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Madd Log, Maddate 060923.68
-0000,return pad
-FFXI/pc: Carbuncle's Ruby obtained!
-Jen/O arrives
-not ready for bed
-oral sex
-Jen/O leaves
-bank loan
-return pad
-FFXI/pc: Summon quest; weather
-QT: caffeine
-pop Mair
-pop Mark/Q
-TXT Renata
-Raine: web/phone calendar work \ phone log ketchup
-sick days again!
-eleven o’clock queue

Well, talking to Jen on the way home, I must have made reference to uploading the pictures in an email, for one of the first things she noted was in no way allowing me to upload THOSE pictures.  Awww... come on!  They are so priceless!  Man, why can’t more people be more open like me?  Oh yeah, because there is not enough therapists in existence ever to compensate that.  {sigh} It is too bad, it is so hilarious.

I have been working to get that fucking gem since SEVEN-SEVEN.  Yes, JOHD, since Maddate 060707.5x, 77.5 days, 11.1 weeks, 2.5 months!!  I am talking a time span of 1,860.9 hours, or 111,652 minutes, or 6,699,120 seconds.  What did it take?  It took the help of a random stranger, who happened to be a level 60 BLM who simply nuked the tar out of those stupid Poison Leeches.  After about 30 minutes to an hour or so, FINALLY, I saw it, Carbuncle's Ruby dropped!  The really sad thing?  My journey is no where close to complete {sigh}.  I still have to go visit all seven weather conditions.  hAhAhA!!  Well that took most of my night, however was extremely rewarding.

Yay early morning wake-up calls!  Well, I made it out of bed in time to basically put on clothes, grab my bag, and make it to the bank.  Great news, JOHD!  My interest rate dropped from 6.125% to 6% even.  The originating-we-are-desperate-for-money went from 7something to 8something.  No big deal there.  With the extra money I got on the loan, I shall be able to pick up house toys and even get Alex taken care of!  Hopefully I will have plenty left over I can just put back into the loan, and then the other money in the bank can sit there, forever, collecting interest and dust, until something massive happens like, oh, child birth, hEhEhE!!

Well, seeing as how God loves to keep me on my toes, I noticed on the credit report (which my scores rocked in at 734, 725, and 780) there was some credit card account with a balance of $625 on it.  This freaked me out, more and more, even though the bank lady noted that it was being paid and not affecting my score.  As I left, I called father and asked him if he had a card with the last four digits on that statement.  He said no.  He got out his card, I read the whole thing, and it turns out he DOES have a card with my name on it, and the credit report was mean enough to exclude that information.  So that was taken care of.  My word, total freak out!

So I got home, and realize there was no way I was going to make a nap.  I decided to be productive and play FFXI instead.  I was able to take a long overdue quest and take care of that before I started.  I was FINALLY ready to take on the tedious task of experiencing all the weather conditions.  The first one was easy, sunny day, hAhAhA!!  Yes, that is about as easy as it is going to get.  Oh well... I had work to get ready for.

Work was fun.  It was a little queue here and there, however at the end it was nice and slow.  This allowed me to get some things done, most notably, some phone logs all the way back from 8-28.  I was able to get all my missed calls logged, and this is great, because I am going to FORMAT it so it stops being a bitch.  I also got to clean up the last JOHD entry and send her on her way, in attempts to once again maintain a pattern of getting things done.  I feel so motivated!  All I have to do is ditch Jen for someone less bitchy.  hAhAhA!!  I am kidding, I love Jen, I am not ready to trade her in... yet >:)

I also got the yahoo calendar and my phone to “share”, so now when I document something, humans can see what it is I am up to.  Ever since I set up the appointment for the bank loan, I have started to jot things down on my phone.  When I do that, it actually shows as an appointment, thus it will pop up in that “no upcoming appointments” that always confused me when the next day there was 7 birthdays or what have you.  Now it is just a matter of some simple code to put into the web site so that I can do what I have always wanted to do: keep humans informed, including myself.

Hmm... it would appear that the bug Jen caught is attempting to overtake me.  I can tell by the way that I breath that I am either fighting something off, or have successfully fought something off.  I can hope it is the latter, even though if it is, that means, it is sneezing time.  Almost every time I fight off infection, I start a sneezing fit.  When I wake up in the morning, I will most likely have a better idea. 

Wow, I am really motating, and I do not even think the 44oz of Mt Dew are to blame!  This is cool, I really hit the books today, and thank you God for helping things out.  Oh yeah, that reminds me.  Some time in my brain many moons ago, I stated of all the things wrong with me, not paying homage to the Lord was what bothered me the most.  I want to work on that, very much so, for You have done so much for me, Lord, and I want to repay you, even though, it is like the ultimate loan that I will not ever have enough to pay You back, I still want to make payments until the day I die, and I want to make big payments.  BIG payments.

It was also nice to see that one of my sick days finally dropped.  This means I can be sick again!  Of course, at this point, I will end up saving all my sick days for when little X is born, unless I am totally incapacitated.  Usually, if I took a sick day, I was drinking the night before, adding on the fact I had little sleep.  So I would just not feel like coming in.  That or an important event would come up and that was the easiest solution to take.  This shall not be true anymore, so I shall start stocking up those days, as well as PRI, so that I can accommodate for my little one.  The very nice thing is, that before little X is born, I shall have a clean slate of sick time!  My last sick day used was 060109.17.  According to you, this was due to a half gallon of vodka with Spark the day before.  It is funny as I noted my next sick day allowed was today!  See, JOHD, there are some times when I actually keep up to par with things.  I have not totally wasted everything.  Next sick day drops on 061101.7x.

Well, the wonderful time that was nice and slow was destroyed around 2300, when the eleven o’clock queue kicked in.  I would imagine this was mainly due to about half of the force leaving.  It is too bad, as there was a lot more I would have liked to have done.  Oh well, such is life!  Master of Maddness, signing off......


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