Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

Purple Aliens Eat Tribbles

Madd's Log, Maddate 051225.78
-Christmas: observed
-not ready for bed
-slept: passed out
-not ready for morning: minus shower
-trip to Clinton: AniCross/ds
-Christmas party: father, grandma, Becky, Aaron, Paige, Avery
-return father’s
-return Des Moines
-return pad
-FFIV/gba: Lunar Monk Trial passed

So, I would stay up a while, watching TV and the such, and passing out. I would wake up, a nice 0730 or so, hearing father blending some crazy insanity in the other room. Then shortly after, would get up and going to Clinton. Being in Clinton is usually a strange experience. The usual reason for this is simply due to the different names I am referred to by, including the forbidden name. There was not much for food (compared to how it use to be, when there was always more food than humans able to eat it), however it was enough to take care of me. Also, no Cold Duck :( {sigh}. Oh well, first time for everything.

I did enjoy being the one who took care of all the electronic gifts. I got to figure out the Barbie computer for 7.5 year old Paige, and I figured out the gun game that plugged into the VCR. What gifts did I get? Actually, I only got one thing, from my extremely reliable aunt Beck. It was this device that you stick in the freezer, and when you want to use it, you put it on a campaign bottle, or anything else, to keep it nice and COLD. Or, put it on a new bottle, and within 15 minutes, cold drink!! She gets me the coolest toys! Grandma got me a good deal of money, hey, that always comes in handy, right? However, the kicker was, I got father something, and he did not get me anything! Yay, something to use over the controlling little toad, haha!!

The gathering would not last very long, and it would be back to Davenport, for me to get ready to go back to Des Moines. In talking of my Quicken and the like, father would make reference to something (of which I had no clue what he was talking about at the time). When we got back, he showed me this log thing, that is like this calendar thing, that you right your expenses in. How insane was that, the thing dated back to entries for Aug 1974! I was not even born yet! He would further support the information that he in no way shape or form wanted me to be around. Up until some time in mid 77’, any entry related to me, that was not simply “babysitter” or “diapers” would show “kid”. hAhAhA!! He joked, stating that they must not have had a name for me yet, however, we all know this to not be possible. So I was “kid” for a long time. I mean, all the other people who got things had their name in there. You can attempt to rationalize and work your way out of a situation, however, very few can ever escape their own subconscious. So, after reading that fun bit of history, I would return to Des Moines.

On the way to Des Moines, I would make MANY calls to a lot of humans, wishing them a Merry Christmas. Of the people I did not get to talk to, Jacy Lane and my mother were two, due to lack of phone number (and I just NOW realized I might have Jacy Lane’s number via a TXT message, however it would be so long ago it would take ages to find it). Mother’s number did not get written down, I guess, and Heather was getting “all circuits busy” when I attempted to call it. {sigh} Of course, of late, Jacy Lane seems a bit more... distant, or something. I guess it deals with me asking if we could possibly hang out later next Tuesday when she gets into town, and her asking why not just Wednesday. I guess that made me kinda sad, as I have been super excited to see her again, and it seems like, not that big of a deal seeing me. Time changes feelings for some humans.

So I would make it in home to get Kameo/360 played. So how was Christmas? It was just another day. There was not much to it, same as my birthday, even though my birthday had more phone calls. Also, I did not have to take time off for it. Otherwise, it was another day with an excuse to go see family. It was nice with the feeling of being “wanted”. People getting electronic devices, and immediately coming to me to have it hooked up. Maybe some day if I have a family of my own, it will feel more like a special day. That, or maybe if my friends do something different, which is difficult since many times I do head out of town. I do not know, and it really does not bother me.

I think...

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