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Final Maddness IV

Madd's Log, Maddate 051213.28
-echat Jess
-FFIV/psx: murdered Zeromus
-ready for bed (yay!)
-ready for day
-Ryan’s: crappy unforgiving traffic \ 20 min questions about our government
-1839:57,Wal-Mart: FFIV/gba MINE!!
-return pad
-1852,FFIV/gba: GB Player
-2311,JOHD entry

So I would chat on the computer with Jess for a while.  It would be about her seeing things possibly going down hill, and the fact she has been keeping tabs on you!  Yes, another fan of your handy work, dear friend.  It seems she wants to “start over”, if you would.  This is something regarding her just accepting the most important mortal thing, you, into her life.  She said she did not have an issue reading about the time I had sex with Anna, and that meant something to her.  It also means something to me to realize she does not have the issues she has before.  I know her biggest concern before was that one of these people I am having sex with would be someone I would decide to be with and drop her.  I don’t work that way, and it bothered me she saw it that way.  It is like her brain is not registering what I was saying.  I am going to decide things are not going to work, it will be due to her and I not her, me, and some third party.  Happy news there.   This chat was stored on Link via MSN.

So, I got some revenge on Zeromus, since I actually played this time like I knew how.  Got in some last minute AniCross, and heading off to bed... PREPARING for once, yay!  Oh great happy day!

So, I got up, and woke myself to sense by playing AniCross again.  I did a lot of “tidying” up also.  I have been getting this uncontrollable urge to clean.  STOP LAUGHING AT ME!!  I think this was close to the melancholy of thinking MY GAME was gonna happen and it did not happen.  I am not sure, however, Myles called me (1433) to confirm that my game was FINALLY IN.  So I got some things done because I knew once I had it, that was it.  hAhAhA!!  NO MORE!  So I headed out to Ryan’s to eat.  My damn WORD!  We extend the high way to accomidate for many more cars, and the idiots of Des Moineious STILL find a way to fuck it up.  UN FRIGGING BELIEVABLE.  Have I told you how much I hate road construction?  Well, JOHD, I shall make sure to inform you a few million other times.  Also on my way, I got a call from that university that was checking on opinions on what people thin of the government.  That took a little over 25 min (1729).  That food is good, I miss going to Ryan’s.  Sooooo from there, was THE BIG TRIP.

More stupid traffic, crazy Wal-Mart associates who simply do not know how to man electronics, as I did back in the day.  And then... and then... and then... AND THEN... AT EIGHTEEN-THIRTY NINE, and FIFTY SEVEN MINUTES, my Discover Card made possible MY GAME!  That’s right bitches and bastards.  MY GAME!  Not yours, MINE.  YOU ARE NOT THE ONES WHO LOGGED OVER 270+ hours!!  YOU are not the ones who have played the game well over 10 some times after completion.  That, my human friends, is MY honor, and now, I can take the shit ANYWHERE.

So, I got home, tuned up the Playa, and... mmm... {drooool}.  Ah yes, it was good to see Madd (Cecil Harvey), dITZ (Rydia), Myles (Kain Highwind), JOHD [haha, that’s you!] (Rosa Farrell), Heathr (Porom), Jesse (Palom), Mario [haha, Edwards is a flippin weak pansy, who else was I gonna name after him??] (Edward Chris von Muir), Dr Cid (Cid Pollendina), Alex (Yang Fang Leiden), and Ghalon (Tellah) again!  Yeah, not in that order, JOHD, throw me a flippin bone here!  So, that is what I did, as noted by the time index above.  I came to a cut off point.  Where do you ask?  hAhAhA!!  Hmm... let me present this as a possibility for someone in the audience to win $24 bucks!

[note to humans]
If anyone can tell me the cut off point, exactly, to where I paused so that I could put in the day’s JOHD entry, I will give them $24... NO, $50 in CASH (either in person or via PayPal.  This is no joke, and only 13 total guesses are allowed.  So the 13th person to take a guess is the LAST!  hAhAhA!!

So from the cut off point, I went and did a call to Jess, as well as what I love to do most... minus worship God, Jesus, and sing and watch Pink Floyd... chat with you, old friend, and I tell ya, I think this could be... PERMINATE!!  GO JOHD FORCE!!


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