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Madd's Log, Maddate 051011.28


-not ready for bed

-slept: passed out naked

-ready for day: cook




-pop Jess: apologize for hair accusations \ discussion of being mean and the history of it

-pop Jennifer/Q: states in froggy mood \ go over how my mind does not have to think to type words out \ converse of past sex desires and sex with friends or more or not

-pop Whatever/Q





Check this shit out, three in a row, he is on fire boys and girls!  hAhAhA!!  Okay, so, for about 5 hours or so I ended up playing CDoS/ds.  Let me tell you JOHD friend, the music is not half bad, the game play is able to be done well.  I really enjoy the similarities of this and SotN.  I do admit, I miss the killer music that I have generally associated with SotN.  Of course, I also miss old 8bit NES grooves also.  The familiar upgrade from SotN is massively excellent, and I enjoy the fact there is always a chance that when you kill something, besides the usual dropping of items known for action RPG, that you can acquire the soul of the creature.  That makes for massively excellent play, in my book.  You can even use the touch screen to guide some of the creatures towards enemies.  The two other things for the touch screen are the use of the magic seals, symbols you must draw after beating a boss, or it comes back to life, and the breaking of certain blocks when you are granted the soul power to do so.  The game info claims on the back this is the biggest castle yet in the series, which means this thing must be flippin HUGE, seeing as how SotN had a whole inverted castle to play with.  It was kinda sad that the equipment was put down from SotN.  Simply, you get weapon, armor, accessory.  Then, you get three slots to equip souls, for missile, familiar and the like, and then ability enhancer.  Oh yeah!  Another cool thing, is this is the first game (obviously) where for the name input screen you can draw your name!  hAhAhA!!  Stupid me, I put in Madd74, not even THINKING to put in like a Dark Side symbol!  How crazy am I?  Oh yeah, one other thing, there is a system for equipment known as the Doppelganger, that allows you to have a second set of equipment that you can switch you in mid-game play.  This is SO much better than having to pause, and then equip the new equipment.  My only problem is that I could use about 6 different variations, haha!  Oh well, I will settle for what I can get.  This is the first time I can think a game has this ability, and I hope that more games down the road use this type of system.  I like having my boomerang paired with my enhance throwing ability for one and then the massive axe with the strength modifier.  Most definitely, an excellent game!  I was so into it, that it appeared to have drained me.  Not only did I not get ready for bed, I so totally passed out... NAKED.  {sigh} how crazy is that?


So after I woke from my passed out state, I got ready for my day.  I had extra time, so I was able to enjoy some Chunky Chow Mein.  I have not had that in a long time.  Mmm that tasted tasty!  As I was heading out the door, getting ready for work, I realized something important in my procrastination problem.  I do things by habit.  I think of how I play a game each and every day, or how I call someone every day, and think how dedicated I am to maintain that, and what happens once it is broken.  I almost lose it, like, mentally and the like.  Heck I can remember how many times instead of going out, I went back home to play a game I forgot to do, or was planning to go home, and got a call to go out, and declined because I wanted to take care of business.  While I understand the routine info is nothing new, tying this in how I get when I miss a game (like when I thought I lost my Dog/ds and was unable to play that one day, or the time way back when I was driving around New Year’s Day or Eve, and realized I forgot Prime).  So, yet something else that I can use to help battle the system.  Heck, JOHD, this marks three times now that I have been able to mark an entry, so, I think I found my Achilles’ heel.  I simply use my own obsessive-compulsive behavior against me!  Weeeeeee!!  Now we are cooking!  hAhA!!


So, I went to work, and had some chats with humans.  Before making it to work, I acquired the AWDS/ds strategy guide for renewing my Nintendo Power.  So, at work, and getting froggy with Jennifer/Q, I almost invoked another incident, however, I was able to avoid it, and I am happy to be able to report that.  Also, I am annoyed with my hair, and while this is news to you, JOHD, it has been happening for a good month or so now, hehe!


I was shocked to find I would get popped to screen, and was so due to the fact it had been busy all day.  While I am at it, I will state that times seems slower than usual, and that is odd since I had most of yesterday off, and have tomorrow off also.  I just do not get it.


On a note about Jess, I will report that I love her much, and am wondering if I can make things work on my end between us.  While we argued a bunch today, as usual, it was the normal play arguing.  I do not remember exactly how this started, and I am not sure how well two people who care so much for each other can do that without the subconscious kicking in and thinking things about it.  I know how the brain works, or at least, I like to think I do :D  HEHEHE!!  Stop laughing at me damnit!!  Oh, wait, I was laughing at myself, well, carry on I suppose!
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