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Madd's Log, Maddate 070110.37
-0000,return JAMAH \ mail Transformers rebate
-disable garage
-DVR TV: House
-DVD TV: House \ 360 err \ Thor sound issues
-ready for bed
-little X play list: Kingdom of San d'Oria \ This Song's Just Six Words Long
-fight alarm: Jen/O helps
-FFXI/360: connectivity problems
-Bomberman/wi: kicker lost
-Wii Sports/wi
-ready for morning
-1130,work: 1 HR OT \ expensive parking
-30 min OT released
-move Alex: partial free parking
-TXT Kellee
-2100,return JAMAH
-BJ: w/ Jen/O
-sing If You Could Only See
-FFV/gba: party destroyed
-sing Hey You
-sing Nobody Home: Susan/BJ request

So before heading home, I dropped off the rebate thing for the Transformers movie I got on PPV some time ago.  I should get it in about 4-6 weeks, or something stereotypical like that.

First thing I did when I got home was shoot up.  I am so happy it does not take long for the spray to take effect.  The next thing I did was disable the garage door.  Then, jen and I went into the other room to watch our new episode of House.  It was a great episode.  Too bad the next one is not airing for three weeks.  Way to go, Fox!

Welcome to the world of broken, where if Madd is not problem, one of his electronic children most likely is broken.  When I turned on the 360, I noticed a strange color on the light thing.  It was red, and blinking.  It should have been green, and not blinking.  This concerned me, so I turned the TV on, and an error message stated the system was not working and to contact support.  My fucking word, the blue screen of death for the 360 {sigh}.

So the other thing was during House.  The volume just went quiet.  Jen had confirmed what I believe I had experienced before, that it happens while watching TV also.  This is bad, in that it means there is a problem with the receiver or the speakers.  Why, JOHD, do I not have any of my electronics, or my body, work proper?  It is frustrating.  House thinks he has it bad, well, at least it is only his leg...

So I decided to play some Weird Al for little X (again) since I was inspired by his myspace page.  I decided since the song has been stuck in my head for the past few months that I would return the favor to my child, since I am sure my child would get more fascination from it than I would, simply because, that is what baby's do, even unborn ones.

Speaking of unborn babies, the last House episode dealt with babies, and bad things that can happen to babies, and as sure as I will eventually shit, she got emotional on it.  I kept reminding her it was just a movie, even though I would be wrong as it was just a TVT show.  The stunt babies they used were extremely convincing, hEhEhE!!  For the record, I was pulled in by the decisions and reactions of the characters to allow the baby things to bother me.  I was also too busy working on Jen to keep her from breaking down.  I know she is a worrier, and watching things on TV about babies many times translates to thoughts about our baby. My poor pretty girlfriend {lick}.

I did not sleep the best.  My body felt as if it was in pain on spots I was laying.  Laying on my side is when this would happen, as I have not had it when on my back, and I cannot remember the last time I slept on my front.  Jen likes to be spooned, and I like to grab little X when I sleep.  I also like to not be in pain.  Guess I should have worked on not having a kid.  hAhA, a joke, JOHD, that kids are painful.

So I had a fight with the alarm, and Jen stepped in to break it up.  She got me OJ ready, how nice is that.  I had to go down stairs to get it, though.

I have been having increasing problems with FFXI.  Some of them are my fault, however this time things seem to not be on my side.  My other games went well, even though I was handed in Bomberman.  Oh well.

I had the displeasure of being at a greedy meter.  I had the opposite pleasure of having 30 minutes of OT released, in which I moved Alex to a meter with three hours in it.  That was excellent.

I had a customer who was an absolute, expects things for free with no responsibility, and this was over a 30 cent charge due to a long distance call not made by him.  For about 40 minutes, I talked to him and the customer service rep who transferred him to me.  He just kept repeating the same things, how his phone does not make phone calls, and this and that.  What a fucking idiot.  I bet he already had tainted the human gene pool.

I chatted a bit with Kellee.  I am starting to think that I only get responses with her when it is in the her of way.  Example, she mentioned that something was going on, some issue, and when I asked about it, I did not hear from her anymore.  This appears to be a reoccurring issue, when I ask a question, wonder where she is if we are to hang, and get nothing.

I wonder if Kit has ever thought of me since last I saw her.  Every now and then I wonder about that, and I wonder where she is.  This does not happen all the time, however, it most certainly does happen.

I went home, and Jen and I then went to the bar.  It was for the most part a good time, even though towards the end Jen started to let out the fact she was bored and wanted to go, and was unhappy that she was not up and drinking.  This was in the form of some crab-ness that came from her.  It dug into my buzz a little bit, which was a decent buzz I might add.  That buzz was also dug into by the fact that while in the Void, I kept getting myself handed to me, most notably when I opened up a box, a monster popped out, and without even seeing what happened, my party was all 0.  That sucked massive butt cheese.

So, another fun day at work, talking about the idiocy that is our work environment, and a late night crabby set from Jen, even though it was minimal at least.  It was nothing to really complain about... except that I wanted to buzz around, hEhEhE!!  Master of Maddness, signing off......


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