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Madd's Log, Maddate 070115.16:
-ready for bed
-little X play list: Ghost Rider in the Sky \ What Do You Want From Me
-ready for morning
-Dr appointment: 114/74
-Wal-Mart: subway, light bulb, Myles
-Best Buy: window shopping
-CompUSA: less impressive window shopping
-return JAMAH
-house: cleaning
-FFXI/360: connectivity problem \ The Davoi report complete
-Jen/O returns: crabby \ two wrongs do not make a right
-house: snow removal
-Jen/O apology
-Wii Sports/wi: bowling pro!
-Zelda/wi: Master Sword!
-DVD TV: House (x2)
-FFV/gba: haha, already played

Well, after getting ready for bed, rather early I might add, I played some music for little X, and Jen had not ever heard of Ghost Rider before.  The version I have is from that piece of crap movie Blues Brothers 2000.  I refuse to watch it, there are some things I will just not bend to.

Jen had set the alarm five minutes earlier than I would have liked, however it was all good.  I was up and mobile rather quick.  One of the very first things she said, was commenting how not drinking is included in fasting.  I so knew it, I so very knew it, that the way she would state it would be on that scale.  I admit, I figured she would say something when I got home first, however, knew would come around sooner or later.  Ug, that is so aggravating, I really wish she would not do that.

I went the doctor appointment and my blood pressure was a strong 114/74.  I brought up the problems I have had with my lower right rib cage.  She does not think anything of that.  I mentioned how my sinus, at times, almost seems to close up, which it has for a while, and she did not think anything of that.  I mentioned my knee, and my mother’s side of arthritis, and she did not give much attention to that.  I talked about that pulled muscle feeling in my left arm, and got little on that, minus tendons being in there.  This is so the reason I did not want to go to the doctor over these things in the first place, because I so knew I would get something like this.  It bothers me, in some ways, and in others, it does not.  I guess if I am paying some money to do it, then I want something actually done.  Of course, if she is not overly concerned, and I have not gone into intense pain or anything, then maybe I really am fine and there is nothing to be done.  I just want half of what my body use to be back.

So from there, it was off to Wal-Mart, bight-eyed and bushy tailed.  I saw Myles, and he thought I was up and early for money.  I told him I was not hard up for money.  I also got my bulbs, and these damn bitches better be working or this world is going to see my wrath.  I decided to eat at Subway.  I also decided afterwards, that I wanted some nice quiet time to play FFV.

So afterwards, I decided to head over to Best Buy.  I checked out a bunch of items that I really have been wanting, or, seeing as one device I did not know even existed, wanting in concept.  Tee-hee!  The whole point of my actual visit was to find something that puts a computer signal on a TV signal.  As great as Zeus is, it is absolutely insane that there is no VGA connection in it.  I mean, it is one of the few LCD TV that I have heard of that work that way.  This makes me sad, and I want a work around to it.  The person at Best Buy made claim like no such thing existed, for what I wanted, however I know I have seen such things, back in the day before HDMI and component video was even around.  Well, in looking for such things, I ran across a whole truck load of other things.  I really like that device that plugs into my Direct TV and allows me to watch TV from almost anything that does internet.  I am most definitely going to look that up, as that means I would get the TV I have been wanting on the computer.  Not to mention, I can watch TV from my laptop as long as I have a net connection, and this includes recorded movies that I have!  Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!  There were other things that I ran across, and I made note of them to research later.

I went to CompUSA for the same thing.  I did not find much of anything that I was looking for, however, I ran across an internet tablet thing, and I pulled up my site on it, and downloaded Zeldo, hEhEhE!!  So my stop here was short, and I went home, having spent a few hours looking around for and at stuff, and actually buying nothing.

The first thing I did when I got home was clean, and I did a kick ass job of it also.  My only focus was the kitchen, and I tidied some things up, and took care of dishes, and also took care of the cans and bottles that were everywhere.  It took me a little while, however, things were well.  All of this work, and appointments, and it was time for some gaming!

I had a heck of a time staying on FFXI.  It is aggravating me.  I did complete another mission, however, which is my current goal.  I want to hit the missions hard, and get them completed, and get my rank up.

My Lumines was... well, how it has been.  I ran challenge mode, and I died, yet again, at the same exact spot that I have not been able to make it past on Advanced mode.  Some day, I will get past this mode.

Jen had come in during the middle of my Lumines mode.  One of the first comments she made was about the drive.  It was not is Madd going to take care of it, it was a self reflection that I was not going to do what I said I was going to do and she was going to get stuck with it, which was untrue.  It also really dug into my day.  I had done a lot of work, and for someone who got upset how I did not acknowledge the work she did for me, she did not do it for me in what I did.  To this, when we were outside in the garage, she gives me her usual “two wrongs do not make a right”, and then not even within three minutes I get something due to something almost exactly how I had acted towards her.  It is this type of behavior that I have a running problem with.  Dealing with this bothers me, and very much I might add.

I was looking forward to shoveling snow.  It would get me out of the house so I could cool down.  hAhAhA!!  Oh JOHD I so meant it like that.  Actually, my hands were a bit freezing.  To help deal with the cold and get my mind off things, I used my phone to play MP3 for me.  I was feeling a little bit better, and I was also shoveling a lot of snow, including some of the drive that otherwise did not really require any shoveling.  I mean, some times I just want a break.  Since I have met her, I have only had about... I think two times where there was no contact, whatsoever, on my side with Jen.  Just two times.  She is otherwise there, for almost everything.  I have want some vacation time before in which she had some internal need to be there.  She would get upset, as if it was my fault, when I would tell her I had wanted time away from her.  I do not deal well with humans with attitude.  I require a break from someone who is going to have one.  The fact she is pregnant makes it that many times amplified.

Well, she ended up coming out while I was shoveling.  Oh yeah, did I mention the few times I was in absolute horrid pain?  My back was just no where close to ready for that type of work.  The cold may have helped, and I know singing to the music did.  I miss Floyd, I have so neglected it.  I seem to neglect God also, I just do not know what is wrong with me.  Well, anyway, came in, and I actually felt a little light headed.  I crashed down on the floor as I listened to Atom Heart.  Jen kept attempting to talk to me, then attempted to take it out on me that I was ignoring her, because as I was working, she would say something, I would take the set out, and then put it back in.  When I was on the floor, I would take out a speaker, and put it back in.  The longest running and most powerful form of mortal Maddian healing, Floyd, unable to help me.  This was not looking to be a good day at all.

Well, it actually was a good save, to be honest.  Jen seemed to have flipped about 180 degrees.  She wanted me to come into the family room with her.  This time, she was not being cynical about it.  At this point, I did decide to come in.  Things got better and we went about playing again.  It is when we play around like this that I am happy.  The rest of the bad seemed to melt away as we spent more time together.

So, Jen grabbed my phone, as usual, and I grabbed a Wiimote, so I could finish my gaming day.  I got no where in Bomberman, however, I ended up getting pro status in bowling!  Yay for Madd!  I now only have to hope I do not bring my average crashing down, hEhEhE!!

Another bit of Wiimotion was the happiness from acquiring the Master Sword in Zelda.  As I predicted, now that I have the sword, I can change to and from human and wolf forms.  I even picked up a cool new ability.

From there, we watched two episodes of House.  I wanted to get an entry in, so I took a break as I finished the day out doing entries.

So even though I was a bit aggravated for the day, it was still a good one overall.  I know there are things to work out between Jen and myself, and I hope the quality of life between us does improve a lot.  I love her very much.  Master of Maddness, signing off......


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