Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

Busiest Day of Year

Madd's Log, Maddate 051231.66
-computer game check out
-partial watch of Red vs. Blue
-Melissa leaves
-reformat of new computer
-not ready for bed
-ready for day
-1530,work: queue no!
-pop Ellen: chat of death
-JOHD catch-up

Well, the final day of the year, and I would get to start it with Melissa.  I checked out a few of the games that came with Polydacty.  None of them were anything I would buy.  If I wanted to waste my money that way, I would do so with Microsoft, haha!  Hmm... I wonder if every time I write the word Microsoft in Word, if information gets sent to Gill Bates to see if bad things are being said about his beloved monopoly.  Anyway, we started to watch the DVD copy of Red vs. Blue.  Melissa started to pass out, so I stopped that, despite how funny it is, and I worked on formatting Polydacty.  Yes, JOHD, I formatted a new computer I barely have had.  Something regarding an install or something had gone wrong.  I think it might have been isolated to the hardware software I had to install for Chronicles.  I had one version on Link, and a newer on Poly, and I think that caused an issue.  Hmm... I had hardware software, that just seems messed up, haha!!  So after that, I stayed up taking care of my console games. 

So I knew the day was going to take a turn for the worse when I saw Qwest called, called to see what they wanted (since VM was full) and instead of offering ETN they were offering OT.  You must be flipping kidding me.  Today is suppose to be a massively slow day.  I got into work, and sure enough, in queue to the gills.  This just sucks arse in a way that is not pretty.  This ruined my entire plans.  Stupid WA and OR with their dumb rain and destruction.  Boo to them all, I say, boo to them all!!  So this is how I got to end the flipping year.

Well, with this being the last entry for 2005, I thought I would commercialize like everything else in the world and do a year end review.  How did this year go... a lot of masturbation and sex or getting oral.  Nothing new there.  I lost a bunch of cool things, only to get one of them back, that sucked and was new.  Two girls wanted to marry me and have a litter of kids.  That is slightly different.  I met a bunch of interesting and new people, including Jess, who I love very much.  I got to kiss Jacy again, which I will most likely not get to do for another 5 years.  New computer, new video game systems... I would go back to the ER for shmoking issues.  I would basically stop shmoking use due to this problem.  Spark would lose his brother, that sucked hard core.  Spark would end up being forced to move... or did that happen last year?  Hmm... I would actually get motivated enough to get on meds to work on my spacing things off problem.  A week later I would lock myself out of my house and walk all the way to Myles.  I got to see boobies!  For a 13 year record my birthday would suck.  Shortly after Anna would suck to attempt to make up for that fact.  I would not catch any STD’s this year, haha!!  I got to go to the land of Yeast and Cheese™ for some happiness.  Once again a female would financially fuck me over, due to my kindness towards others.  I would get to see a human skull.  I would get to sing a lot!  I would get to see Holy Grail in the theater for the first time.  So, JOHD, in a nut shell, there is your year end review.  Enjoy, and see you next year!


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