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More Time... Please... 1238p

"I'm not even supposed to be here today!"

     [EVENTS now] Okay, JOHD, so I start to give you the priority.  I hope you are happy now.  I know, you are always happy.  How ever do you do it?  Hey... at least I remember to use [...] instead of <...<.  Hmm... that gives me an idea! <$5 to whoever first sends me an email with the title 'Madd has a small one'> Mwahaha!!  You scare me some times, Madd.  Really... you do.

World Wide Madd

     [EVENTS friday 8/24] Oops... hahaha, last time I said Friday was the 23rd.  Oops... my err.  Anyway, so I would wake up, and I do believe it was rather early.  Memory fails me slightly as to what I all did.  The biggest thing I would do is web page work, something that was long overdue.  The biggest, of course, was the long anticipated Dr Shrink that I put on my web page.  This was also the first time I worked on making background music for both IE and Netscape.  Along to that, I would put up my first backdrop, as to not have the same old colour on everything.  It was time to make things a bit more eye candy ready.  An email update would inform me that 76 visitors would catch Madd's World on the web (16th - 22nd).  Nice to know that people are still checking out the site.  Who all in the world could it be?  I no longer know due to the fact that turned into a bunch of evil money hungry asses.  So I do not know where people are coming from.  I do know that Yahoo search engines have found my spot on the net a lot.  Some of the craziest searches that I remember.  Of course, I had other things updated as well.  It was about time I caught up with my dreams.  I was just happy to work away on the site a lot.  It had been a long while, and of course, of late I just mainly talk to you, my dear friend.

The Ever Failing Memory

     Um... who knows what I did at work, for I sure do not know.  I bet God knows, but I do not think He is telling, haha.  I also have no clue what I did after work, which is kind of strange.  You know, thank goodness for CTRL-S.  I would otherwise loose so much work on this stupid thing (computer).  I do believe afterwords I would chat with Iowa City Gal, and my computer would crash somewhere in the middle of the chat.  This is references under Su09.

Atom Heart Myles

     [EVENTS saturday 8/25] I would end up calling her.  Whatever we talked about is crammed deep in the creaves of my own mentality.  Then I would sleep.  Laurel would help remind me of the busy Saturday morning I would have.  The waking day would start with a trip over to Myles for a few to hang and what have you.  As I was in his room, and rugrats were scattered throughout the land (they tend to follow me around, especially these ruggies), Myles would say something like, "It's time".  Man... I hope he is not meaning time for sex, I was totally not prepared, hEhEhE!!  Actually, it would be better than sex.  It would be Floyd.  Twenty-three minutes and fourty-two seconds of Floyd, actually.  It felt really good.  After the song, I would get a call from NY Friend.  She had some sort of issues regarding me, and I was not sure what they were.  She would inform me that she was not able to tell me at that time.  While I usually love surprises, these kind of surprises, when a person wants to talk to me, are not ones I look forward to.  I am the crazy communicational type of person.

Bad Hair Daze

     Work... this would momument to be one of the top 10 worst days of work.  Everyone was having issues, and to make matters worse, quite a few were actually co-workers, most specifically, Mair.  She was having some massive issues, I think, and some of those issues were being worked out on me.  Don't get me wrong, I love to help friends who have issues, and I love to listen to them talk about their problems.  But when they use the EGO defense of projection to actually take out frustrations on me, when I am not even prepared, well, that is something I rarely, if ever, enjoy.  Most likely, she was having some issues with her man.  This is a common occurance with her.  This would turn out to be a day that would not be for disscussing them.  Of course, the customers must have gotten queue, for they also were all having bad days.  I was doing my best to hold my own.  I think at some point, a crack was hit, however, and I started to fail.  What was going to save me from this day?

The Saviour

     Myles, of course.  He has that special charisma to him that is definately all his.  I would pick him up to go get my VCR.  We made an agreement to sell it to him for $100 if it let him do his thing he wanted done.  When we returned, he would get all touchy when I was touching it, for he did not want me to disrupt the dust on it.  Maybe he is getting a bit too old for his age.  Or, as I would find out later, maybe he would have written a few messages for me in the dust that covered the top of the VCR that until recently was Madd's.  The VCR did the trick, I was able to hook it up, of course (electronics, man!).  To the joy of Myles having two working VCRs again, we would prepare for the upcoming Jay & Silent Bob movie by watching Clerks and then Chasing Amy.

I am Suppose to Be Here; Clerks Movie Review (SPOILER)

     Clerks... it is a most excellent movie.  I had the unfortunateness to see the Kevin Smith movies out of order, but at the same time, it help put Mallrats into a bit more perspective.  (WARNING!! THIS IS A POSSIBLE SPOILER FOR ANYONE WHO HAS NOT SEEN "CLERKS", THE MOVIE BY KEVIN SMITH. SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE UNTIL YOU SEE END SPOILER AT THE TOP OF YOUR BROWSER IF YOU WISH NOT TO HAVE ANY MENTIONING OF CLERKS RUINED FOR YOU.)

Okay... so it was a little difficult for me to follow some of this movie at first, but at the same time, being a die-hard fan of Mallrats, I was able to catch a lot of this.  The fact it was black and white... I am not sure what to think of that.  I actually think it helped the movie out a bit, almost as if we were watching from the perspective of a security video camera or something in the store, even though there would be obvious shots that were way outside the store.  Also, the character poise of Jay & Silent Bob were kind of distorted, since in Clerks they were more like asses that people would not come to really care about, which totally differed from their rolls in every movie that would follow.  This part was actually already ruined for me, for I was told ahead of time, like, a year or so, that they had minor rolls compared to any other film thay Kevin Smith (AKA Silent Bob) would direct.  Yes, boys and girls, Kevin Smith, the director for Clerks is the tubby bitch.  (stupid darn crashing computer) Okay, so, We have Dante (AKA Brian O'Halloran) and the character is so real, I swear he is not acting, but rather just reliving a bad hair day from his past.  I sympathize for poor Dante, who repeatingly states, "I'm not even supposed to be here today!" as much as he can.  Then you have Randal (AKA Jeff Anderson) and this supporting actor does just that.  I love both of these characters, not to mention the mass amounts of crazies who would show up later.  I just so love this movie, I think I should watch it again soon and do a different review on it.



Saving My Job

     [EVENTS now] Blah... thanks a lot, computer.  I aprriciate you crashing on me and making this darn near to impossible to finish.  I will get it some year.  Made me cut the movie hit short.  Blah... oh well.  So yeah, to that, my fine observant friend, I should get some pants on (sigh) and get ready to go to work.  Oops... I forgot to eat, haha, that is funny.  Catch you after work, JOHD.  Master of Maddness, signing off 0315p......

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