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Queue Up the Bong

Madd's Log, Maddate 060601.48:
-sing Hey You: 5 shots thru song
-sing Hits From the Bong: Larry/BJ request
-first contact: Mandie/Ma
-return pad
-Jen/O arrives: McD
-oral sex
-not ready for bed
-Jen/O leaves
-Kameo/360: live \ player left
-Joust/360: live
-FFXI/pc: BKM3
-ready for day
-queue thru day
-queue thru day
-queue thru night

So, as I was attempting to sing Hey You, Abby/BJ was filling me up with shot after shot.  It was funny because at the end of the night she was getting “hyped” about beating the 28 shot record, yet, I was having a little bit of help as the shots were coming to fast, even for power drinker Madd Martin.  Oh yeah, it was nice to see Larry/BJ again.  I miss his intro’s for me, as each time he plays them, I know it is my turn to sing.  Oh well.

This would also be the first contact I would get from someone who had been on myspace for a while now, Mandie/Ma.  She is a friend of Jen/O who I had added a long time ago, and I did not make the connection of real life from computer.  One of the reasons, I feel, is that her pictures are very seductive-like, and she was dressed much different for socializing.  Jen/O would later have a few choice comments about her.  The comments were not bad.  I also think I gave her a dollar to make out with Jen/O later.  What my fascination is with that I may not ever fully understand.  I think a part of it is more of a “control” deal, where here I am, getting perfectly heterosexual people to make out with their own.  That, or I really enjoy it more than I could admit.  If so, it only works in person, as to this day, I still own no lesbian porn.  I would also later find out that Mandie/Ma thinks quite a bit of herself, sending messages to me on the line of men and women alike screaming her name during orgasm, or something of that nature.  Of course, if your breasts are big enough, and you are attractive enough, that pretty much well holds true for the pathetically weak male population.  How easily they fall victim to wanting to spread their seeds in as many hot chicks as possible.  Society has a lot to do with this also.  Man, Jen/O has some big fucking titties!!  hEhEhE!!

So, I got Jen/O to come home with me.  Yeah, like that takes talent seeing as how she is in love with me.  Well, it may actually take talent now seeing as my place is hot enough to kill cockroaches.  That McD was damn good!  That head was damn better!  My word, she would not stop when I kept asking her to.  Oh, it is not a matter of wanting to stop, per say, as much as wanting to abide by her rule of where the goods don’t go.  My word last thing I *really* wanted to do was stop.  From there we went to the inevitable.  I say this because of late, that is where things go, and in similar fashion, there is a lot of “um, stop” that does not get noted properly.  I mean, it is wonderful, yes, however when the man says stop it is generally for a good reason.  Do not worry, JOHD, things were finished in proper fashion.  I am a bit concerned, however, as I realized in ending possible relationship on Mother’s Day, and a comment at BJ from her regarding how sex can be looked as giving false hope, shows possibility for something I would rather not have; false hope.  I believe in friends with benefits, yes.  I see no reason two humans cannot engage in sexual activities.  I also realize from this that the mental status from such an act confuses many.  If anything, it is confusion of the self.  The part deep down inside that prays for something more than there already is happening.  I have been progenitor of enough problems as it is now.  My role on earth is to heal, not harm. 

So, after the sexcapaded, slept, barbequed, Jen/O eventually left for work, and got up, hotter than hot.  I got the games taken care of, even though I ended up losing a live event in Joust, though I had won two events, I got knocked back two spots.  All the way to twenty-two I go.  To think, at one time, I was seventh place, meaning two more, and I would have made fifth, giving me my movie check.  Bastards!  Oh well.  In FFXI, I decided to switch to BKM.  This was two fold.  First, I did not have that much time, and my other stop would have been Q Island.  I wanted to be able to spend good time there using my Sig before it would wear off, as that walk is a bitch.  Even with a tele-holla it is a good 10 min walk. 

So, what happened for the rest of the day?  Queue, that is what happened. We were in queue for about 7+ hours for my time there.  This is the most being in queue I can ever remember.  So I really did not do much, and Jess was not around to chat with.  I did do a bit of research on programs for Raine, however, as noted, mostly, I took a shit load of calls.  I sure hope this does not repeat tomorrow... NARG!!  Master of Maddness, signing off......


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