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Black Rabbit Piercing

-0000,return pad
-Jen/O arrives
-Hexic/360: touching 3 black pearls bad
-not ready for bed
-Jen/O leaves
-FFXI/pc: Wadi Hare trek complete
-ready for day
-Raine: Google work \ RSS feed work \ other random things due to being easily distracted
-Jeanette/Q 30 year party: get my ears pierced
-pop Jill/Q: continued issues
-2200,BJ: dITZ, Jen/O waiting
-sing Low: shots provided
-sing Happiest Days/Another Brick II

So, on the trip home, I was feeling a bit crabby. My neck hurt, and I was talking to Jen on the phone on how I wanted God to take care of me, and I was not meaning Him giving me a band-aid. This lead to being old, which she said I was not, and I went in on how my definition of a car being run over it’s mileage. I mean, you can buy a new car, and drive it none stop, and despite the year of the car, the mileage that picks up will make the car to be “old”. It’s value will be worth less in the Blue Book, and the time to the junk yard (grave) will be sooner. There is no getting around that. So I feel old, and I vented as much... and she wanted to come and visit. How great is that?

So as I played games, she came over and passed out in my lap. I ended up going to bed rather soon compared to usual. After getting up, I would finish the long trek to get mt grass so my Chocobo’s have something to toke up on, hehe. Well, imagine, the first three I fight drop grass, I require one more, and none happen. I end up getting ready for work.

So, work went well, other than being distracted with JOHD entries that I want to get done :/ I did learn a lot about RSS feeds, however, and have most of my close friends from LJ added to my active feeds. I also worked a lot on my main Google page, all in attempts to... be more productive? As normal, it starts off great. How long can I hold onto this possible new gem?

I visited Marsha/Q and crew, as Jeanette/Q was having a celebration of a long ass time with the company. It was funny how Marsha/Q thinks I should get my ears pierced. I think she is actually serious. Besides that, Jill/Q went onto some similar issues.

So after work, I went to BJ, and hour earlier as OT was released. dITZ and Jen were already there. During my first song, there was a lot of shooting up by Abby/BJ. Hmm... I am thinking it might be time to slow down this shooting thing, as I know it is putting a huge dent on my wallet. Master of Maddness, signing off......

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