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Final Food LCXVIII

Madd's Log, Maddate 070114.77:
-DVR TV: House
-ready for bed
-little X play list: Dark Wizard track 4 \ Warlock Multiball Ready
-ready for morning: minus shower
-Hu-Hot: meet dITZ, Gem \ Christmas present
-FFV/gba: the hidden save spot
-Wal-Mart: shovel
-O’Riley: salt and car part
-return JAMAH
-garage rearrangement
-Wii Sports/wi: bowling w/ Myles \ 20 years of age!
-Bomberman/wi: walk thru power lost
-Zelda/wi: temple beaten
-TXT Kellee
-personal log
-DVD TV: Firefly
-DVD movie: Little Miss Sunshine
-return JAMAH

Well, JOHD, I should say there is a slight correction to the post I made yesterday, when I made it seem as if “nothing happened”.  It was an observation, and an important one.  As we were at Fazoli’s, there was a group of... young people, who appeared to be talking about WoW.  I could recognize something about guild, and this, however not ever playing or researching the game, I am unsure.  I only know some point later the girl was noting missing work to play WoW for six hours, so I could only speculate.  Jen made a reference to the fact, that it was something she could not get away from.  It was done, while possibly in joke, in a way that makes me think (as this is not the only time we have had together where something like this happened).  I mean, she dating, and carrying child for, someone who is that exact life, and here she is... making negative reference to it.

Anyway, skipping to now, we watched the other episode of House.  At around this point, it had come to me that I had missed my FFV from yesterday.  {sigh} Damn it!  I even remember thinking about it at some point, wanting to get it down, however, it did not ever happen, and here we are... many time more sad for the ware.  Records indicate, I will live... most likely.

Well, after that, Jen was kind of out, and I was flipping through TV things, and came across Lethal Weapon 3.  Let it be documented that this series proves that the first is not the best and it gets worse from there.  I remember having this discussion somewhere.

Well, I got some quick ones ready for the little one, as both mommy and daddy were tired.  Other than that, it was bed time.

Bed time did not last too long, as Jen woke me up and wanted me out of bed.  I took this time to utilize the power of cuddling to get another hour of sleep from her, as it was flipping 1000 when she first woke me.  After that other hour, dITZ called, wanted food, and Gem had suggested Hu-Hut, and when Jen reminded me what that place was, I wanted to go, so, after taking a little while to get up, dressed, and ready, we headed out there.

I ran into some old BJ crowd.  It is funny, every time I have gone here now I have run across someone, the last person being Daniel, and that was a shock and a half in itself.  Well, the food was rather excellent, as was my FFV time that I got afterwards.  I had been murdered and sent way back over and over, and it turned out, that after killing Azulmagia in his jail cell, a save point appears.  Wow, how that would have come in handy eons ago.  My biggest problem is that my party is currently set closer to maximum leveling of jobs and abilities as opposed to surviving, and well, that is just not doing my team well of late.  I keep getting dropped, left and right because of it.

So after food, it was shopping time.  First we went to Wal-Mart, to get a shovel and ice.  As expected, Wal-Mart did not have ice.  I also got to bug Myles a little bit, and that is generally a fun time.  From there we went to O’Riley’s to get a washer pump for Jen’s car.  They happened to have salt there also, which Jen thought to rub into my face.  Yes, just rub some salt into that wound, hEhEhE!!

After returning home, we started reorganizing the garage, which also meant bringing some things in, as the weather was not improving any, and we did not want to always unbury the vehicles out of the snow and ice.  Myles showed up just in time to help!

After X-Files, I got Myles to play some bowling with me.  He started off strong, however lost his magic from there.  I think he plays better when he is drunk!  hEhEhE!!  After he left, I did a daily workout, and I scored a perfect age 20!  It did not slide off to show a higher score or anything like that!  Oh happy day for Madd Martin!

To add to the happiness, I finally beat the water temple in Zelda!  I remember the water temple in Ocarina of Time was voted one of the most impossible temples in the game, and while this one gave it’s fair share (checked the hint book once), I otherwise did rather well.  I had missed a grapple spot the entire time.  How silly am I!  I am just happy to have beaten this level.  So, after doing that, sure enough, it is my life as a wolf once again.  I am told to seek the Master Sword, something no evil can touch.  Can you say, duel switch ability?  Oh yeah, baby.

Well, a little time before writing, I had sent a TXT or two to Kellee, and it seems as if she is considering bringing her kids back to Iowa and living here.  More information on this can be found in my personal log, as there is sensitive information not regarding myself about it.

Before getting ready to head to Sparky’s, I wrote.  As I wrote, Jen was kind enough to start Alex for me.  After I was done and got ready to leave, I realize that Alex had been running for a long time.  She had also done the front deck walkway.  That was my first reaction, which would be expected from someone who does not otherwise ever pre-start his car.  Jen noted this, and made reference how I did not react the way she wanted.  Do not get me wrong, she is in her right mind.  I did not show the appreciation that I otherwise could have for my girlfriend to go out and get my car ready to drive out.  It gets me thinking, however.  I think about how some times in the past, and note the plural, how she talked about me being difficult to live with.  I wonder about that.

Jen was mostly what I thought about on the way to Sparky’s.  It was not the thoughts of romance and happiness, rather than that of concern.  I wonder where we are really going.  I do keep in mind she is pregnant, however, one cannot dismiss the fact of how she not only was, but her very own warnings, what I have seen, and what I believe I can and cannot deal with for the rest of my existence.

Before making it to Sparky’s, I realized, that in the current time, to fast for 12 hours, I was going to have to skip drinking or eating anything at his place.  You know, this would be the first time, ever, that I would hang out with Spark and not take a drink of anything.  Shortly after the thought, he called, and I informed him of my situation.  His only concern was that he wanted me to pick him up something.  Good thing I already came prepared!

Well, I got to Spark’s, and soon my thinking changed gear.  A good dose of Firefly help set things off well.  I so love the train heist episode.  If I remember correctly, this was the actual first aired television episode, as opposed to Serenity.

From there, was Little Miss Sunshine.  This movie... was strange, and bizarre, to say the least.  It was also mine, as some of the tone of it goes beyond what Spark wants to deal with.  I really cannot blame him.  I really cannot.  Master of Maddness, signing off......


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