Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger


Madd's Log, Maddate 060630.58:
-sing Breath: little X dedication, not for you Jen/O hehehe
-baby chat: in secret
-return Jen/O pad
-make out
-little X chat
-not ready for bed
-return pad
-ready for day
-phone call father
-1330,work: 2 HR OT
-phone call Melissa
-phone call Myles: FINALLY
-phone call little X
-phone call Jenno

So, As I arrived, it turned out that a few people already knew the news.  Tori/WMT was one of them.  I have to tell you, JOHD, her threat on I better treat Jen right “or else” comment really put a bad taste in my mouth.  I think a part of it dealt with the fact, that this was my baby (as I pointed to Jen’s belly at the time), and I was looking forward to being a daddy.  I did not take into consideration the fact she could have been drunk, also.  Something I did not think about at the time.  Still, if there is one thing that does not go well with me, it is being threatened, for any reason.  I still hugged her and thanked her for the recognition of my great accomplishment :D

So I sang my first dedication to little X.  I said this dedication is “for you know who”, and Jen gave motion as if it were for her.  You know, she already breaths in air, so no, the song was not for her, hEhEhE!!  So the night went well, and Jen and I chatted about little X after a while in the back as everyone was pretty much well drunk or off in their own little world.

Before leaving, Jeff/Ka was able to figure out that Jen was prego.  Not drinking and not smoking were the keys.  So another was able to find out about little X.  It is a good thing we did talk about it, otherwise it would have gone to Katie/Be, and that would have gone to Bevin, and then the world would have known.  This has already been made evident in more than one occasion.  So it was good he guessed and called.  Of course, I guessed also, and my guess went on a lot less, so yay for me, hEhEhE!!  My child is going to be brilliant!

So we returned to her place, as she wanted a ride.  Of course, even before that I stated I wanted to spend the night.  I also stated I wanted to have sex with her also ;)  Yeah, that went well according to plan.  It is nice to not have to worry about knocking someone up... because you already did it!  Before going to bed, I had a chat with little X.  It was long, and I really do not remember much of what I said.  I know I mentioned something about me being like more than little X’s mother, hEhEhE!!

So after waking and returning home and getting ready and all that stuff, father called.  He ended up getting the 50K check, so everything apparently went through, and that means 50K towards the down payment to my new home.  Oh, how I wanted to tell him he was going to be a granddaddy.

So the day went with me giving the news to a bunch of people.  When I got a hold of Melissa, she was with her boyfriend and their parents, on their way to see hers.  It took a while to kick in... once again dealing with where the info comes from, and how I present it.  “Oh my gosh”, repeated a few times was the response.  hEhEhE!!  Well, I explained that was the reason I had not updated you to the public for some time now, and she said that I should post but make private.  If I did not do that, she said that I would most likely not post at all.  Imagine her thinking that!  Ha, okay so it is true, however, what is also true is me “accidentally” forgetting to make an entry private, and it goes public.  There were many times in communities that I use to post to JOHD as opposed to posting to the community, so I know it happens. 

I got a hold of Myles after many attempts to FINALLY tell him the great news.  He reacted the way a Myles react to things, hEhEhE!!  I also left my first VM to little X, which took about 5 minutes.  Then towards the end of the night, I was able to tell Jenno, who was sleeping at the time.  She was happy for me, however, I cannot help but feel as if there was a bit of sadness.  I would not be so egotistical to say that she wished that it was her getting knocked up, even though the possibility is always there.  I think it has more to do with the fact she wants a family of her own, and as we chatted when she was last here, she feels she is starting to get up in age.  I can relate with that... well... I guess I cannot anymore, hEhEhE!!


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