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Dung Queue Adjustment

Madd's Log, Maddate 070117.38:
-0000,return JAMAH
-Wal-Mart: food run
-return JAMAH
-DRV TV: House
-ready for bed
-little X play list: Contra \ Boobies
-fight alarm: Jen/O brings OJ!
-ready for morning: minus shower
-Wii Sports/wi
-1130,work: 1 HR OT \ expensive parking
-coaching moment: clean bill of health \ low maintenance
-office guidelines training
-2100,return JAMAH
-BJ: Lisa/BJ there
-sing Cover of the Rolling Stone
-echat Jen/O
-sing Time: self outro
-sing Zombie: slightly toasted
-BJ/fair dude children and grandchildren convo

So, got home, finished your entry.  It is not cheating if it is in the same area code, or something.  I tell you, this new work enforcement is really irritating.  I have not been able to keep up with things, like Quicken, myspace, my web site.  I had all these great plans, and in comes something that totally junks up my stuff.

So Jen got ready and we headed to Wal-Mart for food.  I wanted to make sure to stock up on jerky, because we keep running out.

Since it was going to be an early morning, I opted for one episode of House, then got some quick music ready for little X.  I thought it only right to play Boobies, since, little X is going to do everything that Spark sings about on that song, hEhEhE!!

I fought the alarm, and the alarm always wins.  I fight alarm and alarm always wins.  But Jen comes up and brings me OJ.  Jen fights for marriage and Jen always... oh, wait, never mind on that one.  If she would have had another arm, she would have also brought me cereal.  It is a good thing she did not, as today I decided to start on that Total 4 stuff, or whatever it is called.  I do not think it is called Total because they do not make the cereal.  At least, the box does not look like it is from them.

So I got everything taken care of, and showed up to work about three past, as usual.  There was no real spot to park, so I put in only a little bit of money.  After my meeting, I went to move Alex to a better spot, even though it was further away.

As for my meeting, well, it was quick, and there was not much to it.  I made my stats for December, so, that was that.  I was told to just go burn the rest of the time.  I was called low maintenance, I want this documented.  Oh, it is!  hEhEhE!!

We got to go over the office guidelines finally.  I lost my will to really want to make comments, because a lot of the stuff is more for liability than actually enforced rules.  This is a reference to me preparing to bill Qwest since I was not able to go attend to Alex.  So, I am just going to let it go, for there is not much else to rip apart.  Give the company time, however, and they will find something to do.

Work just kind of went along, and that is the way it should go, I imagine.  I did leave my DS at work when I left, however I was not heart broken over it.  I already have forgotten a few days to do things.  Oh well for me, eh?  So Jen dropped me off at BJ.

BJ was... a fun time.  I had a decent amount of shots to start my night off.  I had a lot of singing opportunities, even though I spent the last part of the day keeping up with you, JOHD.  That older guy who recently got married, who Jen and I ran into the fair, ran into me in the bathroom.  We had a fun chat, him talking about his children and one grandchild.  It seems there are problems with his two kids.  I do not remember exactly what this deal is.  I do remember his daughter is good looking, even though, I am not sure I would remember her if I saw her in a bar or something, unless she was sitting with her dad.  He is pretty hot himself.  No, JOHD, my door is not swinging the other way, even with how friendly we were in the bathroom talking, hEhEhE!!

Um... would someone explain to me why every pair of breast, minus one, look smaller than usual?  Abby/BJ, I just glanced over, and for some reason, something looked strange.  It seemed her breasts were smaller.  A person here or there, two at work, and that, seem to have smaller breasts.  One human looks to have... bigger boobs, (er, minus that chick leaving the bar who could have killed a country with her fake breasts [fake does not do it, I looked away!]), and that would be my girlfriend.  Nice big titties... that have not been getting attention.  Some times, I am afraid to touch them, thinking I might break them!  Master of Maddness, signing off......


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