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Sex on a Leash

Madd's Log, Maddate 060525.47
-first contact: Emily/BJ
-first contact: Amanda/BJ
-sing Freak on a Leash
-over to Jen/O
-oral sex
-passed out
-return pad
-not ready for bed
-start cleaning procedures
-Jess txt apology
-ready for day
-1530,work: very free parking \ no late write-up
-pop Jess: very friendly to start \ wondering what should do from here (regarding myspace IM sent) \ how I must be holding things from the past since I seem to work out things with Jen/O yet nothing is mentioned \ how the truth is at least once every week something new comes down so I am not holding anything from the past I am just going over new things \ feels that I do not care about the things happening between us \ feels denied in my not wanting txt sent about reminders for ice pack yesterday \ how that is similar to pride, or not asking for directions, etc \ claim on how I never said have 200 free txt \ the Jess fantasy

So, ran across some rather interesting people.  Emily and Amanda are sisters.  I noticed Emily due to her beautiful singing voice.  They were both very friendly to talk to.  I went over there one time, and ended up staying for the rest of the night, mostly.  I say mostly because I went over when Jen was in the bathroom, and as I was attempting to leave, Amanda was going on and on about something, so it was difficult to leave.  When I did, I got the third degree about not inviting her and just leaving her.  Um, yeah, okay, we are in a bar, and she went potty.  In a bar, like, open space.  It is not like we are all in little cubby holes and you have to have special access.  I mean, it was not like I was attempting to get them home to have sex with me (even though that would have been fun, especially considering the beer and shots were catching up to me, hehe).  Besides, Amanda, despite flirting with me a bit, was drunk, AND married.  She was quite the character, I must say.  Very fun to talk to.  Jen ended up joining us.  We all, at some point, went up and sung a Janice “Piece of My Heart”.  It was all four of us.  It was enjoyable.  I was drunk enough a lot of things would have been enjoyable.  Of course, the massive enjoyment came from an anal annihilation of the NTN players.  I racked in over 282K, haha!!  Bow before Maddness!!

So, we all left, and I went over to Jen.  She had mentioned something about her necklace back, which Alex was holding onto.  I was told I would get a blow job.  Now... what is wrong with this picture?  Yeah, like things just turn out to be that, and sure enough, it lead to some hard core sex.  It was so hard core that after finishing, on myself, I passed out.  Notice, no where is a “clean up” phase of this story.  I passed out, which I did not mean to do since I was illegally parked.  So I left to go home.  Please note still no mention of any “clean up” phase.  I got home, and I passed out.

I got up to play FFXI.  I did get a few things done, however, I feel like I am stuck on lev 20 forever and a year.  After words, I started the process of prepping my room.  Note that the mentioning of “cleaning procedures” was about the place, not myself.  I dropped the kids off, and headed to take care of the video games on the 360.  After words, I got ready for the day by taking a shower.  Thank you ladies and gentlemen, I am sick and dirty.  Well... not any more, I took a shower.

So I high-tailed it to work, and found a lot of spots.  I think e-time may have been involved in that one spot had more time than was needed.  That was cool, I like free parking.  I gimped myself to work, and logged in pretty close to five min after the bell.  Nice thing is, I did not notice any tardy notification on the computer.  Thank you, God.

So Jess started out very, VERY friendly and nice.  I pretty much well knew from the txt that whatever she sent, it must have been harsh.  I caught about, well, I caught having sex with Jen and initiating, and I caught me bad mouthing her (not her words, translation).  Yeah, I do not even remember what I wrote regarding that.  I went into that a bit more also.

She still does not get it.  She and I have had many dramatic issues to a point that me initiating any sort of sex simply do not work, yet, she lashed out about it.  Of course, what really trips my trigger is the fact she went on about JOHD.  So, I went more into the explanation of how you work, JOHD.  First off, you are my dumping ground.  There are very few people who can take the intense twisted nature of how my venting goes.  I mean, no one DESERVES going through it.  A lot of what I comment is irrational.  It is because, well, these things get stuck deep inside.  Keeping things inside, I have found, is not a healthy or good practice.  The reason a lot of what I write ends up forgotten is due to it being illogical and the like, and bottled under my brain.  So one comment leads to another leads to the problem (irrational thought).  It is like burping a baby.  Baby has something deep down inside, starts fussing, no clue why, then the problem gets burped out after a couple of attempts, and, problem solved.  If only humans could better grasp who you are, JOHD.  Eh, oh well.

I am also damn fucking tired of hearing how when a txt about sending “I love you” three times a day, how it would bother her that nothing got sent back.  I have explained, time and time again about me and txt.  If humans want that fucking changed, they can pay for my fucking wireless bill.  I have noted, time and time again, I do not send out too many txt most of the time, replying to things, due to this very fact.  When humans use it against me, it goes beyond pissing me off.  I do not care, and would not want stopped, the txt I do get from people.  It is the point of the matter, I question just how much someone means something behind saying they love me, via txt, when they get no response. 

Well, anyway, I am done venting with that also.  I feel much better now that I am burped.  {sigh} I have more important things to worry about, such as losing my place because they do not like the fact I am a packrat.  Sorry, bar, will have to do you another night!  Master of Maddness, signing off......


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