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Fare Day at the Fair

Madd's Log, Maddate 060819.6:
-0000,Vic and Andy’s: dead \ date for next week
-QT: run into Jen/O \ beer stop
-return pad
-baby monitor present
-not ready for bed
-Wal-Mart: Subway \ watch repair
-return pad
-ready for day
-State Fair: W Jen/O
-return pad

So after work I went to Vic and Andy’s.  Jen said that she was going to be there and I figured Bevin to be there so I was going to drop by and say hello.  On the way, Wayne/Q was driving next to me.  He is a freak.  So I got there and the place was very dead.  The guy who started to call me Madd Muffin was doing the show, and it seemed that Corina/bar was no longer employed there.  So that I could actually get a song in, I told him that I would be there next week.

So on my way home, had food for Alex to pick up.  Turns out Jen just happened to be pulling into the same QT, imagine that.  So after stocking up, we headed back to my place.  Jen has a surprise for me.  Well, I still say it is the both of us, however, as she rationalized it, the device would be used by me more.  Still, it is pretty cool.  We will not hear any heartbeats for some weeks still.  When I do, it has a way so we can record it.  Note we had no problem listening to her heartbeat, however mine was not so easy.

So after wakeup, I did me some FFXI as she watched TV.  Then we got ready to head out to Wal-Mart.  I was going to either have my watch resized or take it back.  First, it was eat time, as we were both hungry.  Then I was able to go get my watch redone as she went off maternity cloth shopping.  Then it was back to get ready for the fair.

Well, we ended up catching a shuttle bus, and half way there, Jen realized she left tickets in the car.  hEhEhE!!  Yeah, I found a lot of humor in that.  When we got there, there was a lady selling tickets.  She sold them for $3 a piece, when they were going for $10!  Talk about a great deal.  The first thing we did was attempt to see the tigers.  There was too many people there, so we were unable to pull it off.  I did end up seeing the DJ guy!  So there it was, my first contact with someone outside of the fair.  However, he did not see me.

So, from there, already things would start to get dramatic.  I mean, my fucking word, can’t I go out in public with her once and she just act like a non-aggitative person?  Screw you Word, I say that is a word so deal with it.  I mean, it is small and petty stuff, however, it gets old and very quick.  By the time we made it to the Varied Industries building I was already wanting to be there alone.  I sat there as she was going to the bathroom.  I did not even have the motivation to do a lot of the things I would have otherwise wanted to do, like, obviously, play on the pianos.  I figured special things to be left for special people and the like.

Oh yeah, one of the things that sparked it was my approach in wanting to go to places, as I make it tradition when I do to hit the Iowa Chop stand.  She thought that route was stupid.  Well, when we got to the spot, there was a line, and I could not believe it!  The line was absolutely huge!  I mean, we are talking longer than my penis, hEhEhE!!  It was well worth it, as for the most part they were the beautiful self food group that they are, as I did have one for Myles.  I only wish they would cook some of them a little longer because it makes eating the fat easier, and I do not eat fat to anything else.  Go pork!

As usually, things leveled out.  While they did, my thoughts and feelings regarding a relationship with her did not level out.  It is like, all of the things that have been happening, are almost God’s way of showing me.  See, in sickness as in health, and all the rest of those vows, they mean a lot.  They are important, and as noted, until death do us part.  I think a big part of me does register the fact she is pregnant.  I think a large chuck of me takes that into consideration.  Still, it means that I will be that much more on the ball when she no longer is.  It means when she... um... if, she ends up finding something else to draw from, that I will definitely have no problem moving on, even with a little one running around.  I just do not think she realizes how much her attitude can go beyond simply being annoying.  It says something about a human.

Well, the fair was well more positive than negative, and it was already well still light out as things shifted to a positive nature.  We ended up at all the places I would otherwise hit, including a few that I normally would not go to.  We spent a good deal just watching people.  Get this, last year, I lost a beer ticket.  I had found one this time around, and we went to claim it.  Well, turns out that it vanished, like, to thin air.  It was unreal.  However, since we had walked all that way, I was not going to leave without a beer.  So we grabbed it and that is when we sat down for a good amount of time, and watched people, and talked.  I do not remember exactly what we talked about, however, I will say that it was a good time together, a very good time.

From there, if memory serves me, we went to have my caricature done, something that has turned into a (expensive) tradition.  We were there before, however like the moron that I am, I did not realize I was not in a line.  I was behind people watching others do it.  Well this time, a small girl and her mother or... great grandmother, were there.  I did not pay attention to when they got there, and if not for the helpful eye of Jen, I would have been waiting even longer.  The guy who did it was fun.  He definitely knows Floyd, as he asked if my flashing headset was an acid dispenser, hEhEhE!!  Yeah, something I know Jen got a kick out of was he asked if the two of us were married, and my reply was “not yet”.  hEhEhE!!  I pretty much well was going with her “When you marry me...” through the duration of the fair, just because, it is the fair and it is suppose to be all good memories.  {sigh} Anyway, after he was done, I took a look at his handy work, and thought it pretty cool.  I shall have to get you a picture so you can see it.

After that, it was time for something Jen was wanting to do.  She wanted to ride the double Ferris wheel.  I had not been on one of those for... a long time.  I wanted to drain excess fluid, and on the way out, ran into someone from BJ who recognized me from affair.  That was pretty cool and made me happy, as it otherwise would have been the first time to the fair that I would have not run into anyone that was otherwise planned.  When we got there, I was... slightly nervous.  It has been forever since I have been on any rides, and I know my childhood has given me nightmares.  JOHD, you should remind me of the time on the rock-o-plane.  Yeah, I will require mother’s assistance on that classic story.  It was good.  I think what really added to it, were the three small girls who had gotten on before us.  When we were on the top, one was screaming bloody murder about how we were all going to die.  hEhEhE!!  Now that’s comedy.

As it turns out, however, all good, and even mediocre, and not so good, and great, and.... well... all good things must come to an end.  So the ride was over, as was our day... almost.  It turned out that there was one more thing that I missed out, and that was the super bull and the super pig.  We first went to see the bull, and I think Jen excited him, because his penis came out to play, and man, even your biggest black boy, or me, look small compared to the size of that thing!  People were all commenting, and it was much entertainment for all the grownups, hEhEhE!!  As for the pigs... poor things, so huge, they just wanted to lay around and sleep.

So it was time to trek home.  The bus driver gave us good entertainment on the way back.  In accordance to Jen, he was a lot more alive and friendly than the other drivers she had encountered.  After being dropped off, it was back to my place.  I stayed on the couch and wrote to you, since time was running out.  Jen was playing with my feet, kissing my toes, and... rubbing them.  Oh my fucking word.  I told her, that I forgave her for calling me an asshole.  She said she was sorry, and now, as far as I am concerned, she was showing it, touching my feet after being on them all day.  Oh it was so nice and wonderful.  She was so calm and friendly.  Despite the small bouts that happened, it was a very good time at the fair and I really had a great time with her.  Just think, next year we will have little X with us!

Oh, and on an ending note, that time you saw in the last entry?  Hell yeah, that was not a back-timed event.  In fact, according to my new time piece, 30 seconds left on the clock to spare, OH!!  Master of Maddness, signing off......


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