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Technology Malfunction

-phone error
-return JAMAH
-not crabby
-not ready for bed: minus little X
-little X play list: Final Fantasy \ Chop Suey
-little X appointment: 160 BPM
-FFXI/pc: update connectivity problems
-ready for day
-Wii Sports/wi
-TXT Jen/O
-delayed entry

My word, I tell you, the frustration that is generated from my being is on an overload right at this point.  See, I went to turn my phone on, and the next thing I know, I get what appears to be a start up, however it would... seem to stop.  So, I took the battery out, and let it set for a while.  Same problem.  I came to the point of almost crushing the phone with my bare hands in Sparky’s driveway.  Oh, he was passed out on his couch at this point.  Did I forget to mention that he gave me a lot of books?  Oh, I did.  I have a bunch of books for little X now, and I mean a lot.

So I got home, and I worked to get the phone operational again.  I did the same things over and over and could not get the thing to work.  I was beyond frustrated, and Jen thought I was simply being crabby.  I am more than certain that she just attributed it to me being drunk.  Actually, I think the drink was keeping me from destroying the phone.  I did finally manage to get it to work.  How?  Shit if I know, I just kept doing what I was doing, and it finally booted up.  This meant that little X would get to listen to music.  Daddy would not make it very far, however, he was tired.

I must have been extremely tired, and eventually drunk, because Jen noted something about if I am going to come home from Sparky’s like that, to warn her so she can prepare a spare room, because I lay on my back, and that means snoring, and my breath was knocking her to next Tuesday.  In this case, I give her that, how my breath was most likely unpleasant.  It made me think, though, to the times when I have not gone out blitzed, and she goes on about my breath, and goes on about the fact I have gas,  to the point where it gets drilled in like I am doing something wrong, and that bothers me.

So, the first part of my morning, I am not in the best of moods, as in happy and cheerful.  I started thinking about how much I really miss living by myself.  It is not the only time, and when I think about it, I do not feel it is all Jen related.  There are times when she will say or do things that might spark the thought, however, when it comes to living with any female you are intimate with, I suspect as much.  I feel it really goes into the fact I have lived with myself for so long.  I mean, there are some things that are Jen related, do not get me wrong, and some of that is also Madd related, with how I simply deal with certain things.  It is like two chemicals attempting to interact.  Not every chemical can bond with sodium, however, when you get one that does, the benefits are great.

So I drove us to the appointment.  Little X came in second, with his highest recorded heart rate of 164 BPM.  Then after the appointment, I took us home, to where after preparing a little, I took a nap.  My nap was a lot longer than I wanted, however that is the unfortunate side effect I suffer from when I have disrupted sleep.  I tend to sleep a lot later.  Well, that chili I had yesterday was working me well, I think, as another trip to drop yet more kids off at the pool.  I also found out that it is not the 360 causing my problems with FFXI, as I had problems updating software on the PC.  I was getting the same problems on the PC updating as I have been on the 360.  This means it is a server problems with FFXI.  I more than doubt that it is an ISP problem.  I also know it is not a router problem, because I have gotten the same problem through the wireless access of the modem.  Damn it this is aggravating me.

While I earlier was not in the brightest or best of moods (the phone thing really goes beyond irritation, also), it would turn out later I would be in better spirits.  I was happy that Jen seemed so keen into wanting to go to the bar with me and play pool.  I mean, it is thanks to the invention of bars and pool that little X is going to be brought into this world.  Part of my earlier emotions very well could have been fueled by being up so early, making me wonder, how in the world am I going to remain sane with a child on the way?  I guess I will just have to lose my mind.  JOHD, I want that documented.  Oh yeah, it is.

So my work day was not much.  I mean, Jen sent me the TXT.  We also talked about the fact that my brain does not know one day from another, attempting to figure out if I played certain music this morning or the day before for little X, since I remember doing things, just not when I do them.  Cool.  Hi, how is it going.  Um... do anything crazy of late?  Oh, good to know.  Master of Maddness, signing off......


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