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Madd's Log, Maddate 061008.78:
-Mario Party 4/gc
-return pad
-not ready for bed
-FFXI./pc: Clipper misfire
-ready for day
-furniture browsing
-K’s: sofa bought
-house: final walkthrough
-return pad
-waterbed drain
-DVD movie: Dudesons

So after a while of chitchat and general randomness, it was time to pull out the big guns.  Booya!!  It’s video game playing time.  To start with, a classic favorite of mine, SSBM.  Ah yes, how great it is to lay an ass-kicking to the world :D  I think one of the reasons I enjoy SSBM so much is that I otherwise seem so average in so many things.  SSBM is a game I most certainly not average at, and it makes me feel great to know I am not average at everything.

Another game we played was Mario Party 4.  It had been a long time since I had played this game.  It some times bothers me how when attempting to play these games with people, that they are off doing other things as opposed to the game itself.  dITZ was busy... chatting or something.  Of course, I know she was out of focus on the gravy train, so I forgave her just as fast as I thought about it :D  How nice am I?  I will say, that karma is coming around to get me, in that Gem was off to go chat on her computer.  I mention karma, because I rarely see Gem, and from there she goes off and chats on the computer.  I remember when I use to do that, way back, people would show up, and I would go off on other things.  So I guess I have nothing to really complain about, now DO I?  For shame on you Madd!!  Was I really that bad?  My word, I cannot remember {sigh}.  Do you remember, JOHD?  Eh, most likely not that far back.

So I headed out, and before I got far Jen asked if I would get her food.  So, I would stop by McD for food, not getting any for myself, as I did not really want anything.  She wanted the mega deluxe super massive large breakfast thing, with no syrup.  I do not blame her, I bet syrup from the drive thru to the home from McD most likely is nasty.  Jelly, hey, that’s the ticket!  She did not eat all of her food, a massive shock, hEhEhE!!  For someone who is pregnant she sure does not act like it, hehehe.  Actually, I would think that would make her happy, as she has noted on many occasions concern about gaining a lot of weight.  If she was just getting fat from over eating, I would really understand better than the fact, she is having a baby.  It is not like she would expect to not start to look bigger.  Eh, she looks beautiful for me and that is all that should matter :D

So after waking up, and the clean/packaging thing going on, I decided to get ready for the day.  This started with some FFXI, which turned out rather humorous, in a very tragic way.  See, in my quest to go to the garden to eat some worms, and in attempting to buff myself, I accidentally cast gravity on a Clipper (a crab).  Well, lucky for me, gravity slows down the movement speed of the enemy, and after binding it in place, I figured I would hightail it out to the nearest zone.  Well... things would not go as planned, as from no where a banshee would spawn, and then own me.  At this point, they are incredibly tough to me, so I do not stand a chance.  What added to the tragic humor, is that I got nuked from a distance, and I fell RIGHT in the middle of a party.  Well... at this point the banshee decided to turn towards this party and attack them.  Sure, I felt bad, but I was dead, so it is not like my character felt anything at all, and I am role playing :D  I was lucky to have someone bring me back to life.

Well, I had told Jen around 1200 I would get ready, and I pretty much well was able to keep to it.  Points for Madd!  It did take me a while, because, well... it takes me time some times to get ready.  I still do not understand it.  We did and went to CiCi.  The guy’s name is David, by the way, I know because he told us around seven times.  I am not exactly sure the reason, I only know that he did.  Oh yeah, and his name is David by the way.  Well, from my last visit, I realized I could order specialty pizza.  Unfortunately, the taco pizza I requested did not ever make it to the table, so, we ended up leaving without it {sigh}.

Before heading out to shop and shit, we stopped by a tool shop on the outlet as I wanted an electric tape measure.  Reason?  Well... we could say that I am a male who plays video games, and by theory that would encompass everything, however, my rational behind it deals with me wanting something fast, quick, and effective.  I would think an electronic device would give me exact readings.

From there, we went out looking at furniture.  It took a while to find a place that was open, and when we did, we found the mother load.  It was groovy, baby, yay!  Well, what was not groovy was the price they were asking.  Some of the prices were just astounding.  It is amazing anyone every has anything to sit on!  When thinking about it as we headed out, we decided to head back to K’s to check on that one couch we both liked.  We got there, the place was still insane, however no one was dying (that we knew of) this time.  I decided that I wanted the couch, because that chair is just so damn cool!  It is MY chair, JOHD, I am going to put claim on it, even though the Teflon guard will most likely make any mark I leave fall off, hEhEhE!!  Oh yeah, there was a “matching” set they were also selling, very nice, but insanely expensive.  I do not remember the actual price, however I know that the ottoman was going for almost $400.  This was calculated since there was no price, by taking the total price minus the love couch and chair.  Oh eat yourself, JOHD!  Making fun of my math skills.  I’ll convert you to a Mac :p

So... wow, my first big purchase for my house, how crazy is that?  I really think it would be a great addition to our home, and on that note, it was time to fly for the appointment of measurements.  When we got there, Ryan was already waiting.  We were only eight minutes late.  We started to measure a bunch of things.  My electronic tape did not seem to be as great as planned.  See, it appears to work on a sonic frequency.  I thought it to only require the laser, even though I am thinking that deals more with “this is what you are pointing at” than an actual distance.  First thing we went to was the fridge space.  While I was not able to get any better readings (3’ 1”), I did notice that part of the counter sticks out, and I am more than certain that can be handled.  This is not a matter of just wanting to get one specific fridge.  Almost every single side by side fridges come in around 35 3/4th” and the space is 35 3/8th space.  So it is not a matter of me being picky, it is a matter of being practical.

Well, I also am not sure, but think we found out my electronic tape measure sucks.  Oh, a piece of electronic that does not work for shit for me!  How original!  JOHD, please document any and all sarcasm with that comment, thank you.  Well, we enjoyed going through the house, hitting rooms, figuring out how I am fitting a pool table in our basement.  Just think, in less than a week, I have a key to this place!

So we went back to my place, and preceded to drain the water bed, possibly for the last time.  In a chat with father, he noted how when he switched to whatever bed he has now from his waterbed, he went from the back pain he had to the once in a year type pain.  My fucking word!  I want that!  Do you know how wonderful it would be to not have any more back pain?  Do you know how great it would feel?  I know one of the big problems now is that I keep switching from one bed to another.  Also, it has been noted that there is a lack of water, most of which is likely in the floor by now {sigh}.  Oh yeah, speaking of which, I am not sure if it is actually a hole in the bed, as much as a problem with the release hose .  It seemed as if it was barely on, and it could have been leaking water this entire time.  As the bed drained, I was able to see the actual damage to the wood.  It is only in the two corners, and everything else is in perfect condition... well... as perfect as wood can be, seeing how only God is perfect!

My attempts to get the previous JOHD entry ready to be posted before I headed out was met with failure.  I still plan to easily catch up tomorrow, as I do not want to fall behind, ever again.  I cannot stress to you enough, JOHD, how many times I have gone into the past to check into conversations we have had, to better understand something, only to see it is not there.  I mean, one time, an entire year almost not documented!  The insanity of it all.

Got to Myles, as Jen went to return to her house, and watched X-Files.  Myles gave me money, woohoo!!  Madd likes money.  This episode is where Scully had flashbacks with Mulder, about him finding her ova, and asking for him to be a sperm donor (literally).  At the time, it failed, however we all know that the old fashioned way appeared to do the trick just fine.  Hey, if anyone knows good old fashioned way to create life, it is Jen and Madd, hEhEhE!!

So after that, I went to Spark’s.  Oh he had a great story to tell me.  He ended up getting a few free DVD for buying a bunch, and ended up with Brokeback Mountain.  The guy in the counter said, “So you are one of those people.”  Spark stood there for a while, and the guy finally said gay.  Spark could not believe what he said, and after a while, said, “Why yes I am, so you better hurry up and bag those before I come back there and fuck you in the ass.”  hEhEhE!!  My word that is such a great comeback to someone so totally fucking stupid.  Well one of the movies was The Dudesons.  This is, from what we understand, where Jackass got their ideas for stunts and crazy things.  The movie itself, well, it is a bunch of people being crazy, how could I not like it?  There was more sexually related things, and you see a lot more Finnish ass, and bones seem to go the wrong way more.  So a bit more graphic and sexual.  One would think you would get tired of seeing the same thing over and over, however it is really done in a different style, and I can recommend this movie to anyone who enjoyed Jackass or Viva La Bam (which, Bam Margera made a guest appearance on, as well as Steve-O).  Master of Maddness, signing off......


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