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Madd's Log, Maddate 051214.38
-echat Jess: explain JOHD \ does not get the point I am extremely preoccupied
-FFIV/gba: stopped at tower of Zott, the location for the Madd EXP trick
-0600,Xavier deceased
-ready for bed
-fight alarm
-ready for day
-1330,work: expensive parking and an hour early??
-business queue
-FFIV/gba: Madd EXP trick
-pop Jess: wants to know if I want this to work and will explain her reason for asking question \ wanted answer first because felt would be a waste of time to explain if I had decided I did not want to go any further \ info on FFIV and being timed \ don’t deny or acknowledge things despite my short attention spam \ correct no {drool} for picts \ unsure how going to explain my “mental loss” of memory regarding things (ie forgetting to eat, sleep, shower, etc)
-pop Jennifer/Q: froggy \ mentions how cousin knows info on me \ worried I would “get business done with her” and it be her fault and Jess be angry at her
-pop Ellen
-1st contact Amy/J: txt
-txt Amy/J
-FFIV/gba: Madd EXP trick
-FFIV/gba: Madd EXP trick
-drunk Steve/BJ returns
-sing Time

So, after taking a slight break, I would return to enjoying The Game that is The Game of all games.  As I was doing this, I would also get about 100 IM from Jess, attempting to get my attention, which would not work as I am otherwise busy doing other things.  The Game would switch to the DS, so that I could enjoy some surround sound on the headphones.  I would find attempting to chat with her and become a Paladin at the same time would prove a difficult task.  I would explain you,, JOHD, as a fish bowl that contained every single thought, kinda like brainstorming.  See, humans still have not figured out exactly who you are.  Human do not understand how you are totally unfiltered thoughts, things that may or may not be true.  In order to determine if God exists, for example, I have to go down the path of attempting to prove God does not exist.  Once I fail miserably, then I know that it is true, God exists.  She points out to a bunch of “negative”, noting “what positive thing have you put in recent?”  Yeah, I love her and care greatly for her, however, it is not love that I am attempting to figure out at this point.  Oh, also, hehe, sorry JOHD, in my confusion, the part of explaining who you are was noted as happening about 24 hours ago, which is incorrect, that would be THIS mornings chat.  So she is not getting it.  I am not sure who gets who you really are.  Come to think about it... I am not even sure how much I understand who you really are.  I mean, in theory, you are the female counterpart to my inner self.  You are the one who I talk to, who in essence, talks back to me to help me better understand my world and my self.  There is more to this... and I am not sure exactly what that is right now.  I think a bit of that is due to me being time restricted, which sucks, as I so really wish I would make these entries when there is not a clock ticking in my face.  [grabs clock and puts to mouth] GET THE HECK OUTTA MY FACE ALREADY!!  Okay, I feel a little better.  Well, no, not really.  So anyway, after a while I would realize I would be unable to chat with her about serious things and play The Game at the same time.  So, I did the logical thing, and I let her go.  Yeah, it seems like I am a cold and heartless fuck, however, that is the life of a semi obsessive compulsive who puts point association to everything in accordance to how it has “treated” me through my existence.

FFIV has about... let’s see, released in 1991, bought day came out... what year is it now?  I think it is like... 2005.  Oh yeah, Maddate does confirm this.  So that is about 14 years.  FFIV has 14 years of almost nothing but positive memories.  It was the basis for a re-release on the PSX, and it was around for me when no one else in the world was.  It has associated memories, such as the only visit from Stingray when his mother would not let him stay over “because Madd is too old”.  Yeah, well your a whore so eat me raw, haha!!  -lol- Man, that was funny.  I mean, I still almost cry when Heathr and Jesse get turned to stone... even though I have seen it over 10 some times... and even though I already know they are not dead.  Same thing with Ghalon, and everyone else who “doesn’t die”, hehe.  I laugh when Dr Lugae orders his beast to attack, who smacks him a good one first (haha, the literalist at work, who then advises them, not me) and... well... I simply could go on for eternity and a half here!  {sigh}  FFIV has given me more joy than any human has had the ability to.  Er, correction there... my parents have been around long enough, they simply had their own things in attempting to destroy each other and drifted from there.  So, to correct, FFIV has given me more joy than any non-family human has been around.

Points dictate how I interact with everything, human and non.  The more something acquires points, the more it gets value to me.  Most humans do this to a degree, however store that kind of information deep in the subconscious of the mind.  I strive to find a more above iceberg approach, for those who do good and well, inanimate or not, deserve more than those who basically suck, or do so from time to time.  Hence, I treat everyone as if they were the greatest gift to me until proven otherwise.  The problems and the wonders that are Jess, shall be there when the turn of the day happens.  Nothing we are experiencing right now is anything “technically” new.  So, JOHD, anyone who thinks as such, can eat me, as they do not know the real me.  I’m no fake panty-wipe who runs around being someone I am not, like others I know.  I do not run around to appease the masses, or society.  If I seem great and glorious to a friend, then down inside, that friend should know it is really them who is grand and glorious.  Any time I am exceptionally kind to someone, in a way it is a compliment to their own self.  I’m merely reflecting their behavior.  That, or I possibly am drunk :D hEhEhE!!  I KILL ME.

So, FFIV went on and on, just a small amount of level building for my Paladin friend, Madd.  Hmm... what a great name!  One thing I will say for my skills, minus a little level building, where I was around in one place, I play on a fast speed and active battle.  Doing all of this, I have YET to die.  That is right, bow down before my greatness!  I did come close.  During level building, which was rather quick this time around, I had Madd at like 15 HP, and everyone else dead.  Needless to say, I ran.  The number of back attacks has been great, and unfortunately, the way the party is constructed at that early a stage, back attacks are sure to knock me around a lot, hence the reason I turned active off.  I went on for a good 5+ hours, and got to the starting point for the tower of Zott.  That is where I decided to call it a night, as I knew it was otherwise gonna be a hard day’s night.

Well, on a sad note, it would be official.  Xavier would be classified as deceased.  He would make it a little over a year, by about five days.  {sigh} Um... I’m sure I will forget about him soon enough, hehe.  Take care up there, good buddy!

So, it has been a long while, however I fought with my alarms.  Ug, I simply did not want to get out of bed, and of course, that meant rushing to get ready.  So I did, had to plug over $3.50 for parking... THEN I find out, I am not due for another?  What the crap?  How is my schedule being so messed up?  Turns out, I have crazy hours for quite a few more days, also.  Imagine that.  So, hey, I take this time to do what I have been longing for, the Madd EXP trick.  It is the coolest trick, and I came up with it!  No books, just kinda put two and two together... got three, and an extra one drop outta no where in which case I realized I could have a massively huge party, incapable of defeat!  It does not work the same as the SNES version, as the way the party attacks is different.  The old way, I could get to my spot, get a rubber band, have the button taken care of, and come back every 30 min of watching TV or the like to a massively powerful Madd.  this time, I have to do everything by hand.  However, it is still worth it.  I found in about 5 min alone I can get about 28000+ EXP!  Weeeeee!!  So I sat there, and did just that, got me some EXP.  {chomp}{chomp}

So then I got to chatting with Jess.  She asked me if I wanted things to work out.  Hmm... okay now.  Alrighty then.  She also mentioned how if I did not give her an answer first she felt she would be wasting her time.  For someone who picks apart how I sometimes misuse a word, she has a knack for using thee absolutely worst word at the worst time, haha!  While that usage did not go over well with the processing center, it was later “kinda” dismissed.  Even if I fubar a word usage, I do not expect a clean slate afterwards in the feedback forum.  She also went on to go about something I did not deny or acknowledge, despite my obvious short attention span.  She asked for forgiveness when she realized what she had said, and I gave it.  She was correct in that I no longer {drool} when I get picts from her like I use to.  Eh... what can I say, I just do not have an answer for that, however, she is correct.  We have touched based with a few things I have mentioned before, one relating to my scatterbrain unpredictable memory functions.  I am not sure if I will ever be able to get her to understand how this works.  I think it the same as someone attempting to explain to me what it is like to carry another life in them.  As cool and all as it sounds to me, even with the negative side effects (violent mood swings, pain, etc), I would love to experience it.  I will not ever, however, understand the feeling of being pregnant.  My fascination with it goes well noted.  I am sure at some point I can at least convey how this works, to a point it sticks to other things also.  So when I explain how I do not X because it spaced my mind, I do not later have to have a long blown out conversation when Y also come up.  Come to think of it, if I was able to do that, I better write it down and tell everyone else.  Of course, not everyone is as smart or understanding as Jess.  Some humans just DONT get it.

So, Jennifer/Q comes into the picture, with a new playmate by the name of Amy/J.  Amy/J, I guess, knows a small bit about me and certain things regarding my size, haha.  I think being associated with a toilet paper roll is a rather humorous thing in my world, because I had only mentioned that the one time when she was curious to how big I was.  I mean crap, I have a picture on my computer, it is not like I cannot show it or anything.  Jennifer/Q is just a strange creature, is all I can say.  So, I ended up txt Amy/J a great deal, keeping in mind the Tody incident where I ended up with a $29+ extra mobile bill, since I had no clue Cingular charged for inbound txt messaging.  Those damn bastards, they are the first company to do so!  She was a massively open human.  Anyone who can tell someone they had a one night stand, and go into details, well, that is rather impressive.  Then again, seeing as how I was informed that said human, when hearing about how “cool” I am and how I’m hung like a bathroom accessory, telling them, “yeah a few ago I had a one night stand with some guy” could be an attempted lure to say, “well... that need not be the only cock that goes in my body if you wish to visit some day”, which, by the way, we have txt on arrangements.  A movie, some drinking, and chatting, as she says.  Well... I am not going to fall into this sexual trap!  What?  Oh, hang on a second... I have been slipped a piece of paper here with the correct wordage.  I shall not go in attempting to have sex or allowing seduction to play a part in intercourse, even though there is a good possibility I will fail miserably and end up jumping her... hey wait a second!  Who wrote this crap?  Yeah, really funny.  It rather ironic that Jennifer/Q talked about being worried I would “get business done with her”, me stating that is not what I am looking for, and then Amy/J and myself txt on about many aspects of sex.  I think, condom use, tubes tied, and the rest of the work was a good indication that she really is revved up to go.  I really feel I have a chance, however, I serious do, in not getting into any visitation to the Y.  Will I bet on it?  Heck no.  I have done very stupid stuff in the past, I am not sure what kind of insanity I am capable of.  I will say, that towards the end, I ended up getting way to sexually excited.  Just because I think sexual does not mean it is going to happen.  {sigh} I remember when I use to be able to ask about sex, and talk about it, for hours without getting excited.  Oh well, life sucks, and luckily, so do some of my friends, hEhEhE!!

So, just from knowing her, I think Amy/J will simply be a really good friend.  One of those friends you joke around with about crazy stuff and feel totally comfortable with.  I like that.  I want more friends like that.  I also want friends I can fit in my toaster oven, as I am tired of chopping them up to fit them in.

So Jennifer/Q’s biggest concern is that Jess is going to flip out and freak simply because she gave contact info to someone about me.  Jennifer/Q is one of the largest paranoid people who I have encountered.  For the life of me, I could not see Jess having a problem.  Maybe it has something to do with all the issues these two have had with each other, and it is rather sad that it has come down to that.  Moreover, it appears to have boiled down to “Madd’s fault”, meaning, if I did not exist in life, they would not have the issue.  Yeah, I am sure there is something else they would find to have issues with.  After all, they are chicks, and that appears to be a popular chick event.  I have confidence that if I ever told Jess she would have no issue, not that I go around telling everyone where I met people from.  Oh well, I am not going to rack my brain on insanity like this.  I simply do not get it, and that is the bottom line!

So, rather late (and noted by many coworkers), I took off for BJ.  I got to sing a song, rather quick, a big prob to Larry/BJ for being kind, oh, yeah, and I got a belated birthday shot from Renee/BJ.  I also took this time to catch up on you, and believe it or not, that entry for Wed was put in 3 seconds before the buzzer on my wrist went off, so, excellent wonderful timing on Madd’s part, yay!  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!  I like cheese!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Steve/BJ.  He came to my table, and I think he was drunk, and went on about how him and I talked about wanting to court Abbie/BJ.  Well, once he reminded me of when this time was (a week and 18 shots), I realized the conversation.  I just want to make out with her is all, haha, I mean, she seems to fit the stereotypical blonde routing, and at first, I thought she was faking it, however, I have come to find she is not.  She is such a sweet and nice girl.  With a killer body, great face, and a butt that should be illegal.  I am rather sure it is, of course.  Of course, I think that is one of those I like to just look.  I hoenstly cannot say, if given an oppertunity, that I would ever do anything with Abbie/BJ.  Yeah she is hot, funny, and hot... I what?  Well, yeah, I meant to say it more than once.  Anyway, she is all that and a bag of Doritos (salsa), however, she is my friend, and more than not, I simply enjoy telling her how hot she is.  Of course... after enough beer, and given the chance, who knows what I would do.  At this point, while still single, I might do a family member.  Then again, most of the females in my family are hot.  Man, I am making myself hot.  I wonder when my next family reunion is?  Mmmm... family {droooool}


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