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Adventures of Tody

Madd's Log, Maddate 051013.48

-first contact: Tody

-sing Wish You Were Here: w/ Myles

-sing Time: w/ Myles

-sing Devil Went Down to Jamaica: Larry request

-win poker shot from Larry/BJ

-return Myles

-Perkins: meet Tody

-0430,return pad

-ready for bed



-ready for day: minus teeth

-text Tody: thru day

-1500,work: OT released 30 min

-pop Jess

-pop Whatever/Q

-pop Jennifer/Q: wonders what I document \ teasing about invite over





So, it appears that a regular to Wed nights made it under my sensors.  I have first contact with a human known as Tody.  It seems she has visited many times on Wednesdays, however her face and definitely her name are not familiar to me.  I think it deals with the fact she does not really sing.  She came over to the table where Myles and myself were at.  So there was much singing, and how fun is that?  It is not usual that I get so many times to sing.  Larry/BJ picked me a song when I put in a DJ request ticket, and sure enough, it was our fun little parody, which I still remember, even under a bit of drink.  I think I ended up with about 3 shots and a share of 2 beer pitchers.  Oh, haha, I almost forgot, yeah, I had yet another shot at the end because I was betting Larry/BJ on the poker game, and I took him, and most everyone else, to town.  Ooooooh yeah!


So I took Myles home, and headed to Perkins to rendezvous with Tody.  We spent a good 2+ hours talking.  Most of it was small talk, even though it turns out she has an issue with the father of her child that she wish not to talk about.  I do not blame her, I am some strange new dude with an even stranger name, hEhEhE!  Of course, her name is not too far off behind.  Of course, there was much in regards to movie quotes.  The girl knows some quotes, even though she missed my Jaws quote and thus is deducted a few million points, hEhEhE!!  Oh I am kidding, JOHD, calm down.  So after food, we went to the parking lot.  I sensed much flirtation... between the both of us.  As you know, JOHD, I am very careful on first contact, as to protect myself from the evils that are humanity.  So we went our separate ways, and to bed I went.


So I got up, and text Tody on her phone.  This would turn out to be a VERY LONG text convo that would last through most of the day.  It would turn out to be the longest text chat I would have via phone ever, and hopefully, my new text plan will not leave me with a few million dollar bill, hehe!  The chat did get interesting, and I feel it went a little bit beyond simple flirting.  Hmm... imagine that.  What are my overall thoughts on her?  Seems to be a very nice human.  I would not mind hanging out with her more.  It is difficult to say how she really is, however, as I know humans and first contacts... especially when one wants to impress another.  It is something that time generally shows.


So work was... work.  It was interesting, as I had a conversation with Jennifer/Q that dealt with you.  Also, there was chat about the art of teasing.  It is difficult to understand what is tease, and what is hopeful thinking.  At this point, it really is not a concern.  I did enjoy how the day practically started off with an invite over, to be told it was checking my desperation level.  Me?  Desperate?  hAhAhA!!  While it not anything I would gloat about, JOHD, at any time I really want laid, I know enough female humans that more than want to get drilled.  There is no desperation here.  In fact, I feel I have done rather well.  I am not where I would like to be, where I talked about NO SEX OUTSIDE A RELATIONSHIP.  Oh yes, think I forgot that?  Well... actually, at some point I did, hehe, however, it has come back to me.  I honestly would rather just hold off on any sort of sex... human programming always begs more of me.  The programmed urge to spread my seeds everywhere.  There is something that can be done about it, right?  I am sure there is something... hmm... what is it.  I wonder.  {sigh}  Yeah, that is something I am going to go back to, I am sure.
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