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Give Me My Free Pass - JOHD

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Jan 10th, 2006

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23:59 - Give Me My Free Pass

Madd's Log, Maddate 060109.17
-DVD movie: Jackass vol 2
-DVD movie: Last House on the Left \ w commentary
-return pad
-not ready for bed
-slept: passed out
-called in work: next available time 060923.6x
-ready for day
-Halo2/xb: live
-demo frenzy
-AniCross/ds: visit from Mr. Resetti due to battery failure

So we watched Jackass as we ate the McD I had brought.  Mmm mmm processed goodies!  Remind me not to move out of the country, as I do not think another place on earth has the junk/fast food power that the States has.  The DVD, while a bit long, was over with plenty of time to spare.  I decided to choose Last House with the audio commentary.  Of course, being Spark’s favorite movie, he has no problem with that request at all.  He loves the fact that Sean and Wes totally slam this movie.  I think they use more sarcasm than actual slamming, of course, that is simply my opinion.

So after a half gallon bottle of vodka (well, minus a lot of shots from the last time it was used) was polished off, I decided it was getting late and time to return to the pad.  I actually did not attempt to take any sexual advantage of myself, and I did not attempt to call anyone to take sexual pleasure out on them.  I did mess around with the computers, and I ended up passed out.  How typical is that?

So, I woke up, did the Kameo thing, and realized I did not feel well at all.  It was not a “I am going to throw up” feeling, and it was not a “I am hung over” feeling either.  It was rather strange, and I am not sure what it was, however, I knew I did not want to go into work.  Of course, I have been batting .000 in getting time off from work, and this would be no exception.  I would simply have to take an occurrence.  Damn stupid work and its retarded no hiring of repair people bullshit.  They can kiss my every loving ass, those people who make those decisions.  So I took a nap after Kameo, and after about an hour, woke up and felt good as knew.  See, if I still worked my 1530 – 2400 shift, I would have had no problem.  Or, if I would have managed to bed earlier.  Oh well... so I decided to do what I do best, almost nothing that I had to get done, and a lot of video game playing.  So much, I actually played Halo2 for the first time this year.  Heck, last time I played it, I was in MN with NoFear.  My word it has been a long time, and my game played definitely showed it.  I know next time I might want to opt for the wireless controller as it seems my ability to motivate the Master Chief with this cheap controller is not the best in the world.  The feel is simply not there.  Oh well.  I also decided to check out all the demo games I had downloaded and not played, at least, the ones for the marketplace live.  I have not gotten all the other ones yet, however, I did tap into a few of them.  It also turns out, some moron left AniCross/ds running from the night before (about 2355 to be exact) and never put it to sleep or anything like that, so, the battery died, and sure enough, I paid for my stupidity.  Oh well, you cannot win them all.

I will note I got a very unexpected call from Renata.  All she wanted to do was wish me a happy holiday, as she figured she would otherwise forget.  There was not much else to it, and you know, that was most excellent of her to do.  I still want my money, hAhahA!!  Master of Maddness, signing off......

Current Mood: okayokay

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Date:Jan 11th, 2006 11:42 (UTC)


I'm glad your life is going well! I am quite sad this morning. Blair decided last night that he thinks us being long distance dating wont work. So now I have to deal with being single in a new place yet again. But we are still friends and plan on talking as often as possible. I sure hope that wasnt a sign that now my new job wont work out. In my life if one thing goes bad/good everything else seems to go the same way. I hope you feel better today.
[User Picture]
Date:Jan 12th, 2006 07:41 (UTC)

Re: Depressed

oh honey, i am sorry to hear that. i know how much you did enjoy his company and even had some love for him. i doubt it is any sign about your job. any time you want to talk, you know i am here for you dear. things only really go bad like that if you really think it, so, just have pleasent thoughts :D

oh yeah i feel much better, in fact, it only took 1 hr nap to feel better :D

Date:Jan 12th, 2006 12:00 (UTC)

Re: Depressed

Wow considering we still havent met in person,you can read my very well. You know the thing that hurts so much about it is he flat out told me if I lived closer it would work. I would love to call and talk, but I dont have your phone number.

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