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Ground Puppy Sandwiches

Madd's Log, Maddate 070119.58:
-0000,return JAMAH
-Jen/O laptop Morphian software research
-DVD TV: House (x2.5)
-ready for bed
-little X play list: Cyclones track 6 \ Trisection
-FFXI/360: connectivity problems \ Infiltrate Davoi mission complete
-Jen/O puppy attack
-Lumines/360: challenge mode achievement
-Wii Sports/wi
-ready for day: minus shower
-mental note: people making comments
-puppy attack continuation
-TXT Candie: movie time
-old Qwest customer memories

So, I got home, and ended up using Jen's laptop to look for programs to install on Morphian, so I could get freedom back on my phone.  Morphian can go hours and hours without even using the reserve battery, while Dr Lungae could not go an entire night of hard use without dying out. 

Well after like and hour or something, a whole three programs later, and the end of Cujo, finished watching House, and then some.

Little X seemed in the musical mood, which generally makes me happy.  I like knowing that X can hear and respond to music.  If anything, this tells me that X is not death... hEhEhE!  Yeah, deaf also.  Death people are cool!

Still practicing.  Um, FFXI is driving me up a total wall.  I mean, I was up nice and early, before noon, and here I am, fighting the system attempting to just get simple things done.  Here Square is, dropping me left and right.  At least I got that next mission taken care of.  This will most likely be the last one for some time.  The next mission, which ranks me to four, is also one that has a mob noted at 36.  I am... 25, and it makes reference to having two alliances.  I am sure that if I find two people in high 50 or so, that could take care of the issue.  Time to start asking around in the link shell.

Well, I spent a lot of time playing Lumines, simply because I wanted to do advanced challenge mode.  In doing so, I had to sacrifice taking a shower.  No big loss there.  It also made me hurry all the other games I was going to play.  No big deal there either.  The only other game I wanted to put any time into was Zelda.  The trade off, however, is that I got another achievement, so yay for Madd!

So on the way to work, I started thinking (again) about the fact that humans have been interacting with me.  I am extremely thankful that they have, and I am sad I have not gotten back to them, or even been reading anyone’s journal.  All of that was going to be taken care of at work.  I was going to get gmail from people so that I could converse with everyone, and like the time I set to do this, is the time that we are no longer able to up and leave things out.  Well, I leave Raine out, however she remains closed, for the most part.  This changes late at night, when there are few humans around.  Still, I was going to be able to keep tabs on everyone, and talk to them, and keep up to date.  I finally find the perfect chance for all of this... and it is taken from me.  This is so un-cool.  So I have a few hundred myspace things to reply to, and a few LJ things, and some JOHD things {sigh}.

Jen had called me during FFXI, and it was regarding her current obsession with puppies.  She wants a puppy.  She would send email, TXT, and a bunch of things about them.  I do not have much against dogs, however, I have not ever owned my own home.  I really do not want it smelling like dog, or tore up by one.  Also, we have a upcoming terror more devastating than a dog to deal with... one with opposable thumbs, so at some point, able to open doors and the like.  I will be too busy keeping tabs on that ordeal.  It is not that I do not ever want one, and the black ones she sent pictures of (multiple times) were very cute, even though I know they grow out of that.  I may get a puppy some day, I am just not ready to think about that now.

Beside TXT from Jen, I also got one from Candie, asking if I could get movies.  Of course, what do I get but a porn flick, and something about monkeys.  No, unfortunately, the two are not related, hEhEhE!!  It is funny, that now when I attempt to joke in any manner, that I pretty much well get the same response, “that’s gross”, or pretty much well something like it.  I remember when I use to joke around with her.  Oh well.

"I am suicidal, I need to be able to get a hold of my doctor."  Wow, if that does not screen I simply need attention, then I do not know what does.  As bad as it may sound, and as wrong as it is to say, people like that should off their own selves.  If it was someone who was really down with life, that is one thing.  Someone like this, I bet you, is one who flaunts the idea for the attention, because they want to be treated special, and that just boils me off my keg.  You get no sympathy for your call, human, and what you hear is what I am required.  When I say I apologize for the inconvenience, please know I mean I apologize for the inconvenience you are causing me and my other customers.

Customers were just more off their rocker than usual, so it seemed.  It was not just for me either.  Strange requests, customers being more selfish than they normally are.  There were a few things that Mair and Angie/Q said about a few of their customers, however, I do not remember what that was.  Oh well, no foreskin off my back.

With customers being as crazy as they were today, it brought memories to us, and we shared them.  One of my favorites was the two teens that Tritch/Q had listened to on the line, because it was stated there was NDT, yet it detected speech.  So there was the two teens, having phone sex, and the guy was so under control of the girl, and she was so faking things.  I am so glad I got a recording of that conversation!

What a decent day.  Hooray for that!  Master of Maddness, signing off......


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