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Role Playing Crabs

Madd's Log, Maddate 061231.77:
-0010,return JAMAH
-FFXI/360: smilebringer fun
-DVR TV: House
-cable TV: Kentuckian
-not ready for bed
-ready for day
-Wal-Mart: buy cables \ crabby Jen/O
-Hy-Vee: role playing
-return JAMAH
-party preparation
-X-Myles: w/ Mary
-party humans arrive
-Wii Sports/wi: multi-many \ bowling \ tennis
-FFIII forgotten

So, after taking care of the crazy lady who was not able to use her phone, yet was talking on it, I returned home.  From there, I went home, and since I knew it was going to potentially be a big day, I wanted to get the 360 play taken care of.  So I decided to take some time playing FFXI, especially since it was the last day I could do the Starlight Celebration.

So, I got to warp around, thanks to the help of the “Santa” NPC.  Something very funny would turn out, as someone in my LS would hit on me, and this was a close friend (I think) of the one guy who had my character get naked and stuff many moons ago.  This was made apparent when he said I only cyber to get things.  In this case, I was getting a key to Kazham and the friend in question was having me take all my equipment off, and run around naked.  If only I knew what was really going on, as I thought it only a joke at the time.  Oh well, it still was beyond humorous.  So chatting with him brought back memories.

Well, Jen had passed out as I was doing Lumines.  After that, we went in to watch the two episodes of House that was recorded.  It is absolutely amazing how awake Jen is when watching House, even at 3+ in the morning.  Before going to bed, there was an interesting Western on, The Kentuckian.  As far as Westerns go, I say it is a decent movie, for being made in the 50’s.  It was massively late, and time for bed.

Well, it was a bit difficult getting up, going to bed around six in the morning.  After getting ready and stuff, we headed to Wal-Mart.  Jen started on a crabby phase, that first started when she went into my driving, something that very much well angers me that she does.  I ended up driving due to the fact she had a flat tire, and one of the things I was going to pick up was that fix-a-flat thing.  So that started off the setting.  We went to Subway to eat, Jen was kind enough to pay.  I ended up buying a component cable for the Wii, and that made my day!  I was blown away they even had any.  I also got another component cable for the receiver.

Well, as we were leaving, and someone smashed into my way as I was attempting to leave, things really got out of hand.  I do believe the basic principle behind it was, I made comment to people not using the right door to go in and out.  Now, it is a known fact that I end up going into the wrong door myself, however when I do so I am paying attention to those around me.  This goes back to thoughts I have on laws, and how any one law does not work for everyone (usually).  Sure, there are many people who walk the wrong way and nothing happens, however, this person here was not one of them, so I commented about it.  From that, Jen went off, acting like an absolute pissy crab.

I was already angry with her from before.  She wanted to go to Hy-Vee, and was going to have me wait outside.  After dropping her off, I saw a great spot to park, it was right up front.  I took this time to take care of some FFV.  I did not want to take the chance of missing her, so I made it quick, and I came inside to look for her.  As I cornered the entry, and was past the liquor part, I saw her walking out, so I decided to follow her.  My ability to sneak up on and observe humans came in extremely well as she got outside, and started to look around for Alex.  I was directly behind her.  If she had not been so pissy, she might have possibly sensed me behind her.  I say this in that same sense of taking your hand and putting it just so close to a person without touching them, yet you can still sense their being.

Anyway, after her obvious external dismay of not finding me, my comment to her some something on the lines of being ditched by her boyfriend.  At the very moment I said it, I really thought nothing of it, other than to signify that I could tell she was unhappy that I was not “waiting” for her.  However, what came of it was an interesting role playing game.  I am unclear as to her thoughts, whether thinking of playing along, or bringing it from nothing, however we both preceded to act as if we did not know each other, and this was the first time we were meeting each other.  With that, came a whole line of questions and interactions similar to two humans attempting to know each other... well, minus the whole picking up a chick at a store and taking her around, and of course a chick up and getting in with a complete strange guy.  Anyway, the whole thing was an experience so different, that I had actually forgotten that I was angry with her, twice.  It goes to show, that any game, even real life role playing, can really take my mind from things.

So, my new friend Jennifer and I went to Noobies, which is some crazy party store.  I picked up a new hat, and a feathery neck thing that helped pimp me out for the new year.  We also picked up a bunch of supplies, like hats, and campaign poppers.  I noticed the box had “flame proof” and “caution-flammable” on it.  How absolutely for me is that?  So we got our things and headed home.  We were both still in character for a while, and eventually I gave her a hug and we stopped the role playing, as we prepared for people.  One thing that gets Jen riled up is preparing for a party.  A lot of that, as I understand, is about getting ready.  Jen is very “it must be clean” type of mentality, something that I am extremely lax on.  I mean, I like the place to be picked up a bit, however it is not anything that generally is going to affect me.  So I had started my wonderful OCD-ish cleaning up antics.  It was not much longer until Myles showed up with Mary.  At some point not to long after that, more humans showed up.

Myles, Mary, and myself watched X-Files.  Jen popped in and out a little.  From that, I decided to play it smart and take care of Zelda, as it is only one player.  Then, I took care of my fitness, and from there, preceded to bowl with Myles.  Watching Myles play any video game is high enough entertainment in its own right.  It is not that he does anything strange, stupid, or weird, he is simply Myles, and while I know he has talked about Wizards and Warriors, I otherwise do not know him for a video game past.  We both sure did have a lot of fun playing Lord of the Rings on PS2 back in the day, thought.

Well, after the first round, Jerry jumped in, and the party just took over from there.  The memorable events of Wii Sports were Jerry being drunk, me laying the smack down on “bowling champ” Renee, Jerry falling down, and a packed room of Wii players, playing bowling, and later tennis.  By the time tennis came along, the tequila shot, three margaritas, beer, and bottle of Cod Duck were doing me well.

The food was also well.  I was munching on chips with salsa and cheese.  The cheese had a nice kick to it.  The jerky was good, and overall, this is exactly the way I wanted to bring in the new year.  By the end of the night, before the clock would strike, we had about a 20 person load.  Kitchen, family room, and living room is where everyone converged.  It was loud (kind of), and it was fun.  Before the turn, I put in some Bomberman, because five player action is just that much fun.  Plus, this is one of the best Bomberman games out there.

So despite her best efforts earlier in the day, the end of the year was not ruined, lost, or felt wrong.  Oh yeah, one of the hats I got her was a crab, which was funny in a few ways, since at the time I bought it, I had not realized she did not make the connection of being “crabby”.  It was later in the kitchen, when I was taking pictures and talking about it did she realize.  Her and I were having a rather great time together, so do not let the picture of her with her hat looking at me with “a look” fool you otherwise, hEhEhE!!  Welcome to the end of the year... and the start of what shall be for me, the most interesting year since 1974.  Master of Maddness, signing off......


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