Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

The 31 Year Old Toy Collector

Madd's Log, Maddate 051228.38
-over to Spark’s
-return pad: drink
-return Spark’s
-DVD movie: 40 Year Old Virgin
-return pad
-SP: unsuccessful due to drunk level
-not ready for bed
-slept: passed out
-not ready for day
-called in work: sick time \ 3 occurrences
-over to Spark’s: mobile phone pick up
-CompUSA: buy Polydacty
-post office pick up: Jess gifts Zelda Four Sword (4Sword/gba) \ Fire Emblem Sacred Stones (FESS/gba)
-return pad
-nap: pass out
-BJ: Gretl, Jacy, Paul waiting
-sing If You Could Only See: re-dedication
-sing Time

Well, the phone call would last into today also, and during the drive back I got a call from Spark who wanted to hang for a few.  I went over there, just to find out he was out of drink, so Melissa and I went to my place, until she died on me.  At least she warned me in advance it was going to happen.  So I headed back to Spark’s again, and we watched the 40 Year Old Virgin.  -lol- hEhEhE!!  Wow that movie was damn funny!  I really did enjoy it, and I am happy that Spark was able to obtain a copy by not turning it back in time to Blockbuster, and them giving him the option to pay $10 to put it on the shelf or $10 to keep it.  Hmm, yeah, that seemed like a tough choice to me also.  This movie is just great, what can I say.  I mean, the way the star portrays his character just makes us laugh, in so many ways.

After that, and many shots, I would return home, to find myself wanting to get laid by myself so bad that I would be unable to finish, hEhEhE!!  I so passed out with my dick in my hand... hmm... is that some sort a song?  I am not sure, it could be.  Mmm... Madd cock... hard, in my hand, and... oh, passed out, that’s right, haha!  Well, I had left Spark’s extremely late, and I ended up waking up about 40 or so minutes before I had to go to work.  Um, yeah, do not think I am going to end up going to work.  So, I definitely did not.  The first problem was finding my phone.  I figured that I left it over at Spark’s, and shortly after leaving him a VM, I would get confirmation.

So I went to pick that up, then I went to Perkins to eat, as I was feeling way... um... drunk or something?  hEhEhE!!  From there, I would do the deed I had been thinking about, and that was get a new computer.  I went to CompUSA and picked me up an HP Media Center PC.  From there I went to the post office to pick up my gifts from Jess.  Turns out she got me two GBA games, so, even MORE time spent on the mobile market, hahaha!!  This is insanity, I love it!

I returned home, and was the first thing I did to install and hook up my brand new $1300+ machine?  Heck no, it was to go to bed, and pass out.  I pass out well, very well, yes indeed!  I woke up at some point, and started the install process.

I tell you, this Media PC stuff is just TOO damn cool!  It is like, Tivo, only, I can access this all on my computer AND my 360!  So I can record programs, watch live TV with a media information thing, like digital cable, but I am not paying anything for it!  hAhaHa!!  Sure, there are no movie channels, however, I do not care that much as I enjoy free very much. 

Well, the combo of passing out and setting up the computer would put me behind schedule, as I was looking to meet Jacy at BJ around 2200.  I had not played my games yet, so, it would be a frantic race to get things taken care of so I could leave.  I got to the bar... and... I don’t know.  Something about Jacy sticks out in my head, and I think it is an older version.  It is one who I use to know a long time ago.  Maybe this is the shadow of what I remember, because something about this Jacy just does not stick out.  I mean, a lot has changed since her and I hung around each other.  I think part of this could be the fact that she has guys she hangs out with now, and maybe that makes less use for me.  That is possible that deep down, a part of her held on to that fact.  Also, she is a very nice and caring person.  Now, she would open up a bit more, and Gretl and Paul were there also.  I gave Gretl her present, which she seemed to enjoy a lot.

Jacy also has something going on regarding my 0:00 - 24:00 game rule.  Either she does not understand the concept, or she simply was playing around with me.  I am sure there was at least a little “the game is getting more attention than I am” syndrome which is common with humans.  I know I have not seen her in forever-and-a-year, and I am extremely happy to see her.  I still have commitments that I tend to.  I wish more humans could understand how all this works.


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