Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

Boy Candy

Madd's Log, Maddate 051223.58
-sing Time
-sing Bodies
-Josie/bar forgets and pays for shot
-first contact: Lyndsey/bar
-kiss Jeff, freak out the group (hehehe)
-return pad
-phone chat Jess
-not ready for bed
-slept: passed out couch
-echat Melissa
-ready for day
-1800,work: 3hr last of any personal time
-business queue
-pop Ellen
-pop Jennifer/Q: sorry for getting paranoid about Amy/J situation \ double standard about not wanting to sleep with someone (Madd) who does not want a one to one relationship \ way froggier than usual
-slower night
-2300,return pad

I decided I would end the night doing a little bit of something different.  I put in a request for Bodies, and in singing it, would fulfill another dream that I had (Dream Log, 051118.57).  Riede was very impressed, the bar loved it, and wow did that take some energy out of me, haha!!  I had noticed that most of the bar was head banging in some way shape or form, so, it was nice to give an early Christmas present to the group... something different.  Of the bar crew, a new face would emerge.  Her name is Lyndsey/bar.  She was wearing a New York shirt/jacket, and of course, that brought back some memories, as many things NY do for me.  She had a friend, who’s name I did not remember.  Lyndsey/bar put some contact info in.  I had wanted her email address, and gave her the phone, of which I ended up with a cell and home number also.  Bonus!  Yes, she was a rather attractive gal, as was her friend.  Her friend and I had made eye contact towards the end of the night, and the hugest smile in the world appeared on her face.  I will attribute that to alcohol :D  So many flirty women of lately, how crazy is that?  Of course, crazy would soon show itself, in the craziest thing of the year!

As we were outside, I was fake kissing a few people.  Fake kissing is that fun art of putting your hand over someone’s mouth and pretending to kiss them.  It gives outsiders the illusion, many times, that you are making out with someone you otherwise are not.  Well, Katie/Be made a double mistake by daring me to kiss her husband.  So I went up to him, prepared, and laid one on him, tongue and all.  Thing is, he did not back down, and it was no one second deal, hahaha!!  JOHD, welcome my first real bi-sexual experience.  It was the most craziest thing, I totally cannot believe I kissed another guy.  Granted, I have “kissed” a guy a few times before.  It was Jitter, way back when, and also Spark a few times.  Never was their kissing like this.  I still have to determine if this has to be documented under my breakfast list.  Well, I was not the only one at a loss.  I could hear Riede, Bevin, and Katie/Be all making loud noises of “Oh my gosh what are those two DOING?!?”, hAhaha!!  It pretty much well freaked everyone out.  The double mistake was first challenging me to do something like that, and the second was her believing her husband was going to pull back when I went for him.  -lol- oh wow, yeah, well, I am sure this is not going to be the last I hear about this, from anyone, including myself.  From there, I went to Alex to leave, who was slightly altered thanks to Jerkhole, who painted “I am Madd” on the window, and as he enjoys doing so much, lifting all my windshield wipers up.  That crazy guy!

So after a McD stop, I would chat with Jess who would call, of which most of it was some reference to me making out with another guy.  Comments were added like I do not kiss her like that anymore, and the like.  Your usual comments that have become extremely frequent of late between the both of us.  I would chat so long and be so tired (most likely from the heavy petting), that I would pass out on the couch, with the ear piece still in my ear, tee-hee!!

So in the morning I would have a quick chat with Melissa.  I must say, that I am very impressed with how she feels about me now, with her having a boyfriend, and things being the way they are now.  Ironically, this is one of the best times to determine how is person is for you.  By that, I mean the whole being with them.  They want to hang out with you, be around you, enjoy your company and miss you when you are not around, yet, they are dating.  It shows they really care, and that there are not alternate motives.  Melissa has shown this possibility many moons ago, with the letter that I would ultimately use to trial Gretl in regards to her honesty towards me.  That, of course, would involve many people having some form of illness towards me, as if I was doing something wrong.  This would really tell me how people such as dITZ, Gretl, Jacy, and I think someone else, do not understand just how much honesty means to me.  It means so much to me, that it’s a compulsion to know the truth.  If any yahoo in the world would have told me Gretl had lied to me, I would have thought little of it.  However, it was someone I dated, someone close to me, and someone I trusted.  So for all of them to feel the way they do would not only show they do not understand what it is like for me to live in the honest drenched world that I do, it would so very little respect for my feelings.

Of course, that is way off subject, haha, um, so, what was I talking about?  Oh yeah, I was talking about how nice it is to know the Melissa has real feelings for me, and as far as I am concerned, has proved it time over.  Well, once again, I would not want to go to work.  I would use the last remaining time off, without retribution against me, that I had.  You know, all that hot and heavy making out with another guy really knocks the wind out of me :D  hEhEHE!!  I would take this time to download every demo that I could get my hands on from Live.  Then, I would later go into work.

Work seems so long when I take 2 or 3 hours off.  I lose a break, and have a large span of time from that missing break from or to my lunch.  The end of the night would be interesting, as Jennifer/Q was being very unusually not herself in the frog department.  Also, we would have an interesting conversation going back to the whole sleeping with each other convo involving how there would have been an issue with me boning her and not wanting to be in a relationship together.  See, that is how things had started, then she claimed that a casual thing would have turned out fine (which I highly disagreed she could really feel that way), and now she is reverting back to her statement.  To this irony, however, she had something with someone, who while close, was no longer going to have a relationship.  Talk about your double standards.  People wonder the reason that men have such issues with women, well, let me present to you exhibit A.  It goes well with a large laundry list of things that I could get into, most likely, however, I just do not feel like it.  So I am not going to, haha!!  While a lot of people think I am so full of myself, it gets proven time and time again how when I logically break down a situation, and am right, that many times I truly am right.  My study of human behavior is strong, and I simply know a lot about humans that I simply know through years of questions, observations, and interactions.


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