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Friday the 13th: part 24

Madd's Log, Maddate 060113.58
-Friday the 13th: observed
-first contact Jen/O
-sing Time
-sing Bodies: great crowd participation
-make out Jeff/Ka
-make out Jeff/Ka: encore request
-car chat
-return to Jen/O
-make out
-2 hour nap
-make out
-dry sex
-return pad
-1100,ready for bed
-ready for day
-Kameo/360: finally figure out Show Temple path
-Hearts/360: live w crash
-360TV: Friday the 13th VII
-over to Gem’s

Well, if there is one day that does have a great deal of meaning to me, it is Friday the 13th.  The story goes, some time, many moons ago, before Madd could remember things, a day happened that was considered evil, so much so, a movie and TV series would exploit this fact.  Well, this day, way back when, good things would happen to Madd.  Who remembers what those things could be, however, it must have made some impact to Madd.  Also, besides that fact, Madd would set out to attempt to make this a great day.  Soon, in his later years, he would find he never worked this day, and some times, even end up with a 5 day weekend.  How un-cursed is that?  So through the process of a kick to society, and great things that are now forgot, the joyous celebration of Friday the 13th would happen.

This Friday would prove no different.  I got to meet a new Reality, which is always fun.  Her name is Jen/O (not to be confused with Jenno), and it was a fun story on how she was to have had the ability to make out with Jeff/Ka on New Years Day (something I have already had the pleasure of experiencing, hEhEhE!!) only without any intense kissing, or something of those lines.  She is an attractive woman, who I would later have more info on.

Well, Amber/BJ was able to determine my last song would be Bodies, and it would be a most energetic song indeed.  Happily, the crowd mostly with me, would get hard core into the song, shouting out numbers, as I hoped they would, as I was too busy screaming and flying around the room.  There is something extremely exciting about that song that gets my blood boiled up.  Let it be known, that I dedicated the song to my absolute most favorite fictional character ever, Jason Voorhees.  He got this music in Jason X.

Well, when singing was said and done, and due to many taunts from a few select humans (Amber/BJ), there would be a reprise of Jeff/Ka and I making out.  Jen/O had missed it, so there was a re-reprise as well.  -lol- The thing is, I actually rather was not bothered by it, at all.  By theory, I could make out with him as long as I have made out with many women.  How not right is that?  Well, it was my special day, so, why not add to the insanity that it is associated with?  Oh wait a second... Jeff/Ka and I made out... it was Friday the 13th... does this mean some psycho killer is going to track me down and kill me?  Woohoo!!  hEhEhE!!

Well, I would walk Jen/O to her car, of which we would hope in, I would keep her hands warm, she would note her thumb was cold, and we would basic chit-chat for a while.  She suggested going back to her place, and I had no problem with that.  The first thing I did when I got there was hit the can.  Oh my flipping word my bladder was going to jump out and kick my ass if I waited about any longer.  Well, from that we sat on the couch, and we talked a bit more, and then, she kissed me, and I kissed her back, quite often, and we ended up making out.  It was, most excellent, I shall say.  Some of the talk including finding out this is the first time either of us simply went home with someone after just meeting them in a bar.  Yes, JOHD, I am not such a whore that I do this on a day to day basis.  I normally at least wait until the second day of knowing them, hEhEhE!!  Also, and more strange, it would turn out that her birthday was ALSO on a Friday the 13th!  FINALLY, another human who makes it massively easy to remember their birthday!  Kitten is the only one who made it easier, simply due to the fact she decided to be born on Dec 9th.  Another thing talked about was how at first when we were kissing and the like, that this was not about sex.  I got to go into my "I have a penis so I do not start sex" speech that I give so many times because, well, unfortunately that is how men are look as, and you know, that is not a truth, and we ALL know how I deal with things that are not truth.  I was not looking for sex either.  Funny thing is, at some point down the road, she really had to almost recorrect herself.  Hmm... that did not make sense to me, let me think about that one.  It was along the lines, of at first the thought was not there, just some attention.  However, as things progressed, the thinking was different.  The desire for sex grew.  Almost like a fungus, just not as trippy.  Of course, in no way was this one sided.  The desire grew deeper for me also.  What else did we talk about?  I mean crap, everything is starting to flood back into my brain and I keep leaving information out.  Well, I know we did have a bit to talk about.  I am sure the rest will come to me later.  Oh yeah!  She kept claiming that I started things!  She went as far back as me stating at the bar that we should play doubles.  Um... three people playing pool, and me noting the ability to add a fourth and do doubles.  How creative is that?  Maybe it is more than creativity, however, as I was thinking in my mind the fact she could be my partner :D Hmm... maybe she can read my mind?  Oh who am I kidding, I cannot read my own mind...

Eventually we (me) decided since she had to work that it was time to go to bed.  She made reference I was attempting to put her to bed so I could go home to bed.  Yeah whatever!  So we ended up going down to her room and shortly after a bit of chat and kissing, we both passed out.  So much for slipping out the back door thru the land of spider webs...

Well, after waking up, in short time, back to the huggin’ and kissing again (thanks for that great line ICP).  Well, that turned to a little dry sex, which I am still attempting to figure out the reason it is called that, as very rarely is anyone really dry, hEhEhE!!  Crazy English people!  Oh yeah, speaking of crazy English people, there was a few English corrections thrown my way.  Imagine that, my grammar being corrected.  Usually it would be Madd correcting people, a habit received from my parents, who oddly enough would now get their grammar corrected by me.  Well, father at least, as I do not really talk to my mother anymore.

Oh yeah, crap, speaking of mother, I have a correction to make here.  Yesterday, a package came to my door, waking me up.  It was one from mother, the usual late birthday and Christmas gifts.  She got me a dragon musical globe, and two movies, Serenity (mother you sure know how to pick them!!) and Pink Floyd Making of Dark Side (which I already owned).  That reminded me of the time she got me Delicate Sounds of Thunder on VHS many moons ago, and I was floored out of my mind.  Of course, these days if someone gets me Pink Floyd that I do not own before I own it, well, then that would be beyond a miracle.  Also, in typical mother fashion, she would manage to get me the security device that the DVD was in.  -lol- She also did this when she got me Final Fantasy Spirits Within.  I think to this day, that movie is still in that crazy security device.  Some day I may free it.  Also there was a few cards, of which one went something like:

Along the halls of yesterday
Where happy memories glow,
I sometimes see the little boy
I loved so long ago.

He fills the house with noisy fun
And laughter as he plays,
Banging doors in eagerness
To reach his grown-up days...

Today I’m proud to see a man
Who’s grown to warm my heart
Even more than that small boy
I loved so at the start!

(open card, see the word “son,”)
Somewhere between the old memories
And new hopes lies a special moment-
A moment for being glad that you are you
And that there’s no one else quite like you.
It’s your birthday-
 And today I celebrate you!

She stated how much she missed me, and hat she read that card ad cried because it says it all.  I might logically go into how it would be unable to say everything, however in the spirit of not ruining a good moment with Maddian logic, I will let this one go :D  hEhEhE!!  It was very heart warming to read, and I was very happy to have gotten it from her.  There have been plenty of times, where I simply felt, mommy forgot who I was...

Okay, well, glad that was corrected.  So, sorry about that JOHD.  So, eventually I left her place and headed to QT to get gas.  I am not exactly sure what I was thinking, however I almost pulled up to the building itself, and realized, it will be difficult to get a hose that far to get gas, hEhEhE!!  Wow that was funny.  From there, I headed back to the pad to get ready for bed... again?  You know, I am not sure I can document that I went to bed unready.  At the same time, I had passed out at her place for about 2 hr or so.  Hmm... you know, I am going to correct that, as it was only 2 hours.  I *did* get ready for bed, woohoo!!  Ah, there we go, corrected and much better.  So, I finished my sleep, which would take me to many moons after usual, about 1700 or so.

To that, I did my game thing, and I did it rather well.  As I was playing Hearts/360, I wished a live player a happy Friday the 13th, of which he stated he did not realize was, and from that, HIS luck seemed a bit short.  hEhEhE!!  We ended up being friends, and playing teams, and at some point the game crashed, and I figured it was getting late for being a special day.  So, I finished up with that, and I put it on Spike to catch parts of part VII.  What really bothered me was that TNT, or AMC, or whoever usually does the Friday marathons, was doing a Bond marathon instead.  In fact, BOTH station were doing this, so I had NO FLIPPING CLUE who normally ran the marathons.  Idiots.  Sure, I own the first 8 on DVD (thanks Myles’ birthday gift!!) including Freddy vs. Jason, however, not EVERYONE is so fortunate!  At least Spike, the channel for men, was able to deliver something for us.  According to the computer guide, there was not a scheduled Friday the 13th for about a week!  Blah, crazy humans.

At this point, I would hop in the shower.  Yeah, I know, a bit late.  Better late than never, unless you are talking about periods and not looking to have a kid, in which case never will do just fine :D  So, I zoomed out to Gem’s place, realizing I was running close to the end of the day, and I had 4 video games to play still.  I stopped to get beer, and I made it to Gem’s to a mass amount of humans, of which almost everyone seemed happy to see me.  I did not even know half of them!  Maybe it was the 20 pack of Bud Light I was carrying?  Tee-hee!  So I also was in a hurry to pop a DVD movie in before the turn.  Since, as expected, they were undecided, they decided that I should choose.  Of course to that, Freddy vs. Jason was mentioned, and you know, despite not having the name in the title, it IS Jason, and anything with a dude named Jason who runs around murdering people counts, even without Friday in the title.  After all, Jason X did not have Friday in the title, however, it was the same old psycho murderer who we have all come to know and love.  I think Jason made the MTV movie awards or something back when he was out in part VIII.  He was with some small kid or something, I just have that memory stuck in my head.

Well, the clock was ticking, and I was scurrying to get everything done before the turn of the bell.  Everything was going well, until I kept hitting the wrong game for FESS and had to shut it off and turn it on again.  I was down to less than a minute of this day!  So I hurried up, and THERE IT WAS!  I had made it right before my watch decided to...


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