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It Was Working Earlier Today

-Alex’s birthday: observed
-0000,Orlando’s: full boat
-sing Hey You
-“Beerfest” invite for tomorrow
-return JAMAH
-DVD TV: House (x2)
-not ready for bed (or Jen)
-ready for day
-Wii Sports/wi: drop to 31
-1330,work: 2 HR OT
-office policy meeting postponed
-FFIII/ds: thru day \ raise!
-Angie/Q convo

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Alex, happy birthday to you!

So when I got to Orlando’s, I had to park on the grass since the place was so packed.  I have not seen this many cars here ever.  It was strange, however, as when I got in, I could have sworn that I have seen the place more packed before.  Well, at least there was a nice picture of beer waiting for me, thanks to my girlfriend.  My song request had not been put into the rotation like she said she would, however.  Oh well.

Hey, speaking of beer, Bob noted to me some event he wanted me to be on his team for.  He mentioned beer games, beer pong, and of course, instantly Beerfest came to mind.  They call it the Beer Olympics, however, it is Beerfest as far as I am concerned.  I wonder if a team ties, if they pull out, Das Boooooooooooooooot!  hEhEhE!!  Because I would so fail if they did.  I really doubt anyone is going to be hung like the people in the movie.

So, returned to the house, to watch House.  The first one we had, House just up and said “Pink Floyd” out of no where, it was killer!  Jen did not make it through the episodes.  In fact, she was rather passed out.  She was so out of it that she told me to get away at some point to the end, so I did.  I walked up stairs, and I got into bed.  For some reason, I just could not up and go to sleep, so very shortly after, I came downstairs, got Jen, and we went to bed.  I apologize little X, I did not play you any music.  I apologize teeth, I did not brush you.  You are welcome, God, as I remembered to pray to You!

I was happy that after waking up, the first thing I did was get ready for the day.  Well, actually, the very first thing I did was check some torrent work I was doing, and I played some music.  It motivated me to want to get another CD made, as it has been some time.  I know I still have Baked Copyright Infringements to do from long ago.  I have been wanting to do CD work for a long time now.  Yes, a very long time.  I think about it often, more so than sex.

The games were as usual, except that I done dropped my Wii age the wrong direction.  I was hoping that OT would be cancelled so I could get some good Zelda in.  This did not happen.  I would have to work on really saving Hyrule some other day.

I was really looking forward to the meeting.  Unfortunately, in the starting of it, we went into a horrid queue.  This caused us all to be put back on line.  Another email came from the head cheese, in which yet another “compromise” was reached.  By the time I get to go into this meeting, I will not have the extreme pleasure of ripping it to absolute shreds.  Drat, oh well, as long as there is change.  Still, I so want to get another job.

In my continued defiance of The Company, I got some FFIII time in.  YES, I *finally* have me some high level spells.  I can finally raise myself from the dead.  It is about damn time.  I have been getting more into the game of late, as I did have a lapse.  Square puts so much into the looks of their games now, to a point I think they miss a lot of the basics, which is a reason I do not own X or X-2, or XII.  When I saw XI, and got to play the beta on 360, that showed me just how much Square has the ability, however just chooses to not take it.  You can thank our retarded three minute span society for that.  Final Fantasy is a cult following, however, so do not expect it to get better anytime... ever.

It has been... more pleasurable chatting with Angie of late.  She was reading a psych book, and I looked at a small picture, and sure as shit if I still do not have some skill on me.  I picked out the Freud picture in the corner, and that made me happy.  I know she still has some... issues with me, whatever those may be.  I can only assess it deals with my personality, in how I handle my self.  A free spirit who does not take shit from anyone... oh, except Jen, hEhEhE!!  It is amazing how I first went from being almost infatuated with her, to almost not liking her, to seeing her as someone who could be a friend.  It is amazing what happens when you start to up and accept certain facts about humans.  Still, I could not deal with her attitude in a relationship basis.  Yet another human in the world that makes me happy, as of now, that I am with Jen.  It is like my own traits.  No matter how messed up I think things could get with me, I can point to a human and find many things worse in that Reality.

It really was not an extremely eventful day, after all is said and done.  I feel a little sad that I did not really do much for Alex, minus singing to him as I was leaving Orlando’s.  I will say, that it is getting old of listening to people go on and on about how their phone was working earlier in the day.  No fucking shit.  Did you know, when a person dies, that they were alive only MINUTES before they are dead?  When I break a bone, that bone was working earlier just fine.  When I turn off a radio, it was playing music earlier.  Before I wrote all this stuff in my journal, it was a white screen.  Master of Maddness, signing off......


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