Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

Note to humans...

     Some people like to gossip.  Some people like to do their best to take control of any given situation, or even friendship.  People like to say that "so and so" was saying this and that about other people.  It is something that I have studied for quite a long while.  Control is nothing new in my Reality.  I have been controlled, as well as let myself control others.  However, when people have disrespect towards others, well, that is where the line should be drawn.  Starting some time soon, most likely after my trip to NY, JOHD is going semi-private.  Some people in this world want nothing more than to take something I might say about someone, and get people to no longer like me or have lesser feelings, since I am doing nothing more than speaking what i feel is actual truth.  Due to this, the conversations of JOHD and myself are going to be private so that no one can see what I say except for JOHD, me, and anyone who I define as a friend on live journal.  So if you click my info and do not see your name on the friends list, then soon new entries are not going to be able to be read.  You can take your gossip and go elsewhere.  If you have no LJ account, it means if you really want to read what I have to offer, then you would first want to contact me to see if I am going to add you, since I am only going to have in people I can trust, then, you would have to actually get an account so that I could add your user name.  You know, this is just like a company.  A couple bad apples come along and make everyone else have to suffer for it.  I will inform when the last entry shall take place.  After that time, there will be some public entries, such as FAQ, and what have you, but it shall be very limited.  I wanted to see how exposing my life could possibly come back and get me.  Thankfuly, I found out just how, and I know who my real friends are.  A special thanks to all those who actually read into my mind and got something out of it, or who might have found it interesting.  This is the first time that I have taken the deep parts of my mind and what goes on in my life and "shared it with the world".  I know a lot of people who would have killed to see what JOHD had to say in the past.  Once again it is too bad a couple people have to take what I write in a bad way making everyone else have to pay.

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