, of course, you are on fire.  Things, though, like a dent or failed part, for the most part, can sit there unattended.  As to all the exact changes that take effect when the little one arrives... that will be interesting, to state an understatement.

FFXI was more of the same, working on some skills, and working the auction house as best as this broke, broke can.  Lumines had some downloadable content.  That was cool.  The downloads were for vs. mode and for puzzle mode.  More things for me to play with.  I had a chance to defeat the desert temple, thanks to work calling me right as I was getting ready to get ready for work.  I had just stopped, and decided to spend a little more time.

I was certain I was going to be late for work, and I got there 5 min past, however, no tardy!  Yay for Madd!  I mean, I figured it was destined.  The garage door was not opening, more so than usual.  Damn thing was not even closing when I left.  There was a car that would tag itself right in front of me, about 5 MPH or more less than me, around each street.  I only hit one light.  So the fact I had parking right there, and did not get tardy, thank you Lord!  So the garage door is going to potentially be an issue, as I had to get out of my car and push the button on the front, as I was not going to wait all day for the clicker to finally respond.

I had fun with FFV.  I decided to take the more expensive approach, by having party with Zeninage, and letting the money fly (literally).  Doing about 9k of damage to all four of the last baddies appeared to do wonders.  Ah yes, the luxury of excess money!  Even though I totally floored the baddie to the ground, this was just a test phase, as I sure as shit did not want to waste that much money when it could be used for... whatever, hAhAhA!!  I simply wanted confirmation, and to see what happened when the game was beat.  Sure enough, save the file, open it to access the advanced part of the game.

I got to do CRS again.  The work was slow, and I used this time to work on some programming, which I failed rather bad at.  I would not say it was miserable, as I was able to get some advanced spreadsheet things done.  However, the actual visual basic editor for excel did not work for me.  I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

Jen had TXT me, and said she was sorry for being a buzz kill.  It means a lot the fact she acknowledges this, as opposed to just up and saying she is pregnant and crabby that she cannot do what she use to, and leave it at that.  She also continued her puppy onslaught.  This one even included a picture of her, looking at the camera phone with a sad puppy face.  Level of continuous annoyance: low.  It also is confirmed that today was Amada/T’s last night, so after work we plan to be there.  I think I will let her request the last song!  Master of Maddness, signing off......


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