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History of the Birthday Lobster

Madd's Log, Maddate 051012.38

-Myles’s birthday: observed

-0000,QT stop: beer


-poor beyond drunk Sparkster

-return pad


-ready for bed



-1018,early morning wake up

-ready for morning

-Best Buy: meet Myles

-Red Lobster: CDoS/ds while waiting

-movie: History of Violence \ CDoS/ds while waiting

-return Myles

-return pad

-passed out





-BJ: w/ Myles


-sing Mother: w/ Myles

-sing You’re My Best Friend: dedication to Myles


-sing Rock and Roll: per Myles, w/ Myles

-sing Zombie


Well, a big old birthday happiness for my best friend Myles.  I think he is 104 years old, however I will not really know until I get the information documented.  So, I went over to Spark’s per his voice mail request.  He was kinda drunk when I got there, and he would get beyond drunk as the night went on.  The fact I found his vodka that he did not realize (or believe) he still had.  I kept giving him shots as I figured it would be the easiest way of being able to leave.  WOW was he drunk.  He broke his second beer glass, broke his lamp, however, the cake was when I started to FINALLY record him, and he chased me.  I thought I was going to piss myself, hEhEheheHeHEHeheHe!!  So finally, he was sedated enough that I was able to head out.


So, despite knowing that I was going to be up early, I was unable to put down the Castlevania game.  Insanity, I tell you, that game is like crack!  So despite my best efforts to be stupid and get no sleep, I was still able to get ready for bed, so it appears that I am on my way to getting habit taken care of.  To that, I would get a nice in the morning call from Myles that I was to meet him at Best Buy.  It would take me a while to get out of bed, in fact, 18 or so minutes.  So I would finally get my butt up and out to rendezvous with Myles.  As we left and worked our way to check out movie times, I would give Myles his Enterprise present.  He was very happy, as he said, it was exactly what he wanted, and from the talk of season 1 and 2 on layaway I had already figured that one out.


So after checking out movie times, we went to eat at Red Lobster.  It was a really good eat, and then we went to see History of Violence.  That movie is very excellent, and I plan to write a review on my site forum.  So I returned Myles to his home, and I went home.  The plan was to do laundry and clean out the phone... the Reality was... sleep.  Much sleep.  Many sleep.  Sleepy head, and... I’m spent.  So I passed out, and woke up in time to realize it was time to get ready to go get Myles.  So, I did the gaming thing, and picked him up.


I tell you, singing was a blast with Myles.  I am also very impressed with how we were able to sing and keep it together without having sang the songs before.  Granted, I am not a big Zep fan so Rock and Roll he basically carried, and then some.  I can so see how much he enjoys it!  I was also shocked to find out that when a friend of his was there and bought a Cuervo shot, that he did it... twice!  So great to see him do shots.


So it was a very slow night at first.  It did start to get a bit more packed towards the end, and rather fast.  One thing of late I have noticed, is over the past day or few, I have been having thoughts about Biker Babe.  The reason I am thinking about her is unknown.  I tell you, JOHD, some times my sex drive is out of control, and it is really strange as some time it appears it is dry.  Go figure.
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