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The Birthday Black Mage

-Jacy birthday: noted
-sing Money
-parking lot stop
-return pad
-not ready for bed
-slept: passed out
-FFXI/pc: BKM4
-Joust/360: live \ all wins, no movement
-ready for day
-busy but not as busy
-pop Jess: problems with birthday plans \ always seems to get hurt on/around birthday
-Sat OT sign up
-Raine: software research \ Ace Utilities order
-dITZ txt: does she make me feel important

So I went to Orlando’s and decided to sing Money since I have not done so for a very long time.  After the bar, Jen/O and Jeff/Ka hung out in the parking lot.  I some times wonder how much he regrets being married.  It is not just him per say, but people in general, who get married, but want the freedom to go out and do wild and crazy things.  Then, they cannot because, well, they are married.  No face diving in a nice big pair of breasts, or fingering a friend for luck.  So many things lost.  Some day I might know all that of what I am missing.  Just not today.

So I went home, tired, and got a call from Jen after she got home as her purse and phone all went to Jeff’s back seat.  No, not back seat for that reason.  I realized when she said it was too late that he had taken it and put it in the back of his seat.  Humans and their hijinks!  So Jen was about passed out herself as she was attempting to talk to me.  I got home and hopped into bed, and then I did pass out after she had hung up.  Ah, my flavorite pastime!

So I worked a bit more on my BKM, and a little later I worked on myself.  Joust went extremely well, in that I won three games against this guy who thought he was going to actually go after me.  I find most people who are aggressive in that manner get their ass handed to them by yours truly.  The humans who play fair and do not go for me are normally the vet players who are more difficult, and the reason I am 23rd as opposed to 1st.

Well, work was rather busy, but no where as close to as busy as before.  I had fun chatting with Jess.  She noted how around her birthday she gets hurt, and this time was no exception.  That is too bad :’(  Chatting with her has been much better of late.  I cannot help think, however, how it really is working in the depths of her mind.  With her friends she has, despite the drama, she has had some good times with Tetris and the like.  So that is good.

So in messing around with the lots and lots of software and research ended up buying the Ace Utilities.  The whole free upgrades for life really helped out with that, in motivation.  I was thinking the Pico, however, I had questions about the backup part before I buy it.

Really the only other thing for the night was the txt from dITZ, asking about if she gives the radiance of feeling important.  Hmm... of course she does!  I wonder what made her think that.  She is one of those people who when I go off about not having people to talk to, for the most part, I know I can with her.  Granted there are others also, however, it is about dITZ right now.  There is no one with the combined experience of knowledge regarding me, and that in itself makes the importance very high.  She is one of those humans I know... will not leave me.  Master of Maddness, signing off......


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