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Baby Music Show

Madd's Log, Maddate 070113.68:
-Jen/O anniversary: observed
-0000,return JAMAH
-DVR movie: The Matador
-ready for bed
-little X play list: Super Mario Live \ Zeldo
-ready for day
-Target: baby registry
-Beerfest: team no show
-return JAMAH
-Wii Sports/wi
-movie: Stranger than Fiction
-return JAMAH
-DVR TV: House

Well, some time later in this day, one year ago, my life would be changed, forever, and wow, is that an understatement!  It started with me seeing some chick, standing over by Jeff/Be, playing pool.  A year later, it would turn into me preparing to be a father.  I would not have ever guessed it back in the day.  Even to this point, what is about to happen in less than two months is something overwhelming that my brain would not be able to understand... until I get that call... by phone, or smack to my stomach as I am sleeping.  Wow.

After returning home, and after a little bit of time together, we decided to watch The Matador.  Such a great movie, it had been a long time since I had seen it, the last and only time with Spark.  I checked for it, however, it seems to not be documented.  I am sorry about that, JOHD.  I ended up rather tired after the movie.  I must be getting old.

I did not want a time consuming list for the little one, so I decided to do that live jazz version of Mario, mislabeled as Phish.  During Zeldo, little X was extremely mobile!  I think that he might like this song, as I have not seen him so active while playing music before.  This is something I am excited to study.

Well, after dorking around a little bit, we headed out to eat.  Ryan’s was good, especially that chili, mwahAhA!!  I am sure Jen will appreciate how that turns out later.  From there we went to Target, to put more things on the registry.  From there, we headed to the House of Bricks.  It looked as if they had a bunch of things set up for the Beer Olympics, as they say.  Unfortunately, Bob, the one who invited me, was not able to make it for some reason, so we decided we were going to go watch a movie.  So we went home, and I took care of my games.

As we were heading to the movie, I called mother.  It turned out that grandpa was doing well, and that was good to hear.  Two weeks without a bowel movement, oh my word.  That is crazy, not to say dangerous and painful.  Thank you Lord for watching out for him, though, and bringing him almost back to normal.  It seems that he has a slight delay in responding to people talking to him.

Well, after talking to mother, I noticed Jen was upset.  Her wipers were not working the way they were suppose to, and she was not shooting any fluid, so she was having problems seeing, and that really upset her.  While she can get upset when she drives, I think her heightened emotional state played a part also.  My poor little girl.  I offered to drive, however we were almost there, and already running late.

It seemed as if we were extremely late, even though we were not.  I cannot help think that no previews were shown.  It is a good thing I had some understanding of what was happening, otherwise the part we walked into would not have worked.  JOHD, I am curious how much we did miss, so note we came in about two minutes before the narrator moved the plot along with what he otherwise was not aware of!  My watch showed we missed eleven minutes.  Some of this was due to the very long lines.  It was the Nova theater, where you get drink, popcorn, and a movie, for just $5!  A deal, if you are not up for the most current movies in the plaza.  I will note I enjoyed this movie, even though I seemed to be the one who was having emotional problems, and I am not even sure the reason.  I think Jen is rubbing off on me.

I got to drive home, which included to the stop to eat at Fazoli’s.  The food was good, and from there I took us home.  From there, it was an episode of House.  I had the fireplace running as we were going to do something in the family room, however the recorded episode was at home.  In watching the episode, that got over some point around the turn of the night, it would turn out I missed FFV.  {sigh}  Started November 18th, 2006, end January 12th, 2007.  It was a good run!

Speaking of good run, here lies an event that had very little to it, minus a movie, and yet, was a very nice time together.  Jen and I had no troubles at all, and we had a great time together.  Happy anniversary to us.  Master of Maddness, signing off......


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