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Birthday Maddness

Madd's Log, Maddate 051209.57
-Madd birthday: observed
-Kitten birthday: observed
-Ruth/Q birthday: not observed
-sing Comfortably Numb
-thoughts of sadness
-massage via Amanda/bar
-return pad via Amanda/bar
-first kiss
-not ready for bed
-AniCross/ds: WFC \ most of day
-ready for day
-Godfather’s: pick-up
-over to Myles

So, it crossed over to my birthday.  Yeah... the first few parts of my birthday, I was actually almost in a sad state.  Just another day, falling out just as it has so many times before.  I mean, the bar was plain and simply set back in 12th grade.  It is such a wonderful bar, I wish to share it.  There I was, at jazz band practice, playing away realizing what the day was, my birthday.  Yeah, it was Wed, and I only remember that because I cheat and use technology.  I had turned to Jonez and told him what today was... well... there was not much of a reaction from him.  How uncool for one of my closest friends to do that!  So yeah, this day was going to suck eggs.  So music specialist extraordinaire, Mrs. Clausen, would inform me that I had to go to the office to get her mail.  Okay, not sure when I became errand boy, however I did it anyway.  So I went to the office, and got, two pieces of mail.  It was junk mail as far as I was concerned.  Something was... strange.  So as I am heading back, I stop by and take a chat with someone from study hall, and note, “something isn’t right, and I am not sure what it is.”  So then I continue to the BAND room (haha, Clausen would murder me she heard me calling the “music” room the “band” room), and as I walk down the hall notice that the lights are off.  How not right is that?  It still does not register in my simple and unsophisticated brain, until I walk thru the door... that all the lights are out to show the cake that has burning candles on it.  Then the piano goes off, people are singing to me, and I am just utterly floored.  Jonez had pitched in for a Ren & Stimpy 1993 calendar (that I still have and signed by many to this day).  They had a trumpet on the cake as opposed to Ren & Stimpy (as this was way back when I was beyond obsessed with them).  They were unable to have Hy-Vee make a R&S due to current copyright infringements.  Oh yeah, there was ice cream also.  So... the rest of practice was over, and it was all about ME!  hAhAhA!!  {sigh} Oh the day did not stop there.  The French class was able to pass around a huge card that was signed by many, and the lunch crew (those of us who usually snuck off to the chemistry room) had gotten me a huge cookie cake, and a Ren & Stimpy tee-shirt (hey, JOHD, this was before I had any real clue who Floyd was, so lay me some slack, hehehe!)... Sandy made the card talking about 18 being a sexual peek for guys, with the years numbered out to 18, and a line graph that got higher and higher until it went off the charts, and the inside stating “Hope you have a great peek”.  Tee-hee!  It was just absolutely wonderful, I shall say that much... and not ever again would I see anything close to it.  I think what made it so special was the whole parents not really paying attention to me because they were too busy attempting to kill each other and the like.  Tri-Center was my home, and they were my family.  They help make who I am today, simply by enjoying my friendship despite how... different... no wait... sanically hilarious I was.  It was not just another day, it was a darn special day, and it was a day about me.

I have come to not care much for my birthday since then.  Yeah, I enjoy the phone calls I get, which many times were from people I had not heard from in 365, or some times 366 days before.  I got a little extra money, some new toys here and there, and lately since working for Q, I extended time from work (a present for myself).  However, it is still just another day.  Most days are that way, however.  Christmas, Thanksgiving... you name it, they have all turned into just another day for me.  Maybe it is because I really do not have a family anymore.  Closest relative I have to me is 2.5 hours away.  He never wanted me on this earth to begin with.  At least mother did... most likely a reason I find that of anyone on earth, I miss her the most.

So anyway... yeah, I was dropped off at the bar to be trashed, just to find out that it was not gonna happen, and there was not very many people there anyway.  I even only got to sing one song on my birthday... oh well, like I said, just another day.  It was, also... I sat there in my chair for a while, and just... felt sad.  Despite what I think, I really do not look for much attention to myself 364 days of the year.  The only exception to that is getting people to hook up with my web site and my forums.  Of course, I pay enough money on that I might as well want to get some human interaction!  Amanda/bar was being extra physical than usual.  The few encounters in the past, I would be the one running my fingers over her back.  This time... I would get a little attention.  I would even feel a nice few kisses on the top of my head!  Now that is not something I can say I remember getting from anyone since... possibly Gretl.  So I had no ride, and went from going with Amber/BJ to Jeff/Ka to Amanda/bar.  So I did get a ride home.  Man she hugs so insanely well.  Some people hug better than others, I find.  She rates in the top 10, by far.  As I pulled away, we kissed a few times.  As I was walking back to my place, obviously under no side effect of the Straterra that I have stopped taking since Tue now, I realized something in my head.  For a moment I forgot just how much I did not like my birthday.  hEhEhE!!  It may turn into a good day after all.  So after taking care of some business, and preparing my phone for any possible phone calls as I was sleeping, I ended up going to bed.

So... wake time.  Ah yes, that “special” time when we were kids, JOHD, because when we were kids we were not still up the eve of our birthday.  Was it anything special?  No, not really.  Well, there were 5 missed calls and 5 VM.  There were also messages on my computer.  So the barrage of birthday wishes would spew forth.  There was a lot of them, actually.  Including the ones that tripped the wire at the 2400 mark before, Kitten, dITZ, Myles, Jess, Skinner, Myles, Myles would be my phone treats I would wake to.  Later I would get calls from father, Sparkster, Donovan, Jenno, Gr8ful, Myles (yeah not often), and Cher.  The computer would have Jessie/BJ, and Skinner and Gr8ful would be on there also.  Even Blondino/Q had a message waiting for me.  It was nice of dITZ to be kind to spread the word.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot, my phone would have some txt to me from Gretl, and even though slightly premature, still eternally thankful the lovely JacyLane would send me an IM to my phone.  I think that covered everyone up to me sitting on the crapper.

There was a lot of SonicCD/pc play as I found a fix that made the problem thing go away.  There was a LOT of time on that.  There were a few memories associated to that game.  Most of it now only in the form of music.

So then, Bevin would call.  I was naked ready to shower when this happened.  I was also in the middle of playing PrimePin/ds that was continued from the night before.  She would not mention anything about my birthday, despite talking for about 35 minutes.  Some point before her call, when I was dropping the kids off, is when I realized that the one person I wanted to hear from the most was mother.  I had not gotten a call from her last year, and do not remember about the year before.  It really bummed me out, I realize.  Then, some time after my shower and the call to Godfather’s to pick up my pizza, I got a call from the 214 NPA.  That was... yes, I was correct, it WAS mother.  Oh how insanely happy I all of a sudden became.  It was very strange how one human being was able to put so much joy into me.  Not only that, I had a chat with my sister.  Wow... that just looks strange to type.  I think the strange thing about typing out “Madd’s sister” is that I am an only child... with a sister, haha, go figure that insanity out!  It was so great to hear from them both!  So, I was kinda late getting to the pizza place, and afterwards would head back to Myles, since the freak was not answering his mobile.  He was watching some crazy movie about a lawyer who hooks up with a girl who leaves him special brownies who serves it to his family and self.  Insanity, I tell you.  From there it went into the Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, which helped to cap out the night, as Myles help me put a cap in that damn fine pizza.  Thus, another year passes, and I say hello... to 31.


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