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360 Degrees of Insanity - JOHD

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Dec 22nd, 2005

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23:59 - 360 Degrees of Insanity

Madd's Log, Maddate 051221.38
-JOHD entries: disrupted by low battery
-not ready for bed
-slept: passed out
-Myles 360 call
-Wal-Mart: Xbox 360
-return pad
-ready for day: minus teeth
-1330,work: expensive parking
-business queue
-pop Jennifer/Q
-forgot DS at home
-lunch time: get DS
-2200,BJ: pick up Riede
-sing Earache My Eye: far out, man!
-dITZ, Gem arrive

Well, once again my body proves to me that no drink is required to pass out at the most crazy of ways.  I know a lot of humans, including me from time to time, believe that I pass out so much due to drinking.  However, I have already proved to myself that I can pass out for no reason.  Well, usually, I go lay down, for an unknown reason, because I know I am going to pass out, however, a part of my brain some how manages to explain to me “it will be different this time”.  Yeah right.  So away to dream land I would go.

I would wake up, and not shortly after Myles would call, and they would have ten Xbox 360 in stock.  I would throw on sweat pants, and head out to Wal-Mart to pick one up.  On my way, I realized something.  A dream I had a while ago, involved Riede (Dream Log 051121.17), was about to come true.  How crazy is that?  I would come back, and attempt to get a bunch of things done, of which, my teeth would not be one of them.  I would not even get the pleasure of setting up my 360.  Of course, later it would dawn to me, that by not having the time to even open the box, the dream would come true.  How convenient is that?

On my way to work, I realized, I am so rushed and the like, that I FORGOT MY DS AT HOME WITH ANICROSS AND MOST IMPORTANT FFIV!!  Dang nabbit!  Add to this the fact I would not get a parking space without paying over $4, and you have a great way to start your work day.  Well, at least I did with help of the thought of my 360.  So during lunch I would swap the 360 with the DS, using most of my lunch for the task.  That would be compensated with me being sent to screening minutes before my lunch.  The rest of work would be, well, the rest of work.

So I went to pick up Riede.  His family made comment of my very long message on their TAM, haha.  We would head out to the bar, and talk about great.  There was a guy so drunk there that you could see him get up to sing, only to slowly lean backwards and fall over a chair and land on his arse.  Also, dITZ and Gem would later show up for some four way fun.  It took them a while to get to the bar, however, I think I can forgive them this time!

[[Train your Brain]]

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