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Anchorman Kong

Madd's Log, Maddate 060103.28
-DVD movie: Jackass vol 2
-DVD movie: Anchorman
-double pass out
-return pad
-not ready for bed
-ready for day
-movie: King Kong \ w Myles
-return pad
-JOHD final catch up

So after putting some finishing touches, and not getting as caught up as I would like, as I have ten billion some things on my mind it appears, I would head out to Spark’s since he was bored and called me.  Seeing as I do not work today, I felt it a good idea.  So I headed out, and he was SOBER!  Wow, the biggest shock of 2006, hEhEhE!!  Well, that was not about to last.  As we watched his Jackass DVD, we did enough shots to start feeling beyond great.  So we decided on food, and since Northern was not open, McDonald’s it was.  We had to go to mine since the one by Spark’s was closed, how strange was that.  We went back to watch Anchorman, and I tell you, enough Vodka in you, and that movie is just way too much.  hEhEhE!!  Well, something happened as I remember almost all the movie, yet, we both ended up passing out on the couch.  So I went home, and Spark called and it was funny he asked where I went because we were suppose to do shots, and he called me a bitch or something on my VM.  Of course, I had told him that I was outtie.  He has problems with consciousness.

So, yet another day of a whole lot of nothing.  I do have to admit, a 3+hr movie about a large ape can help make the day almost melt away when you also tack on all these crazy games I have to play and the sleeping I have to do to recover from, hEhEhE!!  I will say this much about Kong.  It is an enjoyable movie, and I really do like how most of the cast is.  I did not remember most of the original movie, of course, Monkey Master Myles was there to tell me about the lines taken from the original, and the reference to Fey Ray.  It did give me the thought, however, how so unoriginal Hollywood has become, and when your target audience (humans) have a shorter attention span than I do, that you can easily get away with Italian Job, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and everything else in the book.  At least for Charlie and the Chocolate they were following the book, which is fine by me.  Go ahead and make movies based from books, just because most of us no longer know how to read anyway.  So would I recommend it to other humans?  Sure, why not, knock yourself out with Kong.

Honestly, that is about all I have to say about this day, JOHD, and that is my story and I am sticking to it!  Master of Maddness, signing off......


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