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Orgasms and Chocolate

Madd's Log, Maddate 070120.68:
-0000,return JAMAH
-junk food yummy
-DVD TV: House (x5)
-ready for bed
-little X play list: J-E-N-O-V-A \ Been Caught Stealing (Dick Cheese)
-fight alarm
-ready for day
-FFXI/360: unable to connect
-Wii Sports/wi
-work email filing
-Raine: music \ Quicken connection failure
-convo Angie/Q: sex and chocolate
-supervisor escalation help

So, I got home, and filled up on a decent amount of jerky and sour Skittles and tried one of the Jolly Rancher things.  They are not too bad, however pale to the mighty sour Skittles.  Those things are the best junk food around, I tell you.  I did tell you, just now!

Well, Jen did not lose control watching "Babies & Bathwater" this time.  I think knowing the outcome helped her out, hEhEhE!  You can also add to the fact she has a boyfriend who is beyond great.  So it was late, however, House season one has been complete.  All that is left now are the extra bits on the DVD.

Well, I had fought the alarm a little bit... As in hitting the snooze twice.  I had not realized that Jen was gone either.  I think she was having her clit cleaned by a puppy.  No wonder she wants one so badly, hEhEhE!

I have determined that Square is not behind the connectivity problems I have been having.  It also does not appear to just be Xbox live.  It appears to be the communication

JOHD, I am feeling a lot like Madd.  You know, that is a great feeling for me.  When I feel like a Madd, then I just have feelings of euphoric elation.  Well, at least I get spurts of them.  Speaking of spurts, that one is about to knock me off my chair.  Oh wow, I think I have to change my underwear.  Oh, another one, no bother now, hEhEhE!!

My day for work was great.  I did CRS from 1530 - 2300.  How much do I enjoy doing CRS?  If you stated as long as my work was done, that I could do anything I wanted (in reason), I would take a half pay cut.  Yes, even with baby on the way.  The point is, I could have a cam on little X, and watch and listen to X the entire time working.  I could chat, and pull up some FFXI, take care of my phone, email, myspace, webpage... You are damn straight I would take half what I make now to do this job all the time.  Change it to letting me do it at home, and I would do it 14 hours a week even.  This job could easily be done at home.  I guess I will continue with my wet dreams... or crappy pants.  My word what died in there?

Even when I have not been drinking, remembering what I played can be an extreme challenge.  Please forgive me, little one.

Oh, and even though my day was great, it did not mean there was no problems.  I had issues getting Quicken to connect to my bank.  At some point there was a password change, and since I have not downloaded any information for some time, I have no clue when it happened.  Well, besides doing the password change, I had to do 5 security questions.  How flipping insane is that?  I sent a note to my bank, so, who knows when that will be corrected.  At least Raine was able to sing for me through the day.

I also chatted a bit with Angie/Q.  I bet she is a bit... peeved at the fact she does not do CRS anymore.  Well, anyway, since she was doing psychology some more, it brought up love and chocolate.  She said something about eating some chocolate, and every time someone mentions eating chocolate, I think of the information about oxytocin.  Well, at least I knew it started with "ox" and she was able to find it in the back of her book, and I wiki'ed it.  Well, oxytocin is the chemical that is associated with love, something I knew.  I did not know that it is released during orgasm for both males and females.  So how crazy is that.  The chemical we get that people associate with the falsity of "love at first sight" is the same chemical that help bring little X into this world!

I so enjoyed this night, even with my hour worth of calls, being told Qwest is done after 20 years of his service, and the other talking, for 11 minutes straight how he did not touch anything on the inside, as if by telling me that it forces the problem to be on Qwest side regardless.  People like that bother me so much.  Of course, not as much as those damn assholes that have to make it a point to state, "well, it was working earlier."  Yes, well, before I went and murdered you, you were breathing earlier.  What the hell is your point?

Well, excellent, I got this entry done right up to the end of the hour.  If I could pull off two day weekends more, I would work Sat and have other days off.  I enjoy this, very much.  Master of Maddness, signing off......


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