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Edit Your Smile With Knowledge 0118p

"... and then??"

     Gee, last Wednesday is being so long, that I am already into the Wednesday after it.  {sigh} JOHD, I really did not intend to go this long without getting into my life.  However, I want you to realize that I have acquired the aid of Laurel.  Laurel is my palm pilot.  Laurel has started taking notes of my life for me.  Yet another way that I am attempting to smack down procrastination.  Not only that, but I am taking on the tougher baddie; mem loss.  I know I know... no need to remind me.  We have made this attempt before.  However, look at what I have gotten done.  My mind is stronger than ever.  It is I who wins the battles now, instead of struggling to win and then failing.  You know, this song is playing from last night, when I slept to it.  I remember it some how made it to the dream, however, I do not remember what it was about.  I also cannot remember the other parts of my dream well enough to record them.  There was something about some place with a crazy guy who wanted to test a friend and me, made us do crazy things, then, when we almost lost our lives but won, our reword was him saying a quote, so, we locked him in the garage, and my one friend had turned into a gator type creature, and then I turned into one, and chased him around, and my friend had a hold of him in his/her mouth, and he started screaming and pleading for his life, and then I came up to him, and put my jaws slowly around his head until his whole head was in my gator like mouth.  I went into the house, as this crazy creature, and the man's wife was in there, but she was some strange technicoloured blob type thing on the ceiling, and mentioned something about how we (friend and I) were not the only ones who could "play that game".  JOHD, these dreams are getting more difficult to translate, you know that?

The Radigator Attack!

     Well, if anything, my dreams of late should be an indication of the interesting changes and events that have been going on in my life.  Of these, I am some what sad to report that I have been losing weight.  Also, I have noticed that my trips to the bathroom have almost tripled, including an increase in bowel momvments.  My change in diet is showing.  I would think the change would mean an increase in weight, or better management of it.  My meals are not large enough yet.  I am going to have to change yet AGAIN my diet.  At this point, I think I am doing more harm to the weight side.  I am eating more food, to a point, it makes me potty more, which flushes out my system faster, but is not adding weight to me.  Blah, stupid helicopter body!  Well... let's hit this toad!

Madd the ASSumer

     [EVENTS wednesday] So, as I was on my cleaning rampage, Iowa City Gal would hit me on chat.  I would take a quick break from my work to respond.  This is referenced under Su08.  Besides the fact that she was getting ready to call me, the other thing I wish to bring up was the quote, "be prepared to talk about the weather or something silly for a bit".  hEhEhE, as I may have said (a few years ago, blah), I had called her and during my VM I left, I stated that if she wanted to, we could just talk about the weather or what have you.  So, she would end up calling, and we would generally chit chat for a good while.  I mentioned something about the weather at some point, to which we both got a laugh out of.  Then we started talking about her visit.  At some point, we just both slide the topic over there.  It was a smooth transition, I felt.  I learned a lot.  I learned how a lot of what I had thought, how she "felt", was way off base.  Basically, I assumed, and I did so wrong.  Grr... of all the times I have told people to not assume, I see that I should take this advice more than anyone.  I mean, when I tell people that, I am doing my best to read exactly what I am saying, so that I can also do the same.  I just require more work.  So... she mentioned to me the fact that she had thoughts about kissing me also.  Yet another news flash I was totally unaware of.  Amazing what you can learn about a person when you up and just ASK them things, as opposed to ASSUMING.  Yeah, Madd, I'm talking to you.  So we would get a lot out.  She would come to the conclution, that she wants to take things slow, which I totally agree with, looking at my own track record, and that she is not sure where I fit in her life.  She mentioned to me what she ended up doing when thoughts of kissing me were in her mind.  She has something she does to "reset" her mind.  It is like focusing on a thought pattern that has nothing to do with the surrounding envirnment.  Emergancy broadcasting system comes to mind.  We would also talk about the fact that she should get a "name".  She actually likes Iowa City Gal, but I wanted to come up with something... a bit more personal?  As it works now, JOHD, I always reference people as to how I know them, not necessarily their given name.  For any new Reality I run across, they get a "temp" label.  You know, they could easily drop out, and then I have not put too much effort into something that never happens.  Almost like... and expectation.  She was trusting me with a name, since I had asked her to think of something.  This phone call went on for more than 6 hours.  It started as a general chit chat, went into serious talk about her and me, and ended kind of in a general chat like we usually do when we are on the phone for 5+ hours.

Thank Goodness It's Finally THURSDAY!!

     [EVENTS thursday] Looks, JOHD, it says "events of thursday".  Hahaha, was starting to wonder if I was ever going to make it here!  Well, of course, the phone call went well into Thursday, since it started Wed @ 1030p.  After that, I would sleep, and wake.  Now... I am not sure if I chatted with anyone.  I show no references at all to go by.  Checking back with you, I can see that is when I started to play "Years Ago" again.  ALso, I see I woke up early.  Yeah, once again, something would be tugging at my mind and keeping it up when it should have been asleep.  I should reference back to "For a Little While Longer".  Talking about this song.  The meaning for the song had changed for me.  I was not playing the song because I was depressed, disturbed or anything else like that.  My mind was just in unknown woods.  I mean, here I was, with feelings towards someone, of which, said feelings would dissipate out a little, and then come back, possibly a bit stronger than usual.  The same as bending a thin piece of metal back and forth.  It puts stress on my brain.  Not bad stress, mind you, but something to think about.  Looking back at Thursday's entry, I so thank myself for going back to day references, haha!!  I was writing and what have you, kind of waiting for Star to show up.  I did not chat with anyone this day?  That is odd to believe... I must have really been into our chat, which I see, is a large amount.

Work Can Be Good

     This would be another good work day.  That made me happy.  I remember that I was thinking about Star.  I had wondered why she did not show up.  I was thinking... maybe it is time to move her on, for good.  Other than that, calls were once again way better than they had been all month.

These Cops Wanna Blow My House Down

     Well... I decided to go to Wal Mart and pick up more food.  This would turn out to be the most shopping I have ever done.  As I was on 8th, and just clicks away from turning into the street leading to Wal Mart/Sam's/Burger King, I would get pulled over.  Blah, imagine that.  He informed me, as many have in the past, of my light outage.  He would add some information that I was not aware of.  Also... and I should have seen this coming, he would ask, "Is Madd Martin your real name?" with a laugh in his voice.  Mind you, he was a nice officer, so, I did not even think of taking his name down and filing a complaint.  I explained how it was, and thought to myself, if this guy ran a check on me, should he not already know this answer??

Madd in Electronics Take the Call on Line One

     I always have fun at Wal Mart.  I think a lot of it deals with the fact I know so many people there.  I would get my food, and also, Star would call me.  I would have to call her back, because for some reason, she did not let it ring too long.  As we were talking, about when we she was coming over, I came to the realization, that maybe I was in dire error.  So we would set things up, and I would watch dinasours eat people on toliet seats a bit before I would return home.

Chicken Master Star

     Star would show up.  I was doing something on the computer, I remember that much, however, once again, I have no references as to what it could have been.  I would stop, we would talk, she would warm up the chicken gumbo noodle slop that I love so much.  Man, I cannot think of anything that anyone could cook at this point I enjoy more than that stuff she makes.  I so had wished she would have brought some more.  We would play SNES.  It would start with Yoshi's Island.  She would inform me how much she liked Super Mario World, so, I would get one she may not have played.

It's a Me, Mario, Come Playa My Game!

     [EVENTS friday] After that, I would break out Mario All-Stars.  We would do the only thing I do with that game... play battle mode of Mario 3.  Wow, it was so much fun.  I so ruled her world, mwahaha!!  During this time, NY Friend would call me, and I would talk to her while playing.  I have come to the understanding of how I deal with talking on the phone when company is over.  I guess... kind of an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth type of approach to it.  Star would talk about her cat, which is her way to say she is leaving.  hEhEhE, I love that, she just can't say, "I am going to take off now."  Humans... well... we would hug, something we had not done in a while.  I came to an evaluation of the trip.  I was nice to see her, it really was.  I had more fun that the last time she was there, and I did not, at one point, think of the past we had.  It was all about the present, and where the future would be going.


     Well, JOHD, this shall be the last day of work for a while.  I want you to wish me well, as, I want it to go good.  Yes, I am horny, stop teasing me, hEhEhE!!  Master of Maddness, signing off 0421p......

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