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Madd's Log, Maddate 061004.37:
-0010,return pad
-ready for bed
-Aeon TV: Eureka, MythBusters
-oral sex: wake up call
-ready for day: minus shower
-laundry prep
-1230,work: 4 min tardy
-manager Madd
-pop Mair
-email clean out
-over to Jen/O
-Scrabble: w/ attitude and small words
-BJ: Jen/O drop off

So, I returned home... slightly late due to having to work with a customer who was a real bitch, so into thinking she knows what she is talking about, yet she is calling because she is not sure how to get into her “mini” router, whatever a mini router is.

So I got home, extremely hyped and happy that I was going to watch Eureka, the season finale.  I remembered to brush my teeth, readying myself for bed, ahead of time.  For whatever reason, this prompted Jen to think that I may had forgotten to brush my teeth earlier.  It is like many things of me, I simply finally remember something I otherwise forget about, and there it is.  So first I watched the intro to “H.O.U.S.E. Rules” that was cut off last week due to... House, hEhEhE!!  Yeah, I thought that was funny myself.  Then we watched the finale.  I was most certainly not disappointed in it.  I was extremely pleased and happy that some questions had been answered.

After that, stayed up a bit watching more MythBusters.  I *almost* have the Jan episodes taken care of!  So sleep was nice, well, I was woken up, not really complaining much.  I was getting up to see when work was since I am confused with them messing things up and OT gone and everything.  I was still able to get myself to bed even after my morning wake up.

Getting ready for work was a pain, because it took a while to get all the laundry ready to drop off at Jen’s after work.  In doing so, I ended up being four minutes late for work.  Nothing I have not done many times before, however, I got a notice of tardy.  How ironic that the day before I was almost six minutes late and got nothing.  Last time was for the cause of another, while this time was for me.  Coincidence?  Eh, who knows, other than God.

Well, I got to play manager.  Also, work released ETN, meaning we went into queue.  Manager duties were insanely busy for the first time for me.  I was able to take care of them, minus the first one that simply read something about an emergency and to contact screener, however they did not ever answer me, by phone or pop.  Everything else, I worked my special magic.

I did some cleaning, and while it was my work email, the fact is that I did something, and that makes me happy.  It was moving things to folders and the like.  This is something that I have put off for a few years in my home email... or as it is now, mobile.  Of course, I have a lot of things here and there that I have not done.  Drat on that.

Welcome to Qwest repair, callers.  When I ask you how many phones you have plugged into your line, a snotty “the same as before the problem started” does not answer my damn question and I *will* bitch slap you should I meet you in person.  Also know that the fact you paint speed bumps and the like are not my concern, this information does not help with phone repair.  If you talk 80 words a minute without breath the majority of the information you are giving me shall be lost.  I am not Bender (even though I drink like him some times, and use to sex like him), and I am not a tape recorder.  If you want help, realize I am the one who knows who he is talking about and you do not, hence the reason you are calling me in the first place.  The fact I say the CID box has to be plugged into the wall, and a phone plugged into the box.  When I repeat this for the ninth time, within an eight minute, and have to keep talking about it, and explain over and over, then you do not deserve the service.  DO NOT FUCKING DARE GO INTO YOUR YOU PAY FOR THE SERVICE WHEN YOU ARE SO ABSOLUTELY FUCKING RETARDED YOU DO NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A PHONE CORD AND A POWER CORD.  You know what, I guess I have a test you can do, since you want to waste 13 minutes of my life, that will help you.  Stand in a bucket of water, naked, and with a wet butter knife, stick it in the socket.  If you get electrocuted dead, then you have successfully found the power, as opposed to the phone line.  If you only get a shock, just to be sure you are testing properly, unplug your toaster, or major appliance, and repeat this test in that socket.  If that fails, test your power by taking a working hair dryer, plugging it in, and dropping it in a bathtub filled with water that you should be submerged in.  If this fails... well... I can only suggest playing in traffic late at night.

Narg!!  The problems I am having with Dr Lungae is getting worse, and it is compounded with the fact of the problems I am having with Raine.  I tell you, technology hates me, and here I am, thinking of getting a 60” TV.  My flipping word.  This is driving me nuts.  All my computers, every single one, is having a big problem, if not problems.  Narg!

So the work day was over, and I decided some point a bit earlier I was going to hang out with Jen before the bar.  The issue arose when dITZ called.  See, I was hoping to hook something up with dITZ and Jen, as one of my plans was Scrabble, and I know dITZ enjoys it also.  Well, dITZ already had things set up, so I was going to have her come get me and take me to the bar since she planned to go there.

So I picked up food, and went to her place.  After eating, and some chatting, we played Scrabble.  It may possibly be the last time I play Scrabble with her.  While she may be pregnant and have issues with being easily triggered, *I* have dyslexia, and it makes playing games like Scrabble difficult.  I do it because I know she enjoys the game, and likes the time with me, especially since I set up our time together with conjunction of going to BJ.  However, it really is no fun playing with someone who is so impatient.  I would imagine it is not fun playing with someone with dyslexia who has a spelling problem either.  My word, I am such a horrid speller, I so cannot figure out how intelligent I am, my abilities with troubleshooting, and my grammar ability, and I am so piss poor at spelling.  I wonder if it is a gene.  Oh who, besides God, knows the reason I cannot spell.  The point here, is that I just do not think I am going to be able to play.  It might change if she does turn out to not be so irritable, after little X is here.  Time will find this out.  Speaking of time, note the fact that turnabout is fair play, as I would start to harp on her for taking her time.  Because of the fact I was so rushed, I ended up using a lot of two and three letter words, which in turn ended up messing up the board.  It was bad enough that Jen hinted at dropping me off to the bar, which I was fine with, since I only had about 35 minutes to make my JOHD entry.  Still going strong, old girl!!

Oh yeah, the whole night was not all fuss and frustration while playing Scrabble.  Luckily, Jen is not in such a bad pissy mood that it went out of hand like it otherwise has in the past, so I give her props for that.  Strange, I would think pissy would be a word.  So she dropped me off at the bar, and I spent most of the rest of the night with you, taking care of business.  Master of Maddness, signing off......


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