Madd Martin L Kroeger (madd74) wrote,
Madd Martin L Kroeger

Virgin Fire Water

Madd's Log, Maddate 051218.78
-0000,return pad
-not ready for bed
-FFIV/gba: Playa \ to the moon
-ready for day: minus food
-X-Myles: 2 episodes Arrested Development
-Wal-Mart: gift pickup, dITZ FFIV/gba, Sparky Pink Floyd The Wall
-dITZ, Gem gift stop
-Last Stop: beer, Sparky gift Tequila Gold
-Sparked: too drunk to realize I am there
-DVD clip: 40 Year Old Virgin \ Aquarius
-DVD clip: Bodycount
-DVD clip: Floyd gift \ turned off by a drunk Spark

So I would return home and do what I enjoyed the most! Er, um, no, not masturbation, I keep telling you that is not my favorite sport. It does happen to be my favorite sexual position, haha!! FFIV! So I played and went to bed and did my day thing. Well, day thing minus the eating thing. Of course, back in the day not doing the eating thing was part of the day. However it was not so this time. So I would start the day off being on time and such. I was actually ahead of schedule. Of course, then Maddian Law would step in, and I would be transformed to the world of FFIV, and it would take a bit of time from the day. Was it worth it? Of course! It did take me out of the loop for the day, however, as I had some things I wanted to get done. So I went over to Myles to watch the usual, and to also do the gift exchange. I have a feeling he would have liked some form of DVD better than the light and buttons and Simpson’s Monopoly, however, my ability to read Myles is rather advanced. In his household, things like that get destroyed or messed with and things of that nature. I could understand his frustration of not being able to set his stuff up more than being disappointed in what I got him. Wait until he gets to turn that light on. I think of how when I plugged in my Floyd light... better than advertised. He ended up getting me James Bond: From Russia From Love for XB. Thanks Myles! I hope I still remember how to play council games, haha!! Darn I are funny.

So, after Arrested and X-Files, I would haul my now behind butt out to go to Wal-Mart to pick up some gifts. The problem was, as of this time I had not yet gotten my JOHD entry properly down. I was hoping to have plenty of time to get it before I headed over to Sparks. Crap on me. Er, no, JOHD, I was not meaning that literal. So I went to get Spark Pink Floyd’s The Wall. I figured it was time he owned a copy of the greatest movie ever created. I also got dITZ a copy of FFIV/gba. I felt it was time she owned one of the greatest games of all time... enhanced, kinda. From there I would stop at Last Stop for some drink, of which was beer and Sparks other present. He had gotten me a lot this month, more so than anyone else. Also, if there was anyone in this world who could have made me feel really great about my birthday, it was him. He would get the second more amount of gifts, right under Not Often.

So I drove to his place, knocked on his door... no answer. I went to the front, and knocked a few times. The light being off should have been my first guess that he was drunk already. {sigh} The irony of all this is that Spark specifically asked for beer, almost, since he wanted to be coherent for my visit as it was gift exchange time. Something changed and he ended up with shots of vodka. Things still went rather well. He went on and on about The Wall, haha, talk about someone who knows how to show appreciation for a gift. Spark was one to do things like that, voice how much he does or does not like something, most especially when he is drunk. His gift (well, last of anyway) was a bootleg Pink Floyd DVD he got on eBay. He was told and was animate about watching the end of the 40 Year Old Virgin. His cousin Tim had mentioned that since we liked Hair, we were to watch that if nothing else. Spark admitted not being able to handle a 2hr 13min movie. So we watched the end of that, and then we watched a part of his movie. It was a bootleg also, and that is no joke. It seems there were also Spanish subtitles on the movie itself. How crazy is that! At least it was not Spanish with English subtitles, for then I would have wasted my time even if David Hess was in it. Then we finished off the night watching some of my DVD he got me, until he would flip the TV off one too many times and kill the movie. This is typical drunk behavior for Spark. I luckily and use to, and can now handle, how he gets when he gets crazy like that.

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