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Baked Spam Companion

Madd's Log, Maddate 070105.58
-return JAMAH
-little X play list: ATHF Theme \ Poles Apart
-DVD movie: Firefly (x3)
-Kellee contact attempts
-ready for bed
-0600,morning call
-ready for day
-little X appointment: 146 BPM
-Wendy’s: w/ Jen/O
-return JAMAH
-Raine: spam and bot fighting \ computer tune-up
-echat dITZ
-FFXI/360: big money spender for nothing
-Bomberman/wi: flower beating
-Wii Sports/wi
-2000,work: 4 HR pri
-FFV/gba: 3rd tab complete

So I came home, and Jen was extremely tired, that is of course, until we played with little X, and watched Firefly.  Yeah, Jen has a thing with seeing Shepherd’s hair down.  We both enjoyed Jaynestown, there is something about seeing a Baldwin being idolized by an entire town that has comedic value to it.  So she had perked up for the show, again, just like she does with House.  Oh yeah, she called me a series whore due to the comment I made about House to Firefly.  JOHD, I told you to keep that on a super small font!

Towards the middle end of one of the episodes we watched, Kellee started to call me... twice.  I thought it strange, as I otherwise had not heard from her in some time now since Thanksgiving.  Firefly and Jen were priority now.

Oh yeah, something interesting... when I was playing music for little X, I noticed extreme movement, also when I played the ATHF theme.  Then, at some point when Floyd played, the movement appeared to stop.  I am not sure if little X just ran out of gas, or if the Floyd did it.  I will wish to explore this further.

Speaking of little X, I had the unfortunate displeasure of waking up at 0600 to make the phone call to work, leaving a VM to see if I would get some time off so I could make the appointment today.  Then I had more displeasure of a call back, a little time later, after I started to drift away again.  To think, this is all the planned stuff... way until the little one is born.  Bet you wish you knew what a condom was now!

So, after getting up, to my father asking about DSL stuff, I got ready for my day and played some FFXI.  I was doing some reading on the current New Years festival, and by the time I realized, through online reading, what was happening, the clock was ticking for the little one’s appointment.  God decided to give me a push, as something happened to my connection, and it just dropped.  Good thing, as I was more into reading than actually playing at the time.

So, Jen called, as expected, and I was running a little behind.  I decided to go warp speed to the clinic.  I felt it was practice for when the real time comes... not that this excuse would have worked for any cop who would have pulled me over, hEhEhE!!  As I flew, I must have gone slightly forward in time, because I somehow missed the University exit from I-80.  I did not realize I had missed the exit until I came up to Douglas... and then I panicked.  I did not have much time to react, so of course the first thing I did was attempt to call Jen.  Being panicked, that I had 1 minute to make it, and was not even sure where I was going, did not help my brain realize my bearing, however, I did soon come to my senses and was able to determine that University cannot be any more this way, so, I went that way.  Jen called me back, and I had already realized where I was going since I came back to my senses.

It turned out that being late for the appointment was not anywhere close to as bad as I thought it would be, as they would be about 23 minutes late or so.  The appointment itself went well, I was able to grab some sound, and little X came in at 146 BPM.  After the appointment, we went to Wendy’s, or at least I think it was.  It sure as shit did not look like any Wendy’s I had ever been.  So Jen was kind enough to pay, which is good since she was throwing pop ALL OVER the place.  I mean, I think everyone on the planet had pop on them that day.

So, after din, I returned home, and worked on the FFXI New Year celebration.  I am not exactly sure how well I did, however, I know I ran around doing a lot of what seemed like nothing.  Oh, yeah, I finally got further in Bomberman.  That was very nice.  I had been dealing with that flower for some time now.  Of course... I spend many times just throwing a quickie in.

Well, I got further in Zelda, which was very nice.  I played longer than I have had the chance to.  I decided that I was going to work it into having to go to work.  I still have a little ways in defeating the water temple.

So work was nice, I even got to screen.  Of course, only working four hours helped out very much.  The working relationship between Angie/Q and myself went well.  We have had many disagreements in the past.  Many times, ironically enough, these disagreements are because she is being pissy.  Sound familiar?

Well, I did not bring Raine with me, mostly because I had most of the day already marked out, and with such a small time it was not worth the extra time pulling out.  I did, however, get some good FFV in.  I was able to get the third tablet, leaving just one more before I can access the new content.  Happy Madd!  Master of Maddness, signing off......


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