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Madd's Log, Maddate 060102.17
-DVD movie: Holy Grail
-return pad
-SP: incomplete due to lack of facilities
-phone convo Jess: called her bitch, the new car smell
-not ready for bed
-ready for day
-pop Jess: does not want to crash in my Wed social time with her visit \ new car smell explained
-pop Whatever/Q
-cool light pen for commendations
-FFIV/gba: first death \ freeze game \ death \ death
-FESS/gba: first death
-2300,return pad
-JOHD backdating

So of the four way flip, Spark’s pick of my Holy Grail would be the hit, and I tell you, how great is that to start off the New Year?  Spark, on the other hand, would sleep and pass out through most of it.  This is definitely nothing new.  The drinks I made for the rest of the night would do me well also.  It was a little too well.  When I returned home, I was unable to take advantage of myself, and ended up chatting with Jess on the phone.  My inability to sometimes express complex functions while my body shuts down for the night due to inebriation is still strong.  I would say a few things, a bit more brutal than brutal, and slightly over toned.  I meant nothing ill-willed towards her, however, I did get her rather upset over the phone.  The fuzzy logic my brain slips in to some times when drunk can be... crazy, to say the least.  Ironic thing is, I called to show that I cared, the fact I had not heard from her after leaving her a message, and actually wondering, if she drank and got into... well, something not good.  She is not the only one on the road to worry about also.  Add this to the fact, to me, it was simply not like her to not have called back with a message I would have left.  I also called to give it to her, hEhEhE, however seeing as I was not able to fuck myself I was not sure how I was going to fuck myself over a phone.  {sigh}

So when I got into work and chatted with her, one of the unfortunate things that got brought up was her not wanting to show up on a Wednesday and crash into my Wed social time.  My word, is this woman not ever going to get it through her head how I work?  We talked about that a bit as well.  She also explained another thing that had her upset was my reference to a new car smell about her, and a mention of Amy/J having this (which I noted that she had also already lost).  The thing is, as humans, when ever we get a new game, meet a new person, or as the analogy implies, get a new car, there is a certain something about it that holds a flavor in our brain.  I am no stranger to this, I have noted it on the giving and receiving end for a long time now.  Well when you are around something or someone long enough, that initial excitement of something new starts to fade.  It can fade in different ways and levels, however the fact remains the same.  Well, she tends to have this tendency (like I have a redundancy) to think that if she has lost her new car smell... –lol- my word this sounds so wrong, anyway, when she loses it, then I am going to start looking around for something better.  Er, someone better I should say.  Yet another hole she digs herself into by being stuck with these thoughts.  I am not sure how many times I have explained to her, and I am not sure when last I have, when I am interested in a person, I do not look to my left, find someone with “cooler” features, and then drop her like a bad habit.  She drops herself out, no other human plays part into this.  This goes true for any human I would encounter, and even applies to MOST inanimate objects as well.  Just because I get a new video game does not mean my old ones lose flavor.  The kicker to this conversation with her, is she would end up defending my logic well more than hers.  In the new car analogy, she noted how I could, after time of the new car smell being gone, go and buy a new car.  Well, this is where she backed me up.  If you take cars and do the dog trick, adding in human years, and look at the times I have gone from one car to another, you will see that “until death do us part” played a factor each time I got another car.  Cars, unlike humans, tend to break down in a way that they “run” when in essence they are really dead.  Christine was at her ropes end, burning oil more so than a lamp.  Kitt... well... Kitt was a disaster from the start, hence the reason shortly after moving from her she ended up as a cube in some yard.  Pink, well, took the route that Christine did.  So, now I have Alex.  Alex will take the ten+ or so route that Pink was able to do (most likely more since I had problems learning how to take care of Pink and I have done Alex more times better than all the other vehicles put together and multiplied by a few).  So in the end, she proved my story, and unfortunately added more things that I really have to think about, regarding, is it going to work between the two of us.  Ug, some times I think it would be so much easier if I had the mind of your average humans, instead of having the mind of a Madd human.  No, Word, I did not want to say Madd Martin that last time, however, since you wanted me to push enter there, I figured I would let you add the last part of my name.

The conversation was not all downhill with Jess, as I cannot think of any time it ever has been.  Some alternate sides of work would include getting an absolutely cool Qwest pen for having a few customers actually put good words in for me.  On a more sad note, my immortality with FFIV would finally come to an end.  I would like the record to reflect, however, that my death was rather cheap.  In this new dungeon advance thing going on, Myles (Kain) has a trial to go through, where he must go one on one with himself.  This is very similar to when the dark knight becomes a paladin, with the exception being, instead of facing yourself and simply defending the entire time, your evil self turns into a lunar dragon that does megaflare.  I died multiple times.  Funny enough, I would find a bug and also manage to freeze the game up.  I so should have gone into video game testing, I find more bugs than an exterminator.  Well, one trick I thought to pull was putting a item that cast reflect, sending the flare back at the ass.  That worked for a while, except the damn thing comes off eventually.  I am not sure how to get past this.  Oh, I attempted to fight “Madd”, and that just turned out to be... well... me watching Myles kill me, how great was that.

Not to be outdone, Fire Emblem would turn out to be a first death also.  It was a matter of leaving my main character a little too far away from allied forces.  The funny thing is, there is an auto save feature, so when I went to start from last point, I got to watch my main character die... over, and over, and over, and over again!  Tee-hee!!  Looks like I will be doing THAT chapter over again!

The only other thing to really comment about for the day, was that shortly after getting home, I would get an invite to go to Spark’s, and I would spend the rest of the day doing that which I have failed many times before... I got you caught up!  That is right, my friend.  While vacations in the past would mean a long gap in what in the world have I been doing to myself, this time, *I* am the one who pulls through and gets things done.  I’ll let that unintended sex pass this time for your efforts, hEhEhE!!  I am extremely happy, even though I would have a LOT more thinking and writing to do than I could get done, which I hoped to do for the first entry of the year.  Um... the 360TV did not help at all, hAhAhA!!  On that note, I think it is time I do something I have had problems with for a long time... and that is to manage my time!  Master of Maddness, signing off......


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