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Madd's Log, Maddate 051220.28
-first contact Abbie/bar
-big flirting Abbie/bar
-Drink run
-over to Kim
-“sick in the bathroom” memory
-SSBM/gc: various humans, most destroyed
-return pad
-not ready for bed
-slept: passed out
-ATHF 4 pack arrives
-Ellen over
-personal day called work
-ready for day: minus shower
-Ellen leaves
-tired and lazy most of day
-ATHF two disc 2
-DVD movie: Arrested Development
-JOHD entries

So I would encounter a nice new human.  She was very friendly, and a friend of Kim/A.  Even though just having a boyfriend of late, she was extremely flirty with me.  Naturally, I returned the flavor.  It was not too difficult, as she was very... hmm... looking for a word here.  It is one of those words that describe a human who is easy to approach, not shy, and things of that nature.  We can add some openness to that also.  Also a touchy-person, maybe not as much as me, however, who in the world is?  Oh yeah, she’s attractive also.  So add it all together, and there you go, the perfect... oh wait, sarcastic is another thing, yeah yeah.  So there was plenty of grouping and being silly, and mental dreams of throwing her on the table, seeing as that would have been fun and interesting for everyone, haha!  Oh yeah, at some point, I realized that Arthur/BJ was there, kinda behind the bar, and kinda not working there.  It was great to see him again, we were both excited to see each other.

So we all took off (Riede, Bevin, Katie/Bev, Abbie/bar), and whoever else, and went to get drink, then we went to Kim/A’s place to hang for a while.  As we were walking there, I took Riede aside and explained to him, that if anything happened, sexually, between him and Bevin, that I had absolutely no problem with that.  I mean, I really do not, and I know how tense things can be when you know your friend has boned someone and then there is a possibility you might bone that person.  Would I want to know if they did?  Heck yeah!  I’m curious how I compare, haha!  In fact, maybe I could record it!  Oh it has been so long since I have had the pleasure of doing so, well, minus myself, however, that was not even sex.  So on we went, and also, on the way, I caught my key thing and it got pulled, so my keys were in three pieces.  Darn it!

So, Abbie/bar went into the bathroom, challenging me to “help” her, and I did.  As she sat down to do the girl thing (I’m so glad I have a penis, if anything, to be able to pee efficiently standing), I leaned back, and thought of the time I was at Spark’s, drunk from double shoots of To-kill-me.  I was unable to move from the bathroom at that time, and Corka had to go really bad.  She just up and came in and sat down and did her thing.  In a drunken stupor, I mentioned how I was not gonna watch.  Yeah, the last thing in the world I could have handled back then was watching someone go to the bathroom, especially after she was going where I had been throwing up all night, haha!  This case here, however, the view would have most likely been much better.  If anything, because I was not sick out of my skull.  So while there was some great flirting going on between her and I, something better came on!  Yeah, JOHD, even I have priorities.  They had been playing Mario Party, and they switched it to SSBM/gc.  I almost had an orgasm!  I could not believe it!  I grabbed a controller, put in my name, and OWNED, MWAHAHA!!  The only issue I ever had, was one time, in the 2 minute frame, Riede got me in a sudden death.  Still, I did not lose, because I am great!  hAhaHa!!

So we all had to be out by 0300, so we did.  Riede and I chatted with Abbie/bar for a while out in her car.  More most excellent flirting.  Nothing that really exceeding cheating, as in no kissing and the like (minus the cheek), even though anyone would think otherwise watching.  Of course, also it was noted that we were flirting with each other almost exclusively (Riede did get some time in, however, I think I flirted with him more than her, haha!).  I asked that she call me when she got home.  At some point before she was leaving, she said her name was not Amanda.  I was like, “huh?”  She said I called her Amanda... and I was like... um... well, I know that is not your name so sorry if I did.  She then left.  -LOL- yeah, I figured that was the last I was hearing from her.  However, I was greatly mistaken.  She did call back (as I do have general concern for anyone claiming drunk and then deciding to drive).  So it was good she got home.  The flirting went a little to the computer.  The exhibitionist in me came out (no pun intended), and I got to expose myself over the computer.  I think I am down to 9 people in Des Moines who I know or met who have not seen my penis, male and female, hEhEhE!!  No really, lots have seen, male and female, and I think it funny I have this thing with doing that to people.  I think a lot of it deals with just confidence in myself.  Up to about the age of 22 or so, I did not have confidence in anything about me.  I did not like how I look, I did not think much of myself as a human.  I am very happy it has changed, and I also think this the reason I am such an open book to the world.  Having self confidence is an absolute great feeling.

Speaking of great feeling, towards the end of us chatting, she had to go to bed, and I was just outta control, so I decided to take care of business, starting as she was leaving.  hAhAhA!!  With recent images and the like, THAT would give her something to think about before bed :D  As what has happened a lot lately, I ended up making a mess all over myself, then I passed out... without cleaning.  Ug, what a freak!  Stop passing out already!  Work on that, man!

So final thoughts on her before I close out the waking day.  Attractive, filled with spunk and some self confidence.  Yeah, she has a boyfriend, however, I’m not the one starting the moves, and I do not dictate anyone’s life.  Is she someone, if I was not involved with the wonderful Jessicle (hehe), and she was totally single?  Hmm... most likely not.  I could see us being good friends, as I have this thing with people who can touch my penis in public, put my hand on their breast, flash them, you know, someone like dITZ, hEhE.  I am really close to dITZ, more so than most.  She ranks up there next to Myles and Spark, and that is saying a lot.  She also has no fear in flashing me, made obvious, or poking at my penis while I walk by.  I enjoy that kind of conformable feeling and expression.  I am sure Abbie/bar could be the same way.  However, there is that issue, that is most important to me, and while I do not know her well enough to establish a basis for it, the trust factor is no where close to anything I could handle.  I would go nuts.  I am not saying she would ever cheat or anything like that, who knows, however, I do believe she could be the kind to hold things back.  So JOHD, no worries over there, okay?  I know you like to look out for me, however, there is not anything to look out for.  So, away we go to pass out land!

So what is the best way to wake up from pass out land?  The mail carrier!  She was kind enough to bring me my ATHF.  From there, I kinda attempted to go back to bed, however, that plan would not work.  Later, Ellen would come knocking on my door.

So we did a little MST3000 to TNG.  A little later, I got my back rub.  Now, the day before, I had a bit of sexual tension thinking about her coming over.  Reason?  Heck, I have no clue, maybe it was that time of the day for me or something.  I have joked with her plenty of times before about sex.  I also have known her longer than almost anyone... possibly even dITZ, as it is difficult to say as documentation was not so anal retentive back then as it is now.  Tee-hee!  Heck, I can kinda remember when I started documenting my bowel movements, and my phone calls, and all that crazy shit.  What in the world is wrong with me anyway?  Oh who cares.  Well, anyway, that sexual tension was not there as she was there.  No thoughts of her moving her hands all over and ripping her shirt off, haha, how crazy are you any way, brain?  I cannot keep up with you.  It was just really nice, and really long, as in, more than 30 seconds.  As she was doing it, I noted how it reminded me of being in the computer lab getting a back rub.  In fact, she used a few techniques that I picked up and used on other people, to better establish my title as “magic fingers”.  hEhEhE... that is the PG version of magic fingers, mind you.  I tell you, I really like hanging out with Ellen.  Even if I had not ever had a sexual thought towards her, I would still totally enjoy her company.  We have had a few issues in the past, most likely due to one being in a way different mode adding the computer medium that many times sucks.  The good times far outweigh the bad, and frankly, would I ever think of sex with her?  Yeah, I’m a whore, and I totally respect her as a human.  That is the thing, I mean, a lot of humans do not understand how someone can have sex as I do.  I mean, I do not just out and go to bars and have sex with tons of people.  The women I have had sex with, in all cases, were not “one night stands”.  I knew most of them for a while before there was sex.  Also, I did not necessarily feel that it would be the only time we would have sex, even if it would turn out that way.  In every instance, the female would, for some reason, move on.  How funny is that, all these women talking about guys do not call them the next day, do not care, and here I am, getting the shaft form them.  They bitch about guys, yet, they are the ones that treat guys that way.  Oh well, this was about Ellen, and how she is cool and I respect her.  She is cool, she is, my great friend.

Well, she left, and most of the day went to pot by then.  I had called in to work, thanks to Ellen informing me that my Christmas PDP would be in effect, and it was, and most Q were outta time, so I actually could take this day.  I even passed out on the couch a few times.  For some reason, there was no will to really do anything.  In fact, as noted, I did not even play my flavorite games until later (which BTW was around 2200).  I simply did not want to do anything, however, I did check out some DVD magic.  MY WORD, they gave me TWO of the same disc!  I have TWO disc TWO!  That just was... too funny, because I simply figured that they mixed disc two with one, and one with two.  However, after using my great powers of observation, I realized, SAME DAMN DISC.  Yeah, got a message from me, and before the end of the night, I already saw it was being shipped to me.  HAPPINESS!  I also checked out my birthday present from Myles.  I thought I had seen every episode of Arrested season two, however, some of it just did not compute.  I am not sure the reason for this.  I mean, what the heck, is my memory that short term? 

So I headed to McD, since all I had to eat otherwise was a Ramyen noodles, and I got me a lot of food.  Well, I would get more food than I could handle.  Also, I have come to the realization that the BK dude freaks me the hell out.  His face, if I saw that, like it has been done in so many commercials, I would freak out and run away like a little bitch.  I would most likely scream like one also.  Like this.  “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” (in falsetto x 2).  Ah yeah, right about there.  I was thinking that I would be able to get some JOHD entries done, MAYBE in time to not have to backdate everything.  Yeah, not even close.  No where close to it.  I had plenty of days to go.  Tons, no where close.  Oh well... Madd seems to have caught back to the track, yay Maddness!!


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