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Madd's Log, Maddate 060805.67:
-0000,BJ: dITZ birthday party
-sing Time: dual with dITZ \ practice harmony
-first contact: Jessica/Cr
-over to Gem’s
-sexual drama: no Madd included!
-QT: water stop
-freight train denied
-intimacy denied
-not ready for bed
-ready for day
-1400,work: OT
-stair stepping
-1515,return pad
-FFXI/pc: WAR10
-Red Lobster
-Century Theater: w Jen/O
-movie: The Devil Wears Prada
-ice cream
-return pad
-passed out couch

So after work I headed to BJ’s for dITZ’ party.  Well, party for her as her birthday is not until Sunday.  I got there and there were a few humans there, including Crystal, and that was a slight surprise.  She had a friend with her, and Juan and Shannon/Ge were there also.  Um, Shannon/Ge was wearing an interesting piece of clothing, or maybe I should not, lack of.  Well it was good times, especially given the fact, one of the first conversations that Jen and I had was her noting that she was going to work on not being so selfish anymore.  Hmm... yeah, I do not think you two talked that fast, so, I was rather impressed that of the 5 top things she could say to me, that it was one of them.  It really made me feel great, adding to the fact I did not bring anything up of the sort.  She just blurted it out.  Hmm... I better check little X’s blood alcohol content, hEhEhE!!  Okay, yeah, I do not think anyone slipped anything into her water.

So, wow, already my day is starting off killer.  Jen is taking responsibility, dITZ is having a party... well... there was one slight setback.  She wanted to duet with Time, and seeing as it was her birthday, that wish was granted, otherwise I would have denied her.  Her and I are going to have some harmony-melody to work on.  I mean, it is not that she is a crappy singer, far from it.  It is that there are some parts in Time that otherwise do not get harmony.  Oh, I tested the theory, it can be done, it is simply difficult, and requires practice.  That is neither here nor now, however, and something I can take care of later.

So I got my first contact with someone, who as honor would have it, has heard about me since her high school.  Talk about something to have to live up to.  I imagine with her and Crystal being such long term friends, that there has been a lot of interesting information about me.  What, well, who knows.  I realize my unique persona is something that gets the best of me a lot, without me realizing it.  However, if I am correct, all information fed to her about me would have been through Crystal.  So, yeah, take what we can with a grain of salt, or maybe a salt lick, who knows.  Of course, that is all irrelevant.

Another thing that was irrelevant, for some, was gravity.  Jen had already left, so she was not around anymore.  Some other strange humans who I did not know left.  Crystal and her posse were stumbling about towards the end of the night.  In fact as I was leaving, Jessica/Cr asked something about a ride, multiple times, even though Crystal was right there with their ride.  I made reference to it a few times, however, she was busy besides being gravity impaired, she was also on her cell phone.

So I made it to Gem’s place, and I started to play SSBM.  How I so miss that game!  I really wish I could remember to up and play it some time at home, even if it would be by myself.  Some time had passed, and everyone wondered what happened to Juan and Shannon/Ge.  They even were pushing for me to call, so, I decided to, and the next thing we know, she arrived, very upset about something.  The something was easy to guess when, “Either he goes or I go” came from her mouth.  Shortly after, Juan showed up, and there was massive tension regarding touching and whatever.  Juan was asked to leave, which he did, and all I later came to understand, is that it is difficult to say who was telling the proper story.  Juan is Juan, and I have known him, especially when he is drunk.  As much as you can love him, his actions are very male of the species like when enough drink is in him.  As for her, well... I guess she has a form of history.  So, fuck it, I say leave it up to God and let Him figure it all out.  It did not disrupt the SSBM too terribly much, so I was able to get in more.

OH YEAH.  hAhAhA!!  Some dude, a new guy who has no designation except random human, had been there playing SSBM before I got there, and he thought he was going to talk a little smack before play time.  Was he a good player?  Yeah, I think with one of the random characters, I came in second place, once.  Note that was only once, and with a character I otherwise did not generally play with.  Crap, I cannot even remember who it was.  Well, I dominated with all the others, and it was fun being a girl and smashing the crap out of him also, mwAhAhA!!  Word, hands off my fucking laugh you autocorrecting whore.  So yeah, that was a nice sense of pride boosting, as anyone I otherwise know now I would totally own.  Maybe, just maybe, some day I can build up Little X to defeat me.  I know that X would have an advantage.

So drama over, and time getting up there, with work coming up, I decided to hit home.  Let it be noted, dear JOHD, that once again, I went out of my way for the preggo sometimes crabby person to get her water, hEhEhE.  I really did not mind, and that is all I got, and then I got home.  In lieu of a massive argument we had some time back, she made a reference to me being able to come home “like a freight train”.  So I did, literally.  Well, not in the sense I transformed into one, as the Transformer’s live action movie is not until some time in the future, however, I started towards my room, making loud “choo-choo” sound, along with whistling.  I even did the little hand thing where you move them back and forth, like Bugs Bunny would do.  I got into the room, and I continue to make noise... and the damn bitch lied there dead, hEhEhE!!  {sigh} Yeah, all my hard and valiant efforts, for naught.  Eh, so I went to put her water away, and THEN she gets up.  Typical Jen, hehe.

So, she actually starts macking on me a little bit, kissing wise, and then out of no where it is over just like that.  There are very few times I have been revved up of late, however, this was one of them.  Maybe it was seeing cleavage all day, being around a lot of fair to hot girls, or drinking... well, actually, no, I do not agree with that as I have been plenty of times before, and I just simply am not in the mood.  I am not sure what it was.  Maybe it had something to do with what she said earlier, and that in itself turned me on.  I mean, if she meant what she said, then that means we are in for some exciting times... well, minus the already obvious.  Oh well, I just know I went to bed denied.  hEhEhE... imagine that, JOHD, me, denied, many times over.  Yeah, I said the day I got married I thought I would see this day come, and here I am, not even married!  Oh well...

So I finally went to sleep, and I woke up, still recovering from what was more alcohol than I realized.  My efforts to get up and make it to work for 2 hours did not pan out well, instead, I made it to work for an hour of OT, and I got to surprise the heck out of Jess, and really make her day, and I mean like, jaw dropping not expecting to talk to me at all.  I did not get much time to talk with her, however, as I was stuck on a few calls.  It was to the point my last customer, also a Qwest rep, wanted a supervisor, and had me over 15 minutes.  Oh well, I wanted more OT anyway.

So I returned home to play FFXI.  Man how I could use more storage space!!  I was able to finally level up.  I really have not gotten to play a lot like I use to.  I am either playing, fighting, or fucking Jen... oh wait, minus that last one, hAhA.  Or, I am working, or, I am passing out at strange times.  Well, they are strange to me.  So Jen showed up, and I decided I wanted to take her out to Red Lobster.  That was good eating.  Then we went to Jordan Creek to watch a movie.  I told her to pick, and she picked between two movies, of which were both chick flicks, and I decided to go with the one I heard nothing about, The Devil Wears Prada.

You know, that movie was most excellent.  Well, in Myles terms I would have told him it sucked.  I really do not remember how that started, I only know a long time ago I use to say that everything sucked that he would say, even if I liked it (minus The Floyd, something that does not ever suck... unless it is Final Cut, hahaha!!).  I think one day I noted over 105 different things sucked that really did not.  So when a movie is good, he will say “awesome” and I will reply “it sucked.”  If it is mind blowing, I may say it is something else, and if it really is crap, I will say The Hulk is better, hehehe.  So yeah, this movie I do recommend.  It is put together well, and the characters are fun.

So I was kind enough to get her some ice cream.  I tell you, I am the nicest human being in the world when you take into consideration what I usually do not put up with yet am putting up with, hahaha!  So we made it home, however, I did not make it long, as neither did Jen.  We were on the couch, and we both ended up passing out.


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