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Night Time Surprise Basket


-0000,Connie’s Bar

-AWDS/ds missing


-sing Time

-sing Hey You

-return pad: text message Tody on way



-ready for day


-dead Alex battery

-1530,work: very early thanks to Alex and released OT


-pop Jennifer/Q: claims of how I am growly when I am not \

-pop Whatever/Q: not... pop problems

-Jess stops by!!

-CDoS/ds: thru night



So I ended up going to the bar.  Things would get uneasy when I was going through my pockets and only noticed one of two games, so, I started to look around for the other, however, no luck.  I could only hope I left it at work.  I made up for the down time with some Castlevania up time.  Wow, I keep getting dead way more so than with other games.  A little cheap here and there.  A few times enough to set me back a few paces.  Game still is as addictive as hell, and I actually keep figure out the puzzles that get me “stuck”, something I am otherwise rather proud of.  A few crazies were met at the bar, including some Megan/bar who went right for my ear, talked something about me singing for her band, and complaining about my headset.  Oh well, I found $10!  Woohoo!  Seeing as how I may have lost a $35 game and paid $5 in beer, I still did not get the better end of this deal.  Of course, at least there IS good in the bad.


Also, met a Clarissa/bar.  She was actually cool and made no attempts to be annoying through the night.  She enjoyed my Floyd singing, something I happily get a lot.  I do not mind as much that people enjoy me sing, as much as I enjoy doing the Floyd.  Clarissa/bar was also a quickie, something that I have come to expect in a bar.  Have interesting things to say, however, move on, for that is what humans are in a bar for, right?  Socialize with as many as possible.  Okay, so maybe I am the exception to this rule.


So from the bar, sent a message to Tody as I was going home.  The messaging quickly got sexual, and veery.  She had to go to bed, so that was cut short.  I honestly cannot remember if I passed out or if I got ready for bed, so, I guess this one slides, this time.


So I woke up and got ready and everything, and wow would that turn into an ordeal, for it would seem as I went to drive to work, that the dome light was on, and there was not enough juice in Alex to turn the engine, not even once.  Come the hero Ron/LL.  Wow, he gave me his keys to his car for his jumper cables, then, even let me take his car to Alex and get aligned to jump.  Enter problem and solution.  I know there are issues that can arise from jumping a car, like, blowing it up.  So, I had gotten some net info.  Well, it took me about 35 minutes to jump Alex.  First problem dealt with the jumper cables being about 12 feet long.  My word you must be kidding.  The second, I thought, dealt with the positive end coming off.  However, then I realized something was not working right.  I went back inside, and found that while I required a ground for Alex’s side, the ground had to be the ENGINE, and not the other metal things I was clammed to.  So... success!  Alex was running, and I was on my way to work, well ahead of schedule.


So the first thing I did when I got to work, was look for Advance Wars.  I am sorry to report, AWDS/ds, my beloved game with over 45 hours of time documented (and a few dozen hours lost), is officially lost.  I realize this is rather quick, the fastest I have ever claimed anything lost, however I also KNOW I was playing it at work, and it was not there while I got at the bar.  There is no where else it could go.  At least this time the DS was not attached to the game lost, hEhEhE!


I was getting very few responses from Tody, and the two or so I got, were... strange.  I had asked if she wanted to still hang out Sat.  I got something like, “That is sweet of you :)”  In fact, I got that reply twice.  Seeing as how I am not desperate, despite what Jennifer/Q might think (haha), and that I am not attempting to ploy her (even though I would have been more than happy to get her off as I had stated from my way home from the bar), I really did not give it too much thought... and talk about fate taking a step, because I would get a tap on the neck, a few times, towards the end of the night... it was... JESS.  I was... shocked, to say the least.  I have not even been in such a state of shock, of disbelief.  I COULD BARELY THINK.  Talk about one of the coolest surprises I could get.  The closest thing I can remember to this surprise was when Foffie brought Stingray to Des Moines that one time long ago.  Hmm... now that I think about it, I may have been more shocked then.  Oh wait, no, I was confused.  I thought he was someone else, so I ruined the “present back then.  Anyway, I felt a giddiness that I have not in a long while.  How amazing that a surprise could bring such... pleasure.
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