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Madd's Log, Maddate 070123.27:
-return JAMAH
-ready for bed
-little X play list: Stan \ Fuck Her Gently
-FFXI/pc: connection problems
-not ready for day: minus food
-Wii Sports/wi
-TXT Jess: baby
-lunch: BK

So I went to Tanner’s, and there were not very many people there, and then it was just Joe/T.  Then it was just Joe/T, Madd, and South Park.  hEhEhE!!  That shit is so damn funny that, it is funny.  I had not seen the episode, so that did help a bit.  I am not... exactly sure what Jen and I did together before going to bed.  She claims we watched something, however I have no clue what that could have been.  This is what I get for being... behind even though I am not behind.  Yeah, something like that.  I think I could do better notes.  How about we just note the rest of this night as, little X got some new tunes from work.

So, I played FFXI, I had connection problems, wow, big shock.  Actually, the big shock came when Jess TXT me.  She informed me that I was pregnant.  No, wait, she said she was pregnant, due in September.  There is a big shock.  I have not heard from her in a while.  She made reference to me not chatting with her, in which I made reference to her telling me not to because of the issues with her and her husband and whatever is going on over there.  I also had an issue with how she started the convo.  “Havent spoken in awhile. Im having a baby, due september. Have a nice day”.  Aye, JOHD, exact words.  Am I the only human in the world who thinks that ending is something... other than a nice way?  She is right, I have not chatted with her, forever and a day, and find out, this way, this manner.  I think this was one of the issues I had with her, which is, something of my fault, as she says things, and they totally translate in another way to me.  Oh well, sucks for a few humans, I guess.

So... work... well, I got an email that was addressed to the team, even though, the comment, “laptops hiding” and desk sure did seem to be pegging me for something.  It... sort of got me, just because it means it is going to be that much more problem attempting to get anything done with Raine.  I think I am going to have to come to the fact, that this job is going to force me to move, to another job.  I guess.... we shall see, JOHD.  Master of Maddness, signing off......


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