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Devistating Tradigy... - JOHD

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Sep 11th, 2001

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12:21 - Devistating Tradigy...
     An overwelming sadness has chilled my very bones.  As many know, I have recently returned from my NY trip, and was not understanding why people were all happy I had come back from my trip.  I would later find out the world trade center buildings were hit.  Later I would find out that both buildings, of which I was at not too long ago, were erased from existance.  The Pentagon would also be hit.  I am extremely shaken up.  I think how I could have stayed later, and how I would have been in those buildings.  I would have been there because NY Friend would have been at work, which brought me to a extremely uneasy feeling in my stomach.  She works near there.  I called her cell, and of course, no service.  The antenna for her tower would have been on top of the building.  I thought to call her home.  Her mother answered, and informed me that she had called saying she was okay.  I felt so much better.  Later, she would call me, and tell me what was going on, and how she had made it out of the city.

     I would get lots of calls and IMs from people, seeing if I was okay.  Alienesse would even call me, and it was nice to hear from her.  Iowa City Gal was actually the first to send me a message, and it would not sink in until I finally got my cable hooked back up.  I would see the pictures.  I would see the buildings on fire, and then fall to the ground.  It would hit me beyond words.  Tears would fill my eyes, and I would think of all those people.  All the people in the planes, lives lost.  The people who would actually jump from the top of the building.  The people who I had seen just days ago, as I had watched them get on the subways going to their job.  Hundreds of people going to shop.  Some of them, gone due to the insanity known as life.  Gone due to sadistic humans who think to bring a message to the world by taking out innocent lives, that were doing nothing more than what they had been doing for years.  Going to their job, giving a part into society.

     Maur, if you can read this, please respond.  I want to know you are okay.  I want to make sure that I will have the pleasure of chatting with you again.  My heart goes out to New York.  My heart goes out to those people, as do my prayers.
Current Mood: crying
Current Music: Des Moines local news

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[User Picture]
Date:Sep 11th, 2001 17:53 (UTC)

Home Sweet Home ?

I am glad that you are home safe and sound. I hope you connect with all of your New York friends and that they are safe and sound. My prayers are with them.
[User Picture]
Date:Sep 12th, 2001 09:35 (UTC)

Re: Home Sweet Home ?

All my friends are accounted for.  I am thankful for that, very.  I am also glad I am home safe and sound.

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